Scaling Article Marketing For Affiliates

EzineArticles Expert Author Dan Ho approached me to do an interview. I get asked to do a lot of interviews and just can’t say yes to all of them; but I said yes to Dan because of four reasons:

  1. He thinks in scale.
  2. His EzineArticles have over 2.5 million views and over 300,000+ clicks (proven ability to convert traffic into clicks) that he’s converted into sales (according to him).
  3. He’s an affiliate marketer who agrees with me that PLR (Private Label Rights) are dumb.
  4. Our members who aspire to think in scale could benefit this interview.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer or you’re an Internet merchant who is looking to help your affiliates grow their sales, this hour-long interview can provide you some key insights into how to navigate & leverage article writing & marketing to help build your business.

[Download the MP3] (58 minutes / 13.2MB)

Sorry, no transcript is available for this interview.

Some key talking points from the interview:

  • Put your DNA into your articles. Without that, you’re not producing unique enough content.
  • Once you find a strategy that works, why wouldn’t you want to full exploit that and scale it until results level off.
  • If you’re an Internet merchant who has affiliates, consider writing smart article titles for your affiliates to write articles about.
  • The big money/traffic is in the Mid-Tail I think instead of the long tail of your niche.
  • Don’t write 1000 to 1500 word articles when you could split them in half to create (2) 500 to 750 word articles that will attract more traffic vs. one large article.
  • Before you write & submit one brand new article, review your archives to make sure you repurpose & repackage existing unique content that is exclusive to your name. Editing is cheaper than writing.
  • If existing articles of yours on your own website or blog has flattened out in terms of traffic attraction, consider submitting it to EzineArticles for a boost. It’s not new to you, but it’s new to our 30+ million monthly visitors who get to discover it.
  • Affiliate marketing is not a 30 or 60 day game; but rather a long-term business.
  • To get access to the massive outbound traffic pie (5+ million per month) that we send our members, to get in the top 100 members list, you’d have to submit 970 articles. They did, so you can too!
  • In the start, you have to reach escape velocity where you invest an enormous amount of time to build your article inventory before you begin profiting from the effort. 250-500 articles is a good starting point to shoot for before to begin realizing a good enough return to justify continuing this strategy.
  • You don’t just advertise once or twice or ten times in your business life, right? Why would you only write one or two or ten articles then? Instead, write & submit every day.
  • Invest more time writing new articles instead of obsessing on optimizing existing articles. This is often a waste of time after a certain point.
  • Ghostwriters tip: NEVER blindly trust any ghostwriter, ever. Get a work for hire contract that specifically gives you exclusive rights to the content purchased AND always double/triple check each piece of content before using it. Copyscape is not enough. Use GYM (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (Bing)) to do random complex exact match sentence searches.
  • “To think in scale, you’ve got to think transactional leverage