Monthly Performance Summaries

Premium Members received the first peek at a new feature to EzineArticles: Monthly Performance Summary Emails.

These summaries provide data on:

  • Total Live Articles
  • New Live Articles Submitted that Month
  • Total Lifetime Article Views
  • Total Article Views for the Month
  • Top Performing Articles
  • Top Keywords Used to Find Those Articles

The summaries will be automatically sent to all Premium Members beginning this month. There is no need to sign up. However, if you do not wish to receive these monthly reports, you can disable them in your Membership Account.
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Edward Weiss – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles Expert Author Edward Weiss is in today’s Author Spotlight.Expert Author Edward Weiss

Along with being an Expert Author, Edward is considered by many to be the Internet’s favorite piano instructor. His site offers step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, plus a guarantee that anyone can learn how to play New Age piano.

And check out these stats! Over 270 approved articles and almost 400,000 views since February, 2005 – that translates to 300 views per article per year! At his current rate this is what his numbers will look like in (10) years:

  • Over 600 Approved Articles
  • More than 190,000 Article Views per Year
  • In Excess of 1.8 Million Total Views

We had a chance to ask Edward about the keys to his success as an Article Writer and Marketer:
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EzineArticles API

Call for Developers & Programmers:

Seven months ago we began a journey to offer an API into our data silo’s so that applications could be written that would interact with the EzineArticles database (that would also adhere to the author & publisher terms of service).

This week we’re rolling it out to anyone who would like to create an API key (for free) and try it out.

Ideal initial developers include 3rd party article submission service providers, existing membership sites that want to identify which of their members are also our members and compile their own directory similar what we did with twitter, portal developers, SMS developers who might want to offer an alert service to their users when key queries are fulfilled, or stats researchers who want to identify most viewed/published/emailed articles.

The ideal developer is interested in figuring out how to use our data in a way that adds value to their users.

Our API system was developed with a load-balanced scalable back-end designed to serve billions of queries per month…giving developers confidence that this is a set of services we’re committed to providing way beyond this initial launch.
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Article Sets: More Quality Articles in Less Time

Writing articles is fun and you can get a higher return on your articles when you discover how to produce more in less time. Let’s look at the simple concept of writing articles in “sets” instead of one at a time.

Article Sets Defined:

A “set of articles” is produced anytime you write 2 or more articles at a time. Typical types of article sets that you could produce:

1) Article sets by topic or sub-topic.

Example: If you were writing about racquetball as your topic, you could make a plan to write 2 articles on racquetball nutrition, 4 articles that go into detail about each of the different color of racquetballs on the market and what they mean, and a 10-pak of articles on forehand or backhand drills.

2) Article sets by style of writing.

Example: One style might be all bullet points, another lists of things, another is a Q&A approach, another might be conversational or discussion of issues. Note that each type of writing is best when done in sets of the same style.

3) Accidental article sets.

Example: Your target is to produce (2) articles that are ~500 words each. While getting started, you get on a roll and accidentally produce a fantastic 800-1000 word article. Break the article in half, give the other half a new title and you have an instant article set… even if it was created by accident.

4) Article sets based on customer or prospect frequently asked questions.

Example: Customers or prospects are always asking questions. Tune into them, group them by topic, and then hammer out some article sets that answer each question. Using the racquetball topic, you might have 7 questions from your audience on how to prepare for a tournament. Each of them makes excellent article topics.

Bottom line: Writing articles in sets, whether on purpose or by accident, is a great way to produce more articles in less time. Give it a shot and make it part of your article production system today.

Do you write articles in sets or can you see the time-savings value in this strategy?

From Zero to Platinum In Less Than 10 Days

Listen to this month’s Article Marketing Cafe featuring Jeff Herring, The Article Marketing Guy interviewing Chris Knight, CEO of on “How to Go From Zero to Platinum in 10 Days or Less!”

Whether you are just getting started, have less than 10 articles, or lots of articles, Chris and Jeff will show you how to get an unlimited number of articles on – a site that receives 15+ million unique visitors a month! You want to be in front of that kind of traffic.

[Download mp3 Version]
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EzineArticles API

Hey Developers… Today’s EzineArticles blog entry is for you.

Be the first to be alerted when we do an internal launch of our API services.

[Go here to sign up]

ETA for the first EzineArticles API launch is 2008.

Content Is Not Worthless

I was reading Jonathan Handel’s column on “Is Content Worthless?

Ironic considering he writes for a firm that makes most of its profit thanks to “content.” :-)

Jonathan asserts there are 6 factors devaluing content:

  • Supply & Demand – Meaning consumers have less leisure time to enjoy content.
  • Loss of physical form – Meaning the electronic creation & distribution of content.
  • Acquiring content is more frictionless – Yes it is and we’re proud to be part of that technology distribution platform.
  • Most content is now ad supported instead of pay per view or subscription – He thinks consumers may demand that all content be free.
  • Market forces in technology enable faster creation & distribution of content that traditional media fears due to worries about revenue stream cannibalization. Yep.
  • Culture of a new generation hostile towards copyright. This is not a good thing.

Actually, I think the “Supply/Demand” thing is less about the “attention” deficit by consumers (you only get 2-15 seconds anyway) and more about the lack of high quality content. There is a true market demand right now for very high quality, low word count (less than 1000 words) content. Thin content only muddies the ‘content pond’ and makes it easier for us all to spot the very high quality content.

My message: “THIN CONTENT” is worthless and ubiquitous; “HIGH QUALITY ORIGINAL CONTENT” is king and will remain king/queen for a long time.

Your thoughts?

Nearly Perfect RSS Implementation

As simple as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is, not everyone gets it or figures out how to implement it right… I came across an implementation that I thought was nearly perfect and wanted to share it with you.

Check out the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly

What’s so great about their RSS implementation?

  • They didn’t scrape every feed we offered and instead, focused only on articles from our Elder Care category that fit perfectly with their niche.
  • Because their site is for “Care of Elderly” and because they used our “Elder Care” RSS feed, their audience wins with highly relevant and valuable content and our members win with highly qualified traffic coming to their Elder Care articles!

As a reminder, we have an email list you can subscribe to called “EzineArticles RSS-Publishers” (5th on the list on this page) that we plan on sending a series later this year on how to implement RSS feeds into your website projects. Go sign up today.xml :)

EzineArticles Demographics and Psychographics

Dear Marketplace:

Help recommend which demographic (common characteristics of a population segmentation, such as age, sex, gender, income, education, family size, geography, marital status, social class, etc.) and psychographics (attitudes and personality characteristics, lifestyle, values and sociological characteristics) tools we should consider using to identify the profile of an average visitor to

End goal is to better understand who our visitors are and what they have in common and why they visit. This information will help us determine which features & tools to introduce and we’ll be able to provide better anonymous data to our advertisers who help keep our service free to members.

A few 3rd parties have tried to remotely guess our profile visitor: Quantcast’s EzineArticles profile, Alexa’s EzineArticles profile, anyone else we should look at?

EzineArticles Delivers Millions of Visitors To Member Websites

June 8th we started on an ambitious project to provide URL Click Tracking reports for our members. July 13th we finally revealed this new feature to our members so they could see the tangible traffic that their articles receive.

Get this: In the last 20 days, we delivered 1,064,285 outbound clicks via URL’s that were in your resource boxes!

To get your share of the EzineArticles traffic referral pie, all you have to do is send in more quality, unique and original articles that meet or exceed our posted editorial guidelines. :)

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