OPML, Your Web 2.o Lesson Today

OPML stands for (Outline Processor Markup Language) and it’s an XML format for outlines, however the more common use today is for exchanging lists of RSS feeds between RSS aggregators.

Even with the amazing power that is OPML, only a handful of articles in our entire directory mentions it: What Is This RSS, XML, RDF, and Atom Business? By Meryl K. Evans, for example.

As an Author on our site, what do you need to know about OPML?
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Our First Affiliate Program

A week ago, I announced quietly to our EzineArticles Affiliate Alert list that we would be launching our first affiliate program.

This program would be used to promote training products related to article writing & marketing, as well as traffic creation basics, ezine publishing, etc.

Of the 1,600+ people on our affiliate alert list, 130 signed up and about 50 will be accepted today.
This has been an incredibly challenging process because we had to make a long series of decisions that we never made before designed to protect the integrity of this project and attempt to find the best fit in terms of quality affiliates.
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Product Innovation Discipline

In the 1997 book, “The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market” by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema… I had come to understand that in business, you are either one of these two types:

1) Operational Excellence -or-
2) Customer Intimacy Based.

You can try to do both, but to be truly successful, you can only be known for one of them.

Late last night as helping a friend study for her MBA, I came to realize that I missed a critical insight from that book: A 3rd option called “Product Innovation”.
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FireFox Browser Advances

In March of this year, FireFox browsers represented 7.1% of all visitors to our site.

Today, that number is 12.1%, a 5% increase.

Browsers that visit EzineArticles.com this month:

MS Internet Explorer: 75.9%
FireFox: 12.1%
Safari: 2.6%
Netscape: 1.1%
Opera: .7%

Of the 75.9% that is MSIE, 72.7% of them are from MSIE 6.0 and 1.2% of them are from MSIE 5.5.

Of the 12.1% that are from FireFox, 4.9% are from FireFox v1.0.7 and 2.8% are from FireFox v1.5. Folks, you really need to move to FireFox v1.5 as it rocks!

Honorable mention goes to the “Konqueror” and “Camino” speciality browsers as each were used by approximately 8000 people this month when surfing our site.

Knight in Orlando for NEPA

I’m heading to Orlando Wednesday to speak at the Newsletter & Electronic Publishing Association (NEPA) event: “E-Marketing & E-Publishing: Today’s Knowledge … Tomorrow’s Revenue”

I’ll be speaking Thursday about how to grow an email newsletter list that converts into cash. Most of the audience are print newsletter publishers and I represent the ezine component that they all have…but perhaps do not leverage to the full potential.

3 Article Search Options

As much as we liked the current internal search engine we built, it doesn’t have the full feature-set yet. Until it does, we put the Google Search box back on the top, but will still give you 3 ways to search EzineArticles.com:

  1. Google Search: http://EzineArticles.com/ (top of the page)
    Lets you search EzineArticles.com in terms of what Google has indexed so far. Search results are fast, but often 6-72 hours delayed from displaying new results. This is a perfect search option for CONSUMERS, but perhaps not for authors or publishers.
  2. Direct Database Query: http://EzineArticles.com/ (lower left navigation) or here: https://ezinearticles.com/?type=advs
    Perfect for searching by TITLE only or by AUTHOR NAME only or by any major field ONLY. This is my 2nd favorite way to search EzineArticles.com and the search results include the entire live database in real-time.
  3. Power Search: http://EzineArticles.com/search/
    Our finest internal search engine that displays results by relevancy and has an advanced search option. This index is done twice a week, so today’s articles may take up to 3-4 days before inclusion in this index. Much more comprehensive results display than the direct database query option. This is the search engine our design team is currently working with as a base for future search results projects including the most popular keywords by category.

Knight on David Lawrence Radio

If you’re up tonight, at 10pm CST USA time, I’ll be on the David Lawrence Show (pop culture meets technology). He does stream the show for a fee and you can subscribe to his podcast. David’s show is picked up by XM, Sirius Satellite Radio and terrestrial radio stations…

I’ll be talking about Ezine Publishing insights, etc. and it’ll be less about ezine article writing & marketing and more about email newsletter technology trends. :-)

Updated 11pm CST: Here’s what I covered on the show:
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Testing Yet Another SE

If you’ve been following our internal search engine changes, you saw that we buckled about 2 weeks ago under the load at a peak of 5,000 searches on our site a day.
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669 is the magic number

Around 3am CST this morning our programming team was busy implementing several new features that we’ve been developing over the past 2 weeks.

One of the major features is that we now have 669 ad channels (3 ad positions per category for all 223 categories). This was one of the big design changes that we needed to make to prepare the site to accept advertising by category and by position and it will provide us with real-time feedback as to which sections we should give greater attention to.

Also…a new quality control module was added:
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Scraping Defined

An EzineArticles author asks, “I have recently heard the term “scraping” used and I gather it is some way of taking info from one site and placing it on another. I understand RSS feeds but this seems to be something different. It also seems to me to be not quite “kosher”.”

Answer: “Scraping” is a term used to describe (in mostly derogatory tone) of the act of ripping off or taking content from one site and putting it on another, mostly done via automated means.
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