Epic Formula to Beat Writer’s Block and Save Time

Writer’s Block Woes …

You’re staring at a blank screen, ready to tear your hair out.
You type a few words – almost reaching a full sentence – only to delete it, again and again.
You had an incredible idea while you were in the shower, but now you can’t remember it.
You would be able to write if you could just get the title right.
You’re stuck in the middle, completely unsure where to go.
You’re bored; that is, you share the same enthusiasm as a rock.
You’re searching for that perfect word, but it’s stuck on the tip of your tongue.
You would write, but that noise from the next room won’t let you to focus.
You think the lighting, the chair, or even the room itself isn’t conducive to writing.
You sit down to write, but end up watching cat videos instead.

Any of these writing pains sound familiar? Don’t worry:

There’s an easy solution to overcome these common writing obstacles.

Watch this quirky video to discover the The Ultimate Cure for Writer’s Block:

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End Your Frustration with Submission and Save Time

Too scared to hit submit? Relief is here.

Some people’s 20 minutes to craft an article may take you 5 or 6 days – and that’s not even including the days waiting during the article review process.

No matter how hard you try, you wonder: “Can I write articles? Is all of this time spent writing and editing worth my time? Is there a better way to get a ROI with article writing?”

Being an expert does not equate being a professional writer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your insights and experiences in articles. All it says is that you lack the skill set of professional writers to efficiently edit your own work, which in turn helps you avoid article rejection or embarrassing errors from slipping through. As a result, you exchange “fear of rejection” with “aim for perfection” and end up losing so much of your time that would be better spent adding value and increasing your bottom line.

Help – that will save you time, energy, and fear – is on its way with a great new service.

Watch in this quick video.

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The Smitten Author – An EzineArticles Valentine’s Special

Love is in the air!

Writing is a lot like a relationship. There are great highs, terrible lows, as well as wonderful moments when the relationship between the author and their writing just clicks. However, sometimes there are also symptoms of blind love. This occurs when an author fails to recognize when their writing is flawed and still needs work. Alternately, there’s the over-controlling author who just won’t leave their writing alone and will over-edit their work.

Have a great relationship with your writing by finding balance: Know when you need to put time into your relationship with your writing and learn to let it go.

Whatever your relationship with your writing, remember:

It’s okay to love your writing. Just don’t love your writing.

Downloadable Versions:

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Harness the Awesome Power of Article Templates

The ultimate tool for making your writing faster, easier, and better!

Much of your success with article writing and marketing lies in the number of high-quality, informative, and original articles you have published. Notice the emphasis on high-quality, informative, and original? Nothing trumps these three aspects when it comes to being successful. Skimping on any of them is the sure road to failure. However, next in line is volume. Let’s face it, more published articles means more readers, and more readers means more clicks to your landing page.

That’s where article templates come in. They’re designed to make your article writing faster, easier, and better by providing the ideas and structure you need to quickly create great original articles that are both easy to read and informative. Best of all, they provide the ideas and structure you need to get started and write efficiently.

Watch this video to discover more about the awesome power of article templates:

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EzineArticles Asks: What’s Your Question?

The EzineArticles Member Support Team responds to thousands of inquiries every month.

They know all of EzineArticles’ resources like the back of their hand and whether you need advice or an explanation, they’re here to help.

Now, they’re turning the tables: The experts on our Member Support Team have an important question for you!

Watch the video below to meet the team and share your answer in the comments section of this post.

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EzineArticles Is Now on Vine!

Informative and Fun 6-Second Videos

Every year, EzineArticles provides 1,000s of motivational quotes, tidbits of information, training prompts, and much more in order to enhance your article writing efforts.

Besides the Article Writing and Insights Blog, you can easily find us on popular social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and now Vine!

What’s Vine?

Acquired by Twitter in October 2012, Vine shares content in motion. From serene scenes, to humorous pranks, to dynamic promotions, on Vine you can create short looping videos to share with your audience using your iOS device (e.g., iPhone).

Here are 5 ways you can use Vine:

  • Further engage your audience
  • Promote your brand
  • Display your products or services
  • Offer niche-relevant tips and insights
  • Show love for your audience

Check Out Our Most Recent Vines Below!
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Harlem Shake (EzineArticles Edition)

Harlem Shake: An unconventional dance move that involves the shaking of the upper body and shoulders.

Some days you just have to get up and dance to tap into your creativity, increase your productivity, and stimulate the chemicals in your brain!

Don’t believe us?

Watch how Penny, Marc, and I as well as the EzineArticles team cut loose in our very own edition of Harlem Shake.

Downloadable Versions:
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Don’t Let Quality Take a Back Seat in Your Articles (VIDEO)

Avoid Frustration and Confusion: Maintain Quality to Maintain Credibility

You might think you’re saving time by skipping the proofreading step, but let’s get that notion out of the way:

Bad writing habits, like poor grammar, are annoying.

Your readers and competition scoff at poor grammar because even if they’ve made the mistake, they love to point out other people’s mistakes. Publishers hate it because they can’t publish articles with poor grammar. And finally, you hate it because it’s a punch in the face to your credibility and it’s a complete waste of your time.

Don’t believe us? Check out why you shouldn’t let quality take a back seat in your articles in this quick video.

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EzineArticles Premium: Same Great Quality for LESS

Sign Up for an EzineArticles Premium Membership

Did you know that there’s a way you can …

  • Skip the 4-7 day wait on article reviews?
  • Get comparative data that will help you improve your articles to get more exposure (and therefore increase traffic to your blog or website)?
  • Gain access to more Resource Boxes for greater control?
  • Access priority member support for faster response time?
  • Have the ability to schedule articles?

If you want all of these benefits and more, then you want what successful Expert Authors are already taking advantage of: Premium Membership. And now the subscription is even more affordable!

On January 1st, we slashed the prices on Premium Membership subscriptions by nearly 50% for all subscription lengths – so act now! These prices may not be around forever. We’re testing this new pricing by making it more accessible to more EzineArticles members so you can get the power of a Premium subscription for a lot less. That’s right, you’ll get the same great quality for LESS!

Discover how an EzineArticles Premium Membership subscription can help you in this quick video!

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2012 EzineArticles Video Roundup

The Top Ten EzineArticles Videos of 2012

In case you missed the video releases on the Blog, on our YouTube Channel, or in the Newsletter, here are the Top Ten EzineArticles Videos of 2012 with a short recap of each video’s message.

1. The Power of Social Networking

Between Twitter and Facebook alone, there are over 800 million users tweeting, sharing, posting, reposting, and more. For Expert Authors, this exchange of information makes article writing and social networking a perfect match. Watch this video and discover strategies and tips to harness The Power of Social Networking!

2. 2 Minute Approval Tips: #20 Reaching the Word Count

Avoid the fluff in your next quality, original article and reach the minimum word count the right way. Watch this video to discover how you can reach the minimum word count the right way to increase your credibility and build your readership.
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