What You’re Missing on Twitter

If you’re a Twitter user who doesn’t follow @EzineArticles, you’re missing a lot of great EzineArticles information and training! The following is a list of (20) random author tips, insider info, factoids and reminders we’ve tweeted in that last few weeks. Any one of these could have been the magic bullet to help you take your article marketing to the next level.

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EzineArticles Factoids:

  • RT @PubCentral Google Analytics says twitter sends me 2x as much traffic as EzineArticles.com, but ezine traffic is twice as effective #HAHD [ReTweet This]
  • Last month we delivered new article email alerts on behalf of 10,371 members who have fans subscribed to their email alerts. [ReTweet This]
  • FACT: Last 30 days, only two niches had more than 800 unique authors contributing articles in: Weight Loss & Internet Marketing [ReTweet This]

EzineArticles Inside Information:

  • @hfbadvertising Sorry, we have no plans to edit/improve article submissions for money. Those waters are too murky for us. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Review status update: Basic level members are seeing 2 day turnarounds, Platinum, 1 day and Premium often receives intra-day review. [ReTweet This]
  • All articles in the category view are sorted by 1st Published Date and not Submitted date or Most Recently Approved Date. http://blog.ezinearticles.com/2009/02/category-sort-order.html [ReTweet This]
  • Anyone have any issues or concerns over our soon-to-be-default BETA article SUBMIT form? DM or @ reply us. Thanks! [ReTweet This]
  • 17153 experts like yourself FOLLOW us, yet we only auto-tweet for 8500 of ya. What’s with the other 8600 of our followers? :?) Objections? [ReTweet This]
  • Our Editors review your articles using dual 24″ wide monitors with 1920×1200 resolution. “Above the fold” is viewed from this perspective. [ReTweet This]

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Video Archive Goes Live

Find all the EzineArticles videos in one place!

Scattered throughout EzineArticles.com are a variety of videos on an assortment of subjects. In most cases, the videos are located on the same page as the information to which they pertain.

The trouble is, what happens when you’d like to watch a certain video that you know we’ve created yet you don’t feel like digging through the site to find it? Perhaps you want to know if there’s a video on a particular subject or you’re just curious about what videos are out there.

Enter the EzineArticles Video Archive page. On this page you’ll find a listing of all of our current videos for immediate viewing or download. You’ll also find a brief description of each video and links to related pages.

This page will be continuously updated as new videos are released. So bookmark https://ezinearticles.com/video/ and check back often!

The Article Egg Hunt

Are you filling your Article Eggs with value?

I was talking to my 6 year-old daughter yesterday about this weekend’s egg hunt. She was sharing her excitement about finding brightly-colored plastic eggs and not knowing what each egg might hold until she pops it open. Maybe it holds a piece of candy, a few coins or a small toy. Or maybe, just maybe, it holds the BIG prize.

That got me thinking about how searching the Internet for valuable information on a particular subject is sort of like an egg hunt. You search through cyberspace using keywords and phrases until you spot some promising looking links hiding in the search engine results. You pop one open with a click of your mouse in the hope that it holds the BIG prize.

Typically, it holds a small prize.

So you click again. And again. And again. Popping open your metaphoric eggs in an attempt to find the elusive BIG prize. Sometimes you find it… sometimes you don’t.

As an Expert Author, YOU are the person filling those metaphoric eggs with your niche articles and putting them out on the Internet for your readers to find.
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100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge

Explode Your Traffic, Prospects, Publicity & Profits… and get a FREE MUG!

We know a good idea when we see one; and this just might be one of those ideas. Although this isn’t an official EzineArticles program, we thought it warranted a little EzineArticles mug love.

Sign up for Jeff Herring’s 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (HAHD) and you could win a limited-edition #HAHD mug courtesy of EzineArticles.

You can find more here: http://100articles100days.ning.com You’ll get support and encouragement from a community of over 400 other members already enrolled in the challenge. Not only that, on the site you’ll find:

  • An Interactive Blog
  • A Listing of Events
  • A Place to Upload Your Videos
  • A Discussion Forum
  • Focus Groups
  • And Much More!

And the best part? EzineArticles will give one of these fine, limited-edition #HAHD mugs to everyone who completes Jeff’s challenge by submitting (100) articles on, or before, 11:59:59PM CDT Wednesday, July 1, 2009.

The idea for the challenge was born on Saturday morning March 21, 2009 while Jeff Herring, Felicia Slattery and Keith Goodrum were talking on Twitter. Keith suggested the name, and before they could barely blink the idea went viral on Twitter and just took off. However, the official start date is March 20, 2009.

So you need to get started right away with creating and submitting your articles. For them to count in the HAHD Marathon Challenge mug give-away promotion you will need to submit them to EzineArticles.com on or before July 1, 2009 – your “Traffic Independence Day”.
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New Featured Author Banners!

Show the world your Expert Author status!
Christopher Knight, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

We’ve just added a whole bunch of brand new Featured Author Banners like this one to our collection. These banners are specially designed to attract attention, increase your credibility and drive more traffic to your Expert Author Bio (and articles!).

Plus, there are unique versions provided exclusively for our Platinum Level Authors to let everybody know you’re at the top of the article marketing game.

As an added bonus, if you know even a little HTML you can customize the copy-and-paste code to better suit your needs. Just be aware, this will void the banner’s warranty. ;-)
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Visited Your Bio Lately?

You may be leaving money (aka: FREE links) on the table!

