Larry Chase

When you get a chance, go check out my friend Larry Chase’s website:

He is a fellow John Wiley & Son’s published author and recently told his audience to check out EzineArticles… so I wanted to return the favor.

Larry’s coming up or recently had his 10 year anniversary for publishing the WDFM newsletter:

Noticed heavy spidering from a new site called “BECOME.COM” last night…

And then noticed that they were mentioned in a new article I just approved into the directory (See #3:)…&id=10513

Anyone know when will go live?

High Rankings Forum

Wanted to give a shout out and introduce my readers to the High Rankings Forum.

A handful of new EzineArticles members have come our way because of the High Rankings forums… :-)

Here’s a link:

Comment Spam

Hi… Are you a frequent blogger?

How do you handle COMMENT SPAM?

You know, the evil spam that is added by unscrupulous humans with no ethics that try to get their links added to your blog by posting COMMENT SPAM.

This blog is not really heavily trafficed and yet I get 20-50 comment spams a day… Yeeeesh!

What’s the solution?

Email Blog Alerts

Today is the first day that I’ll be sending email alerts to anyone who subscribers to my blog email alert list.

Everytime there is a new post, you can sign up to receive an email alert about it. Sign up by using the subscription form on this page in the upper right corner.


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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Singer Nick Lache (31), Actor Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk)(52), Rapper Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa (35) and of course, ME (35)…

Go Scorpio!

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