Oprah Articles

Does it surprise you that any articles we get about Oprah almost immediately get a flood of traffic? This one by Cathy Stucker (The Idea Lady) has over 10,000 page views alone: Oprah! How to Appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Nestor Torre wrote an article (not from or on our site) called, “Why Oprah is ‘queen’“… I thought you might like this excerpt:

We trust that the lessons taught by Oprah’s success story are eminently clear:

One, think of other people rather than just yourself, and you won’t go wrong. Even better, the universe will reward you for your selflessness.

Two, act on your best instincts, and don’t get sidetracked by doubts and fears.

Third, do what you do best, and do it to the utmost of your abilities.

Fourth, make yourself an instrument for good.

Fifth, don’t do what everybody else is doing. Even better, don’t get sucked down to other people’s levels.

Sixth, know your audience and market, and what it really wants. In Oprah’s case, she knew that the viewers perceived as lazy and stupid couch potatoes really wanted to become better people-and she dared to show them how!

Let’s relate this to Article Marketing:
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Comments System Bonus

One bonus that I didn’t know we would be getting from adding the ability for anyone to comment on any article is that article thieves are pointed out and spotted in a self-policing efficient manner.

So far, only two authors have lost their accounts due to being ‘outted’ by either the original author or someone who knows the original author.
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Flag Day

Indulge me for a moment to honor American Flag Day (today, June 14th).

Lance Winslow's Semi Trailer at the Lovell WY Veterans Memorial

We live in a very paradoxical world where we mostly know that we are all one and that we should all practice feelings of inclusiveness (meaning that we are not separate from each other) rather than exclusionary thinking (as if we are better or different than our brothers and sisters of other countries (which we are not)).

While I’m proud to be an American, you won’t find any American flags on my lawn, truck, house, or even at work (unless all of the flags of the countries we do the most business in are represented as well (I did this with our last company)).

It’s not that I’m against the flying of our flag, but rather my statement is that I’m for the human race, rather than the American only race.
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Corey Nicholas Rudl

You may have heard by now that Corey Nicholas Rudl (age 34) died in a tragic racing accident last Thursday morning. His Internet Marketing legacy lives on as I saw his name as the referer of yet another new registered EzineArticles author today.

Read this EzineArticles.com entry by Tim Knox:
An Entrepreneur and a Life To Be Remembered
and this entry by Steve Dimeck: Tribute to Corey Rudl

I met Corey for the first time in January of 2000 at a Jay Abraham event in LA. My condolences to his family, friends, affiliates, and employees.
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Article Comments

If you’ve been following how our system is evolving you may have noticed that we now allow anyone who registers with us as a “registered commentor” can place comments on articles. They are moderated for quality.

This week, we added a new feature to that: Upon the acceptance of your comment, a customized email will be auto generated to alert you, the commentor, that your comment has been accepted and you can go see it live on the article.
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Comment Spam Be Gone

Yesterday afternoon our tech team finally upgraded this blog software to have better anti-comment spam protection and this morning I woke up to ZERO comment spam. WOW, is this a neat thing!

Just to give you an idea, this blog has (197 blog posts) and 168 comments in it right now. Over 1,800+ comment spams were sent in the last two weeks alone! That’s over 3,000 per month that I had to sift through to make sure the legitimate posts were added to this blog.

What’s “Comment Spam” you ask?

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Fractional Jet Ownership

Today I had a family member remind me that what I’m doing in business is not enough to acquire my fractional jet ownership.

Don’t ya just love family?

I’m dreaming of a Gulfstream Private Jet by age 40.


Blog Search Engine

Pssst, didja notice that I had a search box added to this blog?

With over 200 posts and comments, it was getting hard to find everything.

It’s in the right nav of this site towards the bottom.

I’m using the search engine that came with this blog software and will replace it with something faster when this site gets bigger.

New Design

We’re testing out a new design where the webserver that feeds our site does not house the database of the site, but rather the old webserver that fed this site and its database is now only feeding the database.

Following along so far?
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Increased Capacity

A new dedicated web server for the EzineArticles project was ordered and brought online yesterday. We’ve been configuring it since late last night and hope to have it in production tonight or into the weekend.

I apologize for any abnormal slowness you might have experienced. Know that we’re working hard to serve you with increased speed and appreciate your loyalty through these growth speed bumps.

It’s a pretty complex project because we built the CMS (Content Management System) platform that our site runs on and I think we may have hit some programming capacity walls that we’ll need to tear down and rebuild in order to prepare for the next level of growth.

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