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Read The First Blog Post

The first blog post in any blog archive always has some special significance… or at least I find myself searching for the first blog post of any blog to see what was on the mind of the author at the genesis of the blog.

Here is why I created this blog…

Goals for this blog:

  1. Create an on-going discussion with the authors that actively use the website to promote their articles/business or the ezine publishers that find free content for their ezine and website.
  2. To encourage testimonials from authors who have success from the distribution provides and from publishers who enjoy the many features our site offers to help them syndicate content for free.
  3. The Marketplace is always right. It’s a belief that has served us well and the team and I hope to learn via the discussion on this blog as to how better evolve the business model behind this site.
  4. To create high economic value relationships with a select few individuals that can benefit the most from a deeper relationship with us or us with them.

On behalf of the Team, I welcome your comments, posts, and participation in this blog. :-)

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