Blog Results in Google News Email Alerts

Google has recently added blog results in their email-based Google Alerts; which means you can now subscribe to blog search results via email (or Google News, the web, etc). In my case, I’ve been a Google Alerts user since they original launched it and now I’m getting slammed with Blog results in my emails, but I can’t complain because it’s had a wonderful additional effect on traffic to

I must not be the only one that has happened to because I never requested blog search results in my daily Google Alerts; yet they are flowing and if you know anything about the syndication nature of our system, you know that many high profile blogs feed from us to enhance the depth of their respective niches… which means, literally, thousands of EzineArticles instances are showing up in daily email alerts that Google is sending and this benefits every EzineArticles expert author in a very positive way.

Unfortunately, it’s made my Google Alerts about 99% irrelevant to my needs for why I originally created the email alerts and this concerns me because I know Google is usually very attuned to their userbase. If too many folks complain or can’t figure out how to exclude the Blog Search results in their daily Google Alerts, they’ll be forced to remove them from the daily alerts unless requested.

In the meantime, it’s added a nice lift in traffic for everyone. :-)

EzineArticles Direct Advertising

Currently, we are not accepting new advertisers directly and have been referring all inquires to Google Adwords and to select “Site Targeting:” to get your ads on our site.

In the near future, we’ve been working on plans to open up for direct targeting of text ads (with nofollow rel tags to ensure you’re investing in advertising for qualified leads and targeted traffic) in each of our 301 categories. For those who wish to advertise on, we’ve setup a pre-launch list that you can subscribe to today to be notified in advance of our public launch: [Click Here To Subscribe To Our Advertise on Alert List]

Politics of 3rd Party Article Submissions

We are often asked, “Do you accept automatic article submissions from so and so?”

To which we respond, “We do accept automatic article submissions from a select small list of 3rd party article submission service providers, but we have never disclosed and had no plans to disclose who the approved 3rd party article submission service providers are to prevent implied endorsements.”

Here are some of the politics behind our reasons for the above policy and many insights into our thinking on 3rd party article submission providers:

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Hello WordPress, Bye MT

Effective today forward, this blog is run on the WordPress platform…and for the previous 2 years it was on the MT (Moveable Type) platform. The biggest reason for the change is that WordPress is PHP driven and our tech team can make global changes to the blog whenever we want to add or change a feature…and it won’t take a day of work to update all of the templates. Bottom line: It’s a SPEED issue. :-)
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2006 RSS Study

Do you love RSS as much as we do? Do you want to compare your RSS metrics with those of your peers? Help EzineArticles expert author Rok Hrastnik by clicking on this image and taking the brief RSS survey and you’ll get a copy of an overview of the results of his aggregate study later this year:

He is also offering the chance to get your company name mentioned in his next RSS book if he selects you for a case study. There are few that rock as much as Rok does for the RSS publishing & metrics world. :] If you qualify, please complete the survey so we can all learn together from the aggregate RSS Metric results when this study is completed.

Yaro Starak’s Review

EzineArticles expert and Aussie Entrepreneur Yaro Starak wrote an in-depth review of us here: The Verdict: Is Article Marketing Worth Your Time? – Part 1

I’m always curious as to how others perceive us, especially when they go in-depth in thought without us asking them to.

Here are some of my favorite comments from Yaro:

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Feb Email Stats

Feb. EzineArticles Email Stats:

7,103 permission-based email members received our daily summary email alerts sorted by one or more of our 222 categories.

The top 5 categories that we have email members who receive new article alerts are:
Internet & Businesses Online, Business, Self-Improvement, Writing & Speaking and Health & Fitness…in that order.
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Real Estate Article Marketing

EzineArticles expert author Brandon Cornett recently came out with an interesting article on: Real Estate Marketing Online: What Articles Can Do That Ads Cannot

I like how he identified ways that article writing & syndication can be applied to his vertical industry of expertise (Real Estate).

Brandon also has a blog on Article Marketing 101 and a new $19 eBook on: The Complete Guide To Article Marketing (note, this is not an affiliate link as I’m just passing a mention along…)

Gigantic Feeds, The Case Study

EzineArticles expert author Raj Kumar Dash recently wrote an article on “Gigantic Feeds – EzineArticles Case Study” where he mused about how we added over 19k (now over 20k) new RSS feeds.

I should clarify 3-4 things:
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INBOX, Email Event Customer Coupon

Normally we only address the “Author” side of the purpose of our website, but many of our over 20k authors are also ezine publishers or permission-based email marketers. If you’ll be attending the 2006 INBOX, The Email Event, in San Jose May 31-June 1st, 2006, here’s a $100 off:
inbox event, customer coupon code save $100 USD

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