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We Know You Have Questions. Ask Away!

The content on the EzineArticles Blog and our FAQ page is created to address the needs of our authors; it’s just that simple. We cover a range of topics such as article writing tips, My.EzineArticles.com updates, common Editorial issues, and much more. Our Member Support Team is committed to delivering detailed, accurate responses to both our members and non-members alike.

There are times, however, when the answer you receive is unclear, or you’re hesitant to ask a follow-up question. We would like to give you the chance to ask us a question right here on the blog. Whether you just recently joined our site or have years of writing experience, we’re open to your questions all the same, and will gladly answer them to the best of our ability. You may even get feedback from other authors who see your question!

Here are just some of the topics you could ask about:

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Top Tips to Use Your EzineArticles Account Like an Expert Author

Manage Your Account Like an Expert Author

EzineArticles has certainly had its share of authors submitting quality articles over the years. Our authors range from beginners hoping to get their first article published to Expert Authors who have been writing articles with confidence for years. We take pride in preparing our young, unseasoned authors for success as well as assisting our more experienced authors for continued success. Our goal is to ensure our members are utilizing their EzineArticles account in the best way they can.

Apart from providing our members with a platform to post their content, we also offer advice on improving their author profile and account. Have a look at our top 10 tips to managing your account properly… like an Expert Author.

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A New Author Name Change You Need to Know

Is My Author Name THAT Important?

Article writing, or establishing yourself as an author in some form, comes with many challenges, decisions, and rewards. You can let your imagination run free or use knowledge and research to provide your readers with the best tips and strategies from your expertise. Before you publish your work, however, you need to get one thing straight… what is your author name going to be?

Deciding on your author name may not be on your mind. You might think it’s unusual to use anything but your real name. There are, in fact, many reasons why an author might want to create a new character or different “personality” for their writing. Your author name can have a big impact on the direction you’re headed with your writing. Do you want to be known by your real name, a pen name, a variation of your name using abbreviations, or some other mysterious alias entirely? When you’re writing as a hobby or profession and you have an audience, you do need to have an author name; there’s no way around it. Even if you prefer to write anonymously, that is still the name you will be known by. As an author, you’re not required to use your real name, but you should be given more flexibility in the name you choose for your personal preference or brand identity.

Now, onto a new change concerning author names on EzineArticles. The new change we are introducing is pretty simple:

You can now have your author name of choice even if the name is already taken by another member.

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Top 10 Blog Posts to Read Before the Summer Ends

Revisit Some of Our Top Articles of the Year!

Summer is winding down. As the leaves change color and the air gets chilly, the article writing scene changes as well. You think you’re on the right path, then a new trend in technology or update on how search engines act is revealed. This can ultimately impact your business and slow down your progress. There are so many other successful authors out there and changes that occur daily, how can a writer keep up?

Relax. We have you covered!

Whether it’s finding the motivation to keep writing, increasing your exposure and credibility, or designing the best layout for your squeeze pages, our past articles can lend you a hand depending on your interests. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with your first article or if you write articles in your sleep at an expert level … there’s a good range of tips below!

Here are our top 10 blog posts of the year. Enjoy!

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Ring in a Fresh, New Year with a Content Marketing Resolution!

You Have 365 Days, Plan to Make Them Count!

Ah, the beginning of a new year is upon us. It seems everybody is setting a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, eat healthy, eliminate debt, or maybe break a bad habit.

New Year’s is a great time to set a personal goal; however, it is also a great time to set a professional goal. In order to improve your content marketing efforts in 2015, we challenge you to set a New Year’s resolution for your business.

Perhaps you want to improve your product, update your technology, or maybe expand your industry-related knowledge. Whatever it may be, take some time and think about the year ahead. You have 365 days! What is it that you want to accomplish?

Need help? Here are some obtainable goals to consider:

Get Social.
A transparent online presence is a must in today’s business environment, especially if you are a face of your product or service. Update your social media accounts on a regular basis. Ensure your picture(s) are recent. Engage with others on your social media networks. Join a new channel. Set a goal for a number of new “likes” or “followers.” All of these ideas will help you build your social media profile while also establishing trust with your audiences.

