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Reaching UNReachables

Marketing your articles in directories like ours and others helps you reach prospective and qualified customers that you might not have been able to reach with your website alone.

We’ve had 7 authors take us up on the “Submit 25 Quick-Start” article submission offer so far and will continue it until 14 authors take advantage of the promo. for more info.

Too Many Links?

In the last week, I think we were contacted no less than 50 times by at least 35 unique folks who linked to us or one of the articles in the directory and wanted us to link back to them.

I’m almost numb to the idea of the labor required to manage links given back as we are not actively looking for them (even if they are appreciated when they are given).

What do you do with link requests? Do you always give one back?

International Authors

I just don’t get it.

Can someone explain to me why the greater majority of authors who submit articles from outside of the USA often don’t capitalize the first letters of their first and last name?

Is that the way it is done in other languages or other countries? If so, which language and which countries don’t capitalize the first letters of their first and last name?

Article Marketing Teleseminar

If you’re an authoring newbie or an expert author and want to take your article marketing to the next level, I’ll be leading a series of teleseminars on how to extract maximum impact from your article marketing strategy toolbox.

Watch for details coming soon… :-)


A rant:

There is no integrity in buying articles and calling them your own.

If you’re going to buy articles (Larry Dotson’s come to mind), at least have the integrity to use the articles for inspiration and don’t submit them to our directory WORD FOR WORD… as we don’t accept non-original articles.

This is a very, very, very small planet.

Got 25 Articles?

Today kicks off our SUBMIT 25 offer for authors who already have 25 articles ready to send in and don’t want to wait for 5 months to go by before they send them all in.

Normally in our monthly membership programs, the most an author can submit is 5 articles per month, but the SUBMIT 25 promotion allows them to send in 25 immediately.

For more info:

Power Headlines Get Traffic

Want your article to get more organic search engine traffic?

Then be sure to take into consideration the best keywords that you would want your article found by others.

The most important keywords should be first in the headline…

Here is an example:
(Continue Reading…)

Some “Edyacating”

If you are new to using articles to market your business, here are the 2 golden rules:

The article body must be educational and informative. If you don’t know what to do, make your article body filled with a strategy or multiple tips on how to do something.

You get to sell yourself ONLY in the Resource Box. This is located below the article. If you try to sell yourself hard in the body of the article, your article will never make it into our directory and you may be wasting your time.

Please keep these two golden rules in mind when sending in your articles and thanks for your support! :-)

I Feel Good!

Or at least that is the song I am singing today. :-)

Our new membership system is taking form and while it didn’t happen as fast as our team wanted it to, at least we are plowing forward and adding some awesome functionality into our members-only section this week.

Looking to take on our 100th customer before this month ends, which isn’t too bad I guess for a brand new service that is less than 45 days old.

Look for us to be a bit quiet on the promotional front as we build and stabilize our service from the back-end. We’re in it for the long-haul, so know we are committed to improving our service daily.

Be Honest

So we opened up the directory again to (1) free article submission and the rest would be fee-based. It only took 36 hours before multiple authors would abuse our system by joining with multiple free accounts.

Know that we will be filtering out silently authors who create multiple accounts or are the “work at home get-rich type scammers.” If you operate above-the-board, you should have no problems with us.

The pseudo-authors know who they are and I don’t think they are surprised to be silently removed.

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