FireFox Browser

Did I mention that the FireFox Browser is one of the best innovations I’ve seen in the last year on the Internet?

For the month of February, FIREFOX has now claimed 7.1% of our surfers:

MS Internet Explorer 65.9 %
Unknown ? 21.0 %
Firefox 7.1 %
Netscape 1.8 %
Safari 1.6 %
Mozilla 1.3 %
Opera 0.5 %
TelePort Pro 0.1 %

Some recent articles on the topic:
Explore the Internet in a Whole New Way
Begun, The Browser Wars Have
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498,104 Visits

With only one day left before this short month of February brings to a close, we’re excited that this looks like it’ll be our first month of crossing the half million visits per month traffic milestone.

As of today, we’ve had 498,104 visits by 358,237 unique visitors that produced a gross of 3,889,705 page views this month of which 1,439,234 we believe are real.

The difference in reported page views to real page views is mostly from new search engines like ( that crawl our site and create artificial bumps in page views until we can identify them and move them into the “search bot” section of our web stats.
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Robert G. Allen

You may know Robert G. Allen’s name as he is the popular author of the best selling book: “Multiple Streams of Internet Income”

I wanted to thank Robert for including on page 226 in the chapter on selling information!

Finding this out today made our day.


Here is a link to Robert’s cool website:

8,681 Email Alerts

Factoid of the day:

Since we began delivering real-time and daily summary email alerts when new articles were published, we have emailed 8,681 unique emails since we started on November 20th.

So far there are 1,431 members on over 40 email alert lists. There is quite a bit of churn in the email alerts in that over 4k folks have subscribed, yet we have less than 1500 aboard yet. Perhaps they are finding that RSS is a better way to manage the flood of emails that our system can create (especially when we get into flow).

Internet & Businesses Online, Business, and Self-Help are the top categories of email alert lists that are heavily subscribed to.
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Trackbacks Gone

Curious: Are you a hard core blogger?

As much as I love blogging, I’ve come to the point where it is time to remove the “trackbacks” feature from this blog as it’s generating hundreds of trackback spam emails a week and zero value for anyone.

What’s your position on trackbacks?

Good feature or waste of time? Who is this feature perfect for?

MySQL Rocks

We’ve been making small incremental changes to our article database design in order to improve speed and reduce lag.

On Friday, in the previous 24 hour period, we had 6,418,429 MySQL database queries of which ZERO have failed :-). This is a good thing.

When we have bad or sloppy code or the server can’t keep up, we get error messages in the database (db for short).

This is all useless trivia, but it’s part of the making of an article marketing super site.

I am aware that some processes are still taking 4-20+ seconds per process, so please be patient and only click on SUBMIT once when you are creating a new account, sending in a new article, updating your profile or adding an alternate author name. We are planning on addressing these speed issues over time so that everything is returned in a second or less with 5 seconds on a bad day.

Back from St Lucia, Martin, Thomas

I was gone for the past 7 business days on a 3 island Caribbean trip that included a visit to St Thomas, St Martin and St Lucia. For me, there is nothing that recharges my batteries better than a white sandy beach with waves crashing, plenty of warm sunshine to go around and good friends to share it with.

It’s also good to be back in freezing Wisconsin with snow on the ground and good old high speed broadband Internet access. Might even be able to take a snowmobile trip within the next two weeks.

The EzineArticles team did a great job of keeping the article marketing ship a float while I was offline. They endured multiple hardware failures on our web and list server, but here are some interesting statistics on what’s been accomplished:
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Delegation Dreams has now scaled beyond my capactity to be involved in every aspect of this site with the same level of detail that I’ve given to this project to date.

In the past week, I’ve reviewed over 1500 new articles and I’m at break point personally as my other larger goals are not getting attention because of the huge load that we’ve been blessed with.

I just realized that I’m now squarely in the way of our own growth by being too involved in daily operations. Over the coming month, expect to see me get more involved in setting the quality control standards that our site must maintain and delegating much of the daily flow associated with this project to our growing team.

My acid test is my right wrist.
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Million Monthly PV’s?

Got Page Views?

Do you have one million monthly page views or more?

If you’ve looked at our publisher terms of service, then you know that we only allow 25 articles to be reprinted per site per year.

Before we begin licensing content on a fee-basis, we’d like to consider offering licenses that would allow more than 25 per year to publishers who can follow our posted terms of service and can prove they have at least 1 million true page views per month in traffic.

If you think you might be a perfect partner for us, please Contact us.

Ken Envoy’s Site Sell

A half dozen new members came from the SiteSell forums, so I wanted to recognize them here.

About 2-4% of all new articles that are submitted to our directory are from websites that have the very easily recognizable look and feel of a Ken Envoy “SiteSell” look.

What is that look?

Top header with a left navigation only and 800 width (never full width). Often the left navigation is rectangular menu items that have a java hover feel to them.

I had promoted Ken’s affiliate program way back in the late 1990s and just got too busy to focus on it but today he sent me a nice SiteSell keychain and a personal note along with a commission check.

One smart thing that Ken has done is he evolved his business from small price points to larger price point products. Way to go! :-) Reminded me of this new article today.
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