Differences in Interaction Types

There are 3 distinct ways to interact on EzineArticles.com beyond the normal author membership & article submission process:

1) This blog where you can post comments or reply to a thread but can’t begin a thread. You can subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. The commentors are mostly loyal to the blogger (I hope ;-).

2) The Forums where you can post comments, post new topics, and be emailed whenever a reply to your comment or new post is commented on. You can subscribe to the forums RSS feed. The commentors are loyal to both the site admin and each other.

3) The articles registered commentor system where you can post comments to any article. There are RSS feeds for every article category but there are no RSS feeds for our article comments and no plans to add them. The commentors are largely loyal to themselves and their private agenda whether it be wanting a link back in exchange for their comments or their need to be expressive.

Some observations: The group that comments on Blog posts are very different than the forums group…even though there is about 15% that cross over to do both.

The blog commentors are clearly more of the early adopter type than the regular forum members… and there is a definite difference in the loyalty factor — which has surprised me. Usually I figured it would be the forum member who would be more loyal to the community because of how membership is required to participate whereas in the blog, there is no membership requirement to add value via a comment — yet there is a strong level of interaction without a membership system. Neat, eh?

Podcast Radio Show

This week I was interviewed by radio personality, International Master Marketer and EzineArticles Expert Author, Dr. Tony Marino on his American PodCast Network.

Take a Listen

It was a brief interview (about 15 minutes or less) and fun to wait in the Green Room while I waited for my interview. He even left some Snickers and 3 Musketeers candy bars for me (what a nice staff he has :). We introduced his audience to some of the basics of article marketing.

Also of interest:
* (Tony’s firm, America Web Works’)

* PodCastRadioShow.com

* Our New PodCasting Sub-Category

No Ads?

“You’ll See It When You Believe It”

This is a funny note I just received from an author of ours: (I’m paraphrasing)

“How come you didn’t put any ads on your site? Like top banners. Don’t you plan on adding ads on your site? You don’t like ads?”

You have just witnessed the power of Google AdSense. I clearly see the ads on every page of our site (2 to 3 panels of ads), but they are integrated into the content to the point where the site is built for the ads and the ads are built for the site. Call it “contextual loving” if you will.

Isn’t it super when ads add value just like the content rather than distract from the content?

I had read in eMarketer a few months ago that as high as ~60% of Internet surfers are not aware that the contextual ads are really ads at all.

Comments Challenges

Yesterday we rolled out a new comment management system where anyone could easily register to be a “registered commentor” and add comments to any article.

Every comment is moderated to ensure quality.

It only took about 4 comments before we received the first of one author slamming another author’s article. Sheesh. Worse, they were competitors of each other.

So now we get to create a set of rules for how we’ll manage the comments. Overall, I intend to set a precedence that we will not approve negative tone comments, but ones that offer constructive thoughts with some critical thinking will be allowed.

USA Tax Day Articles

Click on the tax man shake below to see over 40 new articles on Taxation (and how to reduce your taxes):
USA Tax Day

As a youngster (I’m 35), when I learned that 40% of my U.S. income taxes are going to pay for social security and medicare alone, I had to ask myself the question… Why the heck do I pay 7% of my income taxes to social security (and another 7% as an employer for social security) in addition to the 40% from my income taxes?

Take from the young to pay for the old via entitlement programs.

Read on for how I think the system should be fixed:
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Eudora Pro

Eudora Pro is my email client of choice. I’ve been using it since the mid to late 1990s. It’s made by Qualcomm.

The reason it’s so awesome is that it does not treat me like a user that needs to have my experienced ‘set up’ so that I can function like MS Outlook does. In other words, it doesn’t wrap my experience up with a pretty bow but rather presents the incoming emails as they really are.

Another big bonus that Eudora offers me: I can send and receive HTML code via email without my email client trying to interpret and execute the code.
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April Fools Day

I admit it.

I sent an email to our main EzineArticles newsletter list (about 7,000 authors) and shared with them that we are going fee-based for our article marketing & publicity services starting on Tuesday.

Rather than tell you about it, go read what Willie had to say:

:-) Smile, it’s Friday.

Terri Schiavo’s Eyes

This being a business blog, I didn’t want to introduce too much on politics, but this new timely article just got posted:
Looking through Terri Schiavo’s Eyes by RobinRenee Bridges

Others in the medical field argue that it’s not humane to withold water and food from Terri but I just can’t come to grips with that.

Terri, forgive us all..as we know not what we do.

My position is that this is a private family matter and that we and the media have no right to interfere with their struggle…a struggle that has now become a high national interest story.

What are your thoughts? Which side is right?

Article Speed

I was reading:

Here is an excerpt:

“Speed isn’t everything, it’s almost the only thing. Your site should respond almost instantly to a request. If you get into even 3-4 seconds delay until “something happens” in the browser, you are in long term trouble. That 3-4 seconds response time may vary for site destined to live in other countries than your native one. The site should respond locally within 3-4 seconds (max) to any request. Longer than that, and you’ll lose 10% of your audience for every second. That 10% could be the difference between success and not.”

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Ezine List Building

I’ve just read Alexandria K. Brown’s new special report. I didn’t think there would be anything new for me but I was wrong! Way to go Ali! When compared to the other email list building products that are $300-$997 USD, Alexandria’s is a steal at less than a hundred bucks:

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