A Gift for You on EzineArticles’ 14th Birthday!

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Can you believe it?! 14 years ago today, EzineArticles.com first launched as an international online community where Expert Authors shared fresh, high-quality articles.

Led by Chris Knight, Publisher and CEO, we strived to become the best matching service between ezine publishers who sought supplemental content for their next email newsletter and Expert Authors who wanted to share their expertise in exchange for exposure, credibility and qualified traffic referrals back to their website.

Today, EzineArticles’ incredible success is obvious. As the #1 article marketing website in the world, EzineArticles actively caters to almost half a million Expert Authors from across the globe, welcomes over a million unique visitors every day, delivers hundreds of thousands clicks per day back to our Expert Authors’ websites, and continues to help Expert Authors grow in their respective niches.
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EzineArticles Premium: Same Great Quality for LESS

Sign Up for an EzineArticles Premium Membership

Did you know that there’s a way you can …

  • Skip the 4-7 day wait on article reviews?
  • Get comparative data that will help you improve your articles to get more exposure (and therefore increase traffic to your blog or website)?
  • Gain access to more Resource Boxes for greater control?
  • Access priority member support for faster response time?
  • Have the ability to schedule articles?

If you want all of these benefits and more, then you want what successful Expert Authors are already taking advantage of: Premium Membership. And now the subscription is even more affordable!

On January 1st, we slashed the prices on Premium Membership subscriptions by nearly 50% for all subscription lengths – so act now! These prices may not be around forever. We’re testing this new pricing by making it more accessible to more EzineArticles members so you can get the power of a Premium subscription for a lot less. That’s right, you’ll get the same great quality for LESS!

Discover how an EzineArticles Premium Membership subscription can help you in this quick video!

Downloadable Versions:
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BIG NEWS: Premium Membership Prices Slashed

50% Off Premium Membership Subscriptions

Start the year off right by getting more for less with your EzineArticles Premium Membership benefits package!

What’s Premium?

For the serious and successful Expert Author who wants even more highly-qualified traffic back to their website or blog, EzineArticles’ Premium Membership package gives you significantly higher speed, confidence, control, convenience, freedom, and intelligence than you’ve already come to expect from our free membership, thereby increasing your overall article marketing success … and your bottom line.

Now all Premium subscriptions are 50% off. Check out these slashed prices:
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Celebrating EzineArticles’ 13th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Expert Authors!

Since November 1999, EzineArticles.com has been built one article at a time, day after day, year after year, for over a decade. We are proud to be the home of the most passionate Expert Authors of hundreds of different niches from around the world.

Join us in our celebration by watching the Article Life Cycle, our little tribute to our 450,000+ Expert Authors submitting original, quality articles.

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Revive Your Background with EzineArticles’ NEW Wallpapers

Download EzineArticles’ 6 New Wallpapers

These original wallpapers can help you stay motivated and focused in your article writing efforts. Download one or all of them and let us know which wallpaper is your favorite!

Downloadable Set Your Thoughts in Motion Wallpaper:

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Article Writing Tips to Retweet: October 2012

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, and training – We’ve gathered some of the best ones from October right here. Retweet any of them for motivation or to share with your Twitter followers.

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Article Writing and Ideas

  • What do you read to stay sharp and for fun? pic.twitter.com/JHcpjW3h
  • Instead of whose English is better, can we just agree to be clear in our language? twitpic.com/b1b8qz
  • Ensure (to make certain) vs. Insure (to arrange for compensation). Check out the difference: http://ow.ly/eY6EG
  • “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle (Build a door by writing about your niche’s next hot topic!)
  • To make writing easier, talk to friends, family, and peers to work out an idea! twitpic.com/b3gta0

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Article Writing Tips to Retweet: July 2012

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, and training – We’ve gathered some of the best ones from July right here. Retweet any of them to enhance your article writing efforts.

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Article Writing and Ideas

  • Proofread! See your articles from your reader’s perspective and deliver a great experience.
  • It’s not rocket surgery. Maintain your credibility; avoid mixing metaphors.
  • When referencing content, ensure your words take center stage. Quotes should supplement your work – not vice versa.
  • Use the proper capitalization and spelling of brand names. Using an incorrect version questions your credibility.
  • English not your primary language? Hiring a native English speaker to review or ghostwrite your articles can be effective!

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Greatness Is a Daily Pursuit

Meet Vanessa, EzineArticles Editorial Manager

Staying motivated, pushing boundaries, and expanding your article portfolio with quality content amplifies your exposure, builds your brand, and increases your credibility as an authority in your niche. In turn, your articles create a higher demand for you and your organization.

Ensuring you’re able to achieve your goals is where Vanessa, EzineArticles Editorial Manager and the Editorial Team step up to deliver results.

Vanessa brings years of experience to the Editorial Team. “We strive daily to ensure that our members’ articles are able to achieve maximum exposure and drive highly targeted traffic back to their website or blog,” she said. Motivated to deliver member satisfaction, Vanessa’s leadership focuses on effective performance, learning, and development of the Editorial Team.
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Second Quarter 2012 Video Roundup

My.EzineArticles.com Tools, Quick Tips, Laughs, and Leveraging Your Credibility!

Get the most out of your article writing efforts with these great videos, which cover a wide variety of Expert Author tools and resources. You can also catch a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes too!

In case you missed the video releases on the Blog and in the EzineArticles newsletters, here’s a list of the videos to help you get caught up, along with a short recap of each video’s message.

Author Tools and Resources

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Article Writing Tips to Retweet: March 2012

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, and training – We’ve gathered some of the best ones from March right here. Retweet any of them to enhance your article writing efforts.

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EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets

  • Expert Authors: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin. :)
  • Make a difference! Build your reader’s trust and earn loyalty by writing a quality, informative article for them.
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