Top 30 Articles Published

The Top 30 Most Published Articles: (new report released)

This feature shows how many times people have clicked on the “EzinePublisher” feature on your article. It doesn’t guarantee that they published your article, but it does indicate that they had interest in publishing your article. Hey, I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a start to help you begin to see which articles receive interested parties that clicked on the EzinePublisher feature found near the upper right corner of each article:

The EzinePublisher Feature

You can find a link to this report from the right navigation of this blog.

The data for this new report is 2 months old as we didn’t record clicks to the EzinePublisher feature of each article till recently. Let us know what you thought of this new report by posting your comments below.

Article Ethics

If it isn’t clear to those that publish articles from our site, this behavior is unethical:

Adding active links to strategic keywords within the articles you reprint so that you have falsely and fraudulently made it appear that the author of the article endorses that active links within their articles.

This is against our Terms of Service as the articles must be unaltered. It’s also illegal based on copyright law 101, especially if the author of the article paid their $30 to register the article with the copyright office.

The only exception with this unethical behavior would be what VibrantMedia or other 3rd party contextual keyword advertisers do as their active links are clearly deliniated as advertisements.

Advanced Search For Pubs

UPDATED Sept 6th at 4pm CST: This new feature is now live:

We’re working on outlining an advanced search function that would allow email publishers or authors to drill into our site deeper by being able to further define or specify their search criteria.

Example: Be able to only search for results within a specific sub-category and articles that meet a specific word count or more or less.

Question: What kind of advanced search would you like to be able to do right now if we gave you the ability to search our article directory in any defined way you’d like?

Magazine Publishers Q?

Any print magazine publishers reading this article marketing blog?

As you may know from our publisher TOS, we don’t allow articles to be reprinted in any medium that requires someone to pay for the privellage of reading the articles…which pretty much excludes ALL print magazines that are not given away in totality for free.

Curious: Would you be willing to pay a fee (that we would share with the authors) for the right to reprint the article in your fee-based magazine?

Ezine Pub Q?

This morning, I have a question for you if you’re an Ezine Publisher:

Which issue is a bigger concern for you:

a) Email Deliverability: Making sure or getting your email fully delivered to your email list members.


b) Email list building: Finding strategies to grow your list so that it grows faster than the churn or list attrition that occurs naturally.

Which of the two issues are more important to you? Please don’t tell me “BOTH” as I know they are both important issues… I’m just looking to understand which of the two carries more weight for your business?

Small Planet Theory

Our planet Earth is so very tiny.

While we’re honored that so many folks like our site and project, we’d appreciate it if anyone who would become our competitor would do so without ripping off our logo, site design, layout and article categories…not to mention respecting our 25 article reprint limit as set forth in the Publisher TOS.

Have some originality, create your own unique design, and respect our copyrights please. :) The less we have to spend on legal fees, the more we can devote to serving everyone who benefits from our site legally.

Seed Articles

To the publishers that would violate our TOS:

Just wanted you to know that we have been planting seed articles that will help us track who is violating our terms of service and copyright.

Please be kind and follow the TOS:

Email Alerts

Thought I’d update everyone on our progress. Today, we now have over 1,000 people receiving our real-time new article email alerts and have sent over 250 alerts in the first two weeks of launching this free service.

My goal is to reach 10,000 members for our free new article email alerts by the end of the year … but the goal is probably a bit aggressive. :) I figured it is better to swing for the fences.

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