Multi-Country Legal Issue

Lately we’ve had to contemplate some of our policies to address turf war complaints as they come in.

Example: An England firm claims in an article that they have the original registered trademark on a certain name brand, unlike their copycats in Spain who also complain and claim that they have the original trademark of the same brand… only for us to research and find out two USA companies also have an identical legitimate registered trademark on the same brand name.

Who’s right?
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October EzineArticles Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a German term meaning “spirit of the time” and it refers to the moral and/or intellectual trends of a given era or time period.

We’re working on creating our own Zeitgeist time capsule so that you can see what folks were interested in during various time frames of our existence together.

For October 2005 Month To Date, here is the EzineArticles Zeitgeist:

hurricane wilma
hurricane stan
hurricane alpha
halloween contacts
ingrown hair
hurricane vince
ingrown hairs
flipping houses
best halloween costumes
creative halloween costumes
halloween contact lenses

New Kid On The Block

Thanks to the ever-increasing incoming flow of articles, I would like to introduce you to our newest editor, Mary.

Also known by her alias, Associate Editor #9, Mary comes to us with a vast amount of experience in copywriting as well as a good deal of editorial and proofing talent. So an official Welcome Aboard to Mary!

My Google to replace My Yahoo?

I’ve had My Yahoo as my default home page for years now, but this morning I tried out the new My Google personalized home page.

Now that I’ve installed the CustomizedGoogle extension in my FireFox browser, I think I may be ready to switch to My Google for my home page. This FireFox extension gives me the power of a Google search with the option to try alternate search engines from the previously populated search field that I entered.

Google’s delivery is cleaner than Yahoo but it appears Yahoo gives a few more choices in the customization.

[UPDATED 2 days later: My first link in my bookmarks on My.Google page is a link to My.Yahoo… Yeah, I’ve come full circle because my Firefox browser keeps messing up displaying the personalized Google page right]

What do you use for your personlized home page?

EzineArticles RSS, going deeper

In an interest to make it even easier for you to add ANY of our 182 categories of fresh new articles to your My.Yahoo or MyMSN customized home page or to plug it into your RSS reader of choice, we’ve now implemented RSS feed buttons that are category specific within each category.

Example: When you go our Weight Loss section, on the upper right corner of the category view, you’ll notice 3 buttons to help you implement that feed into your RSS vehicle of choice.
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Sneak Peek – “How To” Tutorial Video

PLEASE NOTE: The video mentioned is this blog post is no longer current. A revised version is now available at

So after many trials and tribulations, we are proud to present our new “How To Create an Membership Account and Submit an Article” video tutorial.

After only about 15 or so video takes and many, many more audio takes the finished product is here for your review:

I may have went a little too “public radio” on the narration though…next on NPR we’ll be listening to Brahm’s Second Piano Concerto in B-flat. Please give us feedback so that we can make this video more useful. Thanks!

Caching Testing

[UPDATED NOTE Aug 25th, 1:44pm CST: We have disabled caching due to a long list of unintended consequences that we are researching how to overcome, one by one.]
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Introducing…The Wally

If you’ve been interacting with our system over the past month, there is no doubt you’ve had an article or comment or support question answered by Associate Editor #4.

But, who is this mysterious Editor #4?

If you guessed “Wally”, then you win.

Wally became part of the EzineArticles team back in June and took over the daily operations of EzineArticles in the first week of July. Soon, you’ll see his blog posts here whenever he has an Article Marketing rant or rave to share with you.
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1,000 Word Comments

Previously, we had placed a limit on COMMENTS that were posted to any article on our site to a 400 word limit.

Seeing that our 400 word limit was wrong due to commentors posting multiple parts to make a comment, we’ve upped it to 1,000 words per comment.
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Lance Armstrong – 7x Champ Expert Jim Meisenheimer wrote an excellent tribute to Lance Armstrong:

—>Lance Has What It Takes

…and when you get a chance, check out Jim’s *creative* author photo. :-)

Some additional tributes to Lance’s recent 7th victory from Greg Ryan:

—>Lance Armstrong’s Training Tactics – The Tortoise or the Hare?
—>Lance Armstrong and Exercise – From Denial to Desire!
—>Lance Armstrong, Exercise, and Will Power- Characteristics that Make a Champion!

And last, here’s one from Lance Winslow on: What is the Tour de France?

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