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A Smart Guide to Increasing Twitter Activity

Did you know in 2013, Twitter had roughly 200 million active users who sent over 400 million tweets daily?

If you haven’t been keeping up with Twitter, you may be losing an incredible opportunity to let your writing efforts take off. In this quick post, we’re going to show you why Twitter should be a part of your efforts AND how you can avoid letting your Twitter account lie fallow.

Why You Should Be Active on Twitter

  • Improves your connection with readers and broadens your network.
  • Amplifies your brand exposure and boosts your social credibility.
  • Increases viral potential without needing a big marketing budget.
  • Helps you stay on top of news in your niche and current events.
  • Completes a social presence when used in conjunction with other social platform leaders.

Activate Your Twitter Presence

If your followers are hearing crickets, then you’re not going to achieve the great benefits Twitter provides. You don’t have to be on Twitter 24/7, but you do need to have an ongoing presence that isn’t broken up by periods of radio silence.
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Embrace the Chaos and Make Progress With Your Daily Goals

“Chaos is a friend of mine.” – Bob Dylan

Okay, wait just one minute. It’s time to hit “pause.”

Bad stress and overwhelming situations are not conducive to your productivity – especially when writing is involved. You can either let the chaos of your home and professional life get you down or perhaps even go through great lengths to beat it into submission.

However, there’s another alterative that many people overlook: get more out of your day by embracing your inevitable schedule, including taking unexpected interruptions into stride.

These tips can help.

Acknowledge Your Chaos

Break down the chaotic situation by dissecting the reason why it is so hectic. Do any (or all) of these sound familiar?

  1. You’re procrastinating.
  2. You’re allowing yourself to be distracted.
  3. You’re not good at communicating your intentions and goals.
  4. You’re not working at a time when you’re most productive.
  5. You’re fighting it.

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Get the Word Out: How to Promote Your Content

Get Started With These Great Basics

Whether you’re publishing on, posting on social media, or generating posts for your blog, you need to give your content that extra boost in order to maximize the return you’ll get from the time you invested.

The best content-promotion ways that yield great results are still these tried-and-true methods. Simply click on the graphic below to view in a new window and then click the image to zoom in or out.

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The Smart Way to Use a Location Name

Name Dropping a Location? Make it Exclusive

Geographic-targeted content or creating content based on a location can be a great way to reach a particular audience … when done well.

Geographic-targeted articles done well can be helpful because they …

  • speak to those people in or around that community
  • show travelers what may be in-store for them when visiting
  • help visitors and citizens understand the locality (i.e., markers, history, events, etc., about that location)

When geographic-targeted content isn’t done well, it can be problematic. Scenarios include …

  • stuffing location-based keywords into articles, hoping it will increase rank (it doesn’t)
  • writing information about a location that’s applicable to dozens of other locales (e.g., services available)
  • promising a location, but disappointing readers with vague, generic, or misleading information

3 Smart Ways to Use a Location Name

You don’t have to be a travel writer to write about valuable geographic-targeted topics in your niche. Try these location-inspired angles in your next article:
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Top Ways to Use Your Smartphone in Business

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone?

Smartphones have been getting significantly “smarter” over the years and are powerful tools for business. With our current technology-driven society, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest gadgets and innovations. It’s become an obsession, especially with smartphones, due to their potential for business growth and relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using a smartphone or tablet for years, or if you are just jumping on the bandwagon, this technology is definitely here to stay.

In order to continue making an impact or reach your audience on a wider level, sometimes the only option is to discover how new technology can positively impact your business and embrace it. Use these smartphone tips to aid your efforts.

You Need: Stay in Touch With a Smartphone

  • Quick Contact – Your contacts and potential customers are at your fingertips. Whether it’s via text, phone call, email or social media, you can connect with others instantly. Face-to-face communication is resurging with FaceTime, Google Talk and Skype, so you can promote or discuss business anywhere at any time.
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MORE Article Writing Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips!

7 Tools You Don’t Want to Miss

From social media to writing resources, we offer a ton of information across – so much that it’s easy to forget what’s available!

If you’re a new Expert Author or need a refreshing crash course in how to get the latest article writing and content marketing information, get a handle on it with these great tools.

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Become a Better Manager: Writing, Excuses, and Solutions

Using Every Excuse in the Book NOT to Write?

You’re a manager. Perhaps you may not be the person responsible for controlling a company, but you’re the manager answerable to your own professional and personal success – including writing.

Own that title: Manager. Allow it to permeate your mindset. Take control.

Next: Become an EFFECTIVE manager. Actively pursue your goals, alleviate stress, be happier, and move closer to achieving your dreams.

I know. You’re thinking, “Yeah, but it’s not that easy.” So what? It’s life. Is it supposed to be easy? Would you feel a sense of pride or accomplishment in doing it if it was easy? To quote Marie Curie, pioneer physicist and chemist:

Life is not easy for any of us.
But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence
in ourselves. We must believe that we are
gifted for something, and that this thing,
at whatever cost, must be attained.

Have the confidence and perseverance to cultivate your gift by becoming a better manager of it.
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The EzineArticles Blog Comment Policy

Your Comments Are Most Welcome!

Our little blog community is not so little anymore! It has grown into a burgeoning source of information for Expert Authors who want writing tips, need content marketing strategies, and love to join the conversation. So we’re taking a moment today to dust off our 7-year old Blog Comment Policy.

This policy includes guidelines we expect to see out of the blog community’s commenters. However, you can apply these same principles when managing your own blog comments as well as when you comment on other blogs elsewhere on the Internet.

As always, we warmly welcome and invite you to be an active participant in the blog discussion threads!

In order to have some civility and order to the blog discussion, here are some guidelines we use to moderate the discussion:

Blog Comment Policy Guidelines

Content Orientation

  • VALUE: Your blog comments or questions should have a desire to add meaningful value to the discussion and be relevant.
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Stop and Listen: A Guide to a Solid Social Media Strategy

Turn a Flimsy Social Media Strategy Into a Solid Plan

It’s tough.

There’s no doubt about it that social media can often feel like you’re trying to catch a fish with your bare hands against a rushing river (and maybe even blindfolded). Platforms, algorithms, dynamics, interfaces, access to data – what made sense or was available yesterday is constantly being swept away by today’s updates, news, and the frequently changing landscape.

Before you go nuts over “best practices” and are persuaded that buying fans is the way to go, hold up. Your social media success won’t happen overnight, nor will it happen because you posted at a specific time based on someone else’s strategy. It is different for every niche and every brand: There’s no formula or a “one size fits all” strategy.

It takes creativity, time, a little risk, and data to determine what will work for you. Allow this to be your DIY guide to build a solid foundation for your social media platform to grow – we’ve even included a few reminders to keep you motivated.

Determine Your Strategy

Before you can do anything, there are several questions you must ask yourself:
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Meditation Can Make Your Writing Better

Something You Should Meditate On

Meditation has been cited again and again as an incredible benefit that regulates emotion (including stress) as well as improves verbal reasoning, attention span, and can even improve your writing.
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