Provide Better Customer Service.
Customer service can make or break a business. First, ensure you have channels established for customer service to take place. This includes a ‘Contact Us’ form, email address, physical address, phone number, or active social media account. Make sure you are responsive to your customers with any questions, concerns, or feedback they have. Answer inquiries in a timely and genuine matter. Consider all feedback, good or bad.

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Writing Tips to Overcome Aspects of Failure

Success is Often Served with a Side of Failure. Hold the Failure.

It’s not unusual for writers to chase success only to keep falling short of their goals. Failure is part of the process, and it should never force a confident author to give up.

The feeling of defeat should be motivation to take on a challenge; it should be a learning experience to try a different approach.

Here are a few examples of unsuccessful authors who became impatient and lost momentum with their writing. If you can see yourself experiencing the same frustration, pay attention to the tips that follow each example.

Bill – A Daily Habit of Excuses: If Bill had time to write, he made excuses not to write. When he had excellent ideas for a new article, he convinced himself that the topic had been covered by someone else. He was no longer driven and passionate about his work. He had a barrel full of excuses and a bad case of procrastination.

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Top 10 Reasons for Article Rejection

This is One Popular Group You Don’t Want to Hang Out With!

Rejection can be a scary word. No one likes to be rejected; and trust us, we don’t like to reject your articles! This is why we provide so many resources for you, such as the Editorial Guidelines, the FAQs, and the training materials and videos. We want you to succeed!

However, we know that sometimes mistakes happen. If you find yourself on the receiving end of an article rejection, the best thing you can do is read the email explaining why the article wasn’t accepted, fix the mistake accordingly, and move forward!

We’ve created this handy infographic that outlines the 10 most popular reasons articles are rejected. To view the graphic in a new window, simply click the image below and then click the image again to zoom in or out.

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How to Be a Superhero Expert Author

Superheroes to the Rescue!

Lately, superheroes are everywhere. They fill the pages of classic comic books, they grace the screens of big budget movies, and they can even be found in the world of article writing!

Yes, you heard it correct. There are outstanding article-writing superheroes who rise to the top with their quality content and ethical marketing practices. We are thankful for their existence because there are also devious article-writing villains who lurk in the corners of the Internet waiting to lure others into their scheming ways.

Are you playing the role of a superhero by giving your readers valuable, original content? Or have you fallen victim to the villains?

Let’s meet the cast to learn more about the superheroes and villains of article writing.

Spoiler Alert!

The superheroes ALWAYS win.

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2014 EzineArticles Summer Update!

The Beaches May Be Calling, But We’ve Been Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello dear expert authors! We sure have missed you these past few months. You may have been wondering where we’ve been, but trust us when we say we’ve been VERY busy making EzineArticles.com an even greater place for you and our hundreds of thousands of unique members!

So what exactly have we been up to?

The thing that we’re most excited about is our transition over to a 100% multi-screen website design. You may have also heard this called a “responsive” website design. What does this mean? It means that no matter what device you’re on, EzineArticles.com will scale beautifully and be easy to read and navigate. Whether you’re on a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop computer with a 27” monitor, a laptop, even the digital screen on your fridge (oh, you don’t have one of those yet?) it’ll look great.

Why is this important?
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Getting Read: Essentials to Making Your Article Worth It

Most People Mess This Up – Do You?

Whatever you want to get out of article writing and content marketing, there’s one thing you’re probably getting wrong:

You’re focusing on the result, whether it’s traffic, profit, or exposure in general.

When you focus on the result, no connection is made between you and the reader. You’re essentially just another article in a vast sea of informative articles on the Internet.

Discover where your focus should be, what you can learn from a coffee shop, and how you can create loyal readers.

I’ll Buy Why You Do It

We recently discussed how you must give before you take and the resultant rewards, such as established trust and the ability to meet the needs of your readers with solution-driven, fear-alleviating content.

There was one element missing from that post …

Making your article truly worth writing and reading.
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