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From social media to writing resources, we offer a ton of information across – so much that it’s easy to forget what’s available!

If you’re a new Expert Author or need a refreshing crash course in how to get the latest article writing and content marketing information, get a handle on it with these great tools.

Editorial Guidelines

Provided to maintain the quality standards of our Expert Authors, the Editorial Guidelines help you understand what we accept and don’t accept for inclusion on our website and RSS feeds. These guidelines are based on years of experience, data, feedback, questions, and laws to protect you and your readers. Before you submit to our site, please read these guidelines first. If you are confused or have any questions about our guidelines, please contact our Member Support team for clarification.

View all of EzineArticles’ Editorial Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if you can wait for a personalized response from our Support Team? The FAQ page provides you with answers to the most commonly asked questions and was specifically designed for our members and newcomers to the community. Featuring a large number of questions grouped by member needs, discover how to submit an article, find out what to do if you can’t log in, look up major article writing components, and more.
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Become a Better Manager: Writing, Excuses, and Solutions

Using Every Excuse in the Book NOT to Write?

You’re a manager. Perhaps you may not be the person responsible for controlling a company, but you’re the manager answerable to your own professional and personal success – including writing.

Own that title: Manager. Allow it to permeate your mindset. Take control.

Next: Become an EFFECTIVE manager. Actively pursue your goals, alleviate stress, be happier, and move closer to achieving your dreams.

I know. You’re thinking, “Yeah, but it’s not that easy.” So what? It’s life. Is it supposed to be easy? Would you feel a sense of pride or accomplishment in doing it if it was easy? To quote Marie Curie, pioneer physicist and chemist:

Life is not easy for any of us.
But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence
in ourselves. We must believe that we are
gifted for something, and that this thing,
at whatever cost, must be attained.

Have the confidence and perseverance to cultivate your gift by becoming a better manager of it.
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The EzineArticles Blog Comment Policy

Your Comments Are Most Welcome!

Our little blog community is not so little anymore! It has grown into a burgeoning source of information for Expert Authors who want writing tips, need content marketing strategies, and love to join the conversation. So we’re taking a moment today to dust off our 7-year old Blog Comment Policy.

This policy includes guidelines we expect to see out of the blog community’s commenters. However, you can apply these same principles when managing your own blog comments as well as when you comment on other blogs elsewhere on the Internet.

As always, we warmly welcome and invite you to be an active participant in the blog discussion threads!

In order to have some civility and order to the blog discussion, here are some guidelines we use to moderate the discussion:

Blog Comment Policy Guidelines

Content Orientation

  • VALUE: Your blog comments or questions should have a desire to add meaningful value to the discussion and be relevant.
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Stop and Listen: A Guide to a Solid Social Media Strategy

Turn a Flimsy Social Media Strategy Into a Solid Plan

It’s tough.

There’s no doubt about it that social media can often feel like you’re trying to catch a fish with your bare hands against a rushing river (and maybe even blindfolded). Platforms, algorithms, dynamics, interfaces, access to data – what made sense or was available yesterday is constantly being swept away by today’s updates, news, and the frequently changing landscape.

Before you go nuts over “best practices” and are persuaded that buying fans is the way to go, hold up. Your social media success won’t happen overnight, nor will it happen because you posted at a specific time based on someone else’s strategy. It is different for every niche and every brand: There’s no formula or a “one size fits all” strategy.

It takes creativity, time, a little risk, and data to determine what will work for you. Allow this to be your DIY guide to build a solid foundation for your social media platform to grow – we’ve even included a few reminders to keep you motivated.

Determine Your Strategy

Before you can do anything, there are several questions you must ask yourself:
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Meditation Can Make Your Writing Better

Something You Should Meditate On

Meditation has been cited again and again as an incredible benefit that regulates emotion (including stress) as well as improves verbal reasoning, attention span, and can even improve your writing.
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Top Article Writing Tools Right Under Your Nose

Tools That Make Article Writing Easier

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the process and routine that you forget to look up from time-to-time. So much so that you may not notice or have forgotten about the tools at your fingertips – literally!

We offer a great wealth of strategies, resources, and tools throughout the platform. Discover what tools you can add to your article writing and content marketing toolbox in order to accelerate your exposure today. All it takes is a click of a mouse!
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Article Writing Tips to Retweet: December 2013

Every month @EzineArticles provides hundreds of useful tidbits of information, motivation, and training for over 103,000 followers.

We’ve gathered some of the best ones from December right here. Retweet any of them for motivation or to share with your Twitter followers.

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Motivational Quotes for Expert Authors

  • You failed yesterday. So what? Take it, learn from it, and focus on the here and now. Every day there are new opportunities.
  • Writers: We live to tell the tale. “Writers live twice.” – Natalie Goldberg
  • The company you keep should make you stronger:
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Looking Back on 2013: Top 20 Article Writing and Content Marketing Posts

Wow! Look at All of These Great Article Writing and Content Marketing Tips!

From Expert Author Interests and Content Marketing tips to Top Misused Words and other Grammar Tips, we publish dozens upon dozens of posts on the EzineArticles Blog every year.

These posts may be overflowing with tips, strategies, insights, infographics, and more, but it’s the growing number of commenters who offer their own insights and feedback that makes the Blog a thriving community of information and discussion.

In case you missed them or forgot to bookmark them for reference and inspiration, here are the Top 20 EzineArticles Blog Posts of 2013 and don’t forget to leave a comment to join the discussion:
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The Thesaurus: Your Dark Horse to Writing Killer Titles?

Richly Express Yourself Using the Dynamic Tapestry of the English Language!

Articles not getting the traction you were hoping for? It may be your title.

If only there was something that could save your titles and articles from dull and uninviting language … Wait a second – there is!
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Happy Holidays From!

Season’s Greetings!

On behalf of the entire EzineArticles Team, have a safe and happy holiday!

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