There’s an interesting expression, “Leaving money on the table.” If you’ve never heard it before, it simply means that you may not be taking advantage of all of the opportunities that are easily and readily available to you.

In this case we’re not really talking about money, we’re talking about the FREE links back to your website or blog. Think about it – aren’t these traffic-producing links essentially the payment you receive for your articles? Taking advantage of as many of these FREE links as possible means that you’ll get the maximum return on your investment of article-writing time and effort.

One of the best sources of FREE links is your EzineArticles Author Bio. I was shocked recently to learn how many Expert Authors fail to take advantage of this wealth of opportunity – and as a result leave a lot of money FREE links on the table. Worse yet their readership loses the opportunity to learn as much as they possibly can about the author, their company and their products or services.

If you’re one of the many authors who’ve never taken the time to “fill in the blanks” on your author bio page, now is the time to rectify that little oversight. Finding the form is easy.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Expert Author Account
  2. From the Author’s Area, click on the “Profile Manager” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Edit Author Bio”
  4. Fill in as many of the empty fields as possible

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Pre-Tweeting Your Articles

Launch Strategy + Twitter = More Traffic

No, “pre-tweeting” is not what Tweety Bird does to his stained clothing…

Pre-tweeting simply means using Twitter to tell your audience about the article you are currently writing in order to build anticipation and desire for the finished product. Think about it – your article is a product of sorts, isn’t it? Well, this technique mimics the common product launch strategy of creating hype for a product prior to the actual release date.

Pre-tweeting accomplishes several things:

  • Helps you define your audience and topic early
  • Forces you to actually submit the article in a timely manner
  • Demonstrates your forethought and planning, which builds credibility
  • Gives you a legitimate reason to contact your market one more time per article
  • Builds the perceived value of your articles
  • Primes your audience for what’s coming down the pipe

This is a surprisingly powerful and elegant method of increasing your readership, credibility and value to your niche without investing a lot of time or effort.

So if you’re on Twitter, why not make this part of your tweeting routine? You’ll find the benefits far outweigh the (30) seconds per article you’ll spend doing it.

Free Printable Notepads

If you missed out and didn’t get one of the free “My Next 10 EzineArticles” notepads, fear not… You can now download & print them out yourself:

To help you fill up your notepads, here are 10 tips for generating some fresh article ideas:

  1. Use any keyword research tool or website that can help you identify relevant topics that readers in your niche are currently searching for.
  2. Review the last 3 months of questions your clients have sent you via email or over the phone. Write articles (confidentially!) that answer their questions.
  3. Survey your audience or clients via email. Identify the top 20 concerns or areas of interest for them and write articles that address these.
  4. Run a free teleseminar for your clients, prospects or ideal market audience. Use it to give of your expertise while polling them for ideas and feedback.
  5. Transcribe your teleseminar and break it up into smaller, bite-size articles.
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Author Alert Sign-Up Box

Grow your EzineArticles Fan Base!

Here’s another handy EzineArticles tool to add to your website or blog – the Author Alert Sign-Up Box. Now visitors to your site can sign-up to receive email alerts about your latest published articles.

It’s Easy to Find:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Expert Author account
  2. Click on the “Author Tools” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Create Author Sign-Up Box”

It’s Easy to Customize and Preview:

  1. In Box 1 click on “Pick a Template” and choose “Wider” or “Smaller”
  2. Click on “Choose a Color” and select a color to match your site
  3. Click on “Change Dimensions” and type in the desired dimensions to adjust the size
  4. Click on “Change Author Name” and pick any author name from the list
  5. View the preview in Box 2 and make changes as needed

It’s Easy to Install:

  1. When you’re satisfied, select and copy the HTML code in box 3 to your clipboard
  2. Paste the code into your website or blog

Examples of the “Author Alert Sign-Up Box”:

Option #1: 160 X 80

Email Address:

Receive Author Alerts

Option #2: 400 X 70

Christopher Knight’s new article email alerts
Sign up to receive email alerts of Christopher Knight’s latest articles from EzineArticles.com!

Email Address:

All subscription requests go through a double-opt in (also known as “confirm-opt-in”) process to ensure they really wanted to receive email alerts whenever you have new EzineArticles published. Members can unsubscribe at any time with our failsafe unsub process in each mailing.

This is a brand new tool for us, so please leave a comment (good or bad) to let us know how it’s working for you.

Add an EzineArticles Widget to Your Site

Drive traffic back TO your articles!

If you’re an Expert Author, you already know that article marketing is a great way to drive traffic FROM your articles TO your website. But did you know that it’s just as easy to drive traffic TO your articles FROM your website by adding an EzineArticles widget like the one to the right?

Having an EzineArticles widget on your website is a great way for clients, prospects and other visitors to see a live listing of your current articles and be made aware of your EzineArticles Expert Author status.

With a simple click, they’ll be reading your articles and uncovering the added value you bring to your niche market and to them – what an excellent way to enhance your credibility and the credibility of your company.

Adding the widget to your website or BLOG is simple and you can customize the theme to suit your site. Plus, you can choose to have it list any EzineArticles Expert Author, not just you.

Feel free to dive right in – the directions are below. Or spend a few minutes watching this “How-To” video first to learn more.

Downloadable Versions:

WMV Format MOV Format MV4 Format MP3 Format

How-To for Members:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Membership account
  2. Click on “Author Tools”
  3. Click & Choose “Create a Widget”
  4. Follow the directions for adding a Widget to your website

Or click here to go directly to the public widget creation page. Either way, get that widget up on your site and start driving traffic back TO your articles today!

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