Article Content vs. Real Life – Clear and Concise Articles

Missing All the Signs

Have you ever read something and immediately said, “What does this mean?” or “This doesn’t make sense.”

Well, the same can be said about your articles if you’re not careful.

Being clear and concise in your article writing is about more than just checking your spelling and grammar for accuracy. It also requires a thoughtful read-through where you check the accuracy and logic of everything you say.

In this video, we take a look at some humorous signs that cause confusion to get you thinking about the clarity of your own article writing.

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5 Quick Tips to Attract New Readers

Making Articles Interesting, Entertaining, Fun & Exciting

Attracting a new set of readers to your articles isn’t always an easy task. Of course, you’re always looking to grow the size of your audience, but pinpointing exactly what makes one article more interesting/entertaining/exciting than the next one can be tricky.

It requires a balance of focus on both the quality of your content, as well as your ability to promote articles after publication. All steps of the process are important.

Our focus today is on the first part of the equation – the quality of the content. In this video, discover 5 ways to attract new readers and get higher returns on your articles.

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2 Minute Approval Tips: Make Location-Based Articles Specific

Episode 15 of the “2 Minute Approval Tips” Video Series

We’re back again with yet another 2 minute tip to help you avoid some of the most common reasons for article rejection. Today’s tip is to make location-based articles specific to the right location.

Articles that target specific locations can be very successful in regards to SEO. That’s because there’s usually an audience out there searching for articles about certain locations.

By including a location name in the title of an article, you are making a promise that the article will have specific information related to that location. If you fall short on that promise, your article won’t be accepted.

In this video, I’ll share how to avoid this common rejection reason and make your location-based articles specific to the location.

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Article Content vs. Real Life – Making Quality the Priority

See What Happens When Quality Falls On the Priority List

When a comedian fails to present his best material for his primetime show, it’s only a matter of time until he’ll be hearing crickets, or worse yet, get booed off the stage. His audience paid good money to see him perform and if he doesn’t live up to their expectations, they’ll let him know.

Your audience has certain expectations, too. High on that list is to be given quality information that’s accurate and insightful.

Regardless of the niche you write in, quality should always be your number one concern. If it’s not, your audience may not “boo you off the stage,” but they will click away from your article and go to someone else for the answers they’re looking for.

Watch this comedian FAIL to see what happens when quality is not the number one objective.

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Second Quarter 2011 Video Roundup

EzineArticles Quarterly Video RoundupEliminating Writing Distractions, Leveraging Your Writing Analytics, A Batch of Quick Tips and More!

Our video studio has been busy in the second quarter producing an assortment of videos to help you get the most out of your article writing efforts.

In case you missed the announcements on the Blog and in the newsletter, here’s a list of the videos we’ve released to help you get caught up, along with a short recap of each video’s message:

  • Article Pieces and Parts:
    1. Resource Box Best Practices – Life is full of give and take. Your article writing efforts are no different. Every article you write must have the perfect combination of give and take.
    2. Driving Traffic in Your Direction With Effective Titles – You may cringe at the site of traffic on your daily commute but there’s no better feeling than seeing a full on traffic jam of new readers and potential customers driving straight towards your articles. Discover how to create article titles that open the highway for more traffic to your articles.
    3. The Perfect Article Summary – It can be easy to overlook the importance of the article summary. But, the truth is that your article summary gives you additional space beyond the article title to hook in potential readers.
    4. A Healthy Diet for Your Article Body – Your article body is very similar to your actual human body in that they both need care and attention to perform at the highest level. Watch this video to discover how you can create a healthy diet for your article body so you have a strong, fit article.
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4-Pack of EzineArticles Quick Tips

Answering Some of Your Common Questions

Today, we bring you a set of four quick videos to help answer some of the common questions we hear from Expert Authors.

The video studio at EzineArticles has been a busy place recently. We’ve been working on a variety of projects, like the Article Content vs. Real Life series, the 2 Minute Approval Tips series and a ton of other informative videos and tutorials.

To get you caught up, we thought we’d share four videos today. Each video is a quick response to some of the frequently asked questions we receive on a regular basis. For your reference, we’ve also included a brief printed summary below each video.

Plus, you’ll get to briefly meet some of the folks behind the scenes here at EzineArticles. Enjoy!

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Article Content vs. Real Life – Exceptional Work

Exceptional Work Gets Noticed

This is one of many life lessons that are taught to us from a young age. We spend our school age years exploring new and exciting areas of interest. Then, we find a subject or activity we enjoy, like math, science or art; and we devote hours and hours to learning all we can about it and practicing it.

The passion and practice perpetually feed off of each other. Eventually, it leads to an exceptional amount of focus, which can pay off in any number of ways, like good grades in school or goals in a soccer match.

Really, article writing isn’t much different. Except that instead of an “A” on your report card, the payoff of exceptional article writing is increased traffic back to your website, more exposure for your articles and enhanced credibility for you.

In this, the 5th episode of the Article Content vs. Real Life series, we bring you back to the roots of your education to help you see what happens when exceptional work is discovered.

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A Guide to Uninterrupted Writing

Minimizing and Eliminating Distractions

No matter what your niche is or how experienced you are as a writer, you’ve probably come to realize that dealing with distractions comes with the job. Your ability to complete a piece of writing is highly dependent on how well you can block out things going on around you to focus and just write.

Some distractions will always be out there, swirling around you and constantly grappling for your attention. Others come and go. What you do to minimize or even eliminate those distractions altogether will play a big role in how productive you can be and how stressful writing is for you.

Remember, writing should be fun! To help you keep that in mind, here’s our Guide to Uninterrupted Writing. We hope you can use these tips right away and maybe even have a little fun along the way.

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A Healthy Diet for Your Article Body

Our Own Article Body Pyramid

You fuel your body with foods from the food pyramid, like grains, fruits and vegetables and, really, your articles are no different.

It takes a steady diet of high-quality keywords, originality and portion control, along with several other elements to build and maintain a health article body.

Unfortunately, just because most of us know the keys to a healthy lifestyle, it isn’t any easier to resist the temptation and take the easy way out by resorting to eating junk food and limited exercise. The people that are the best at maintaining a normal weight get there by genuinely changing their lifestyle.

Again, this is no different in the article writing world. In today’s video, I’m going to share the six parts of our own Article Body Pyramid to help you keep up a healthy article writing style. Plus, I’ll go a little more in depth to help you understand what each of the six parts mean.

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The Value of Diamond Membership

This post was updated on May 15, 2012 at 4:00 P.M.

An Elite Community at EzineArticles

A little over 2 months ago, we unveiled a new membership level to identify the top 1% of authors who are completely focused on quality in their article writing. We chose to name the new level “Diamond” to show that any author granted an upgrade request to Diamond level represents the “Best of the Best” when it comes to article writing.

The Diamond level stands at the peak of our membership pyramid and represents the ideal Expert Author.

We are continuing to receive and evaluate upgrade requests, and we still have our sights set on that 1% benchmark. In this video, I share what it takes to attain the highest level of membership, what it means to those who have it and how to request a Diamond level upgrade.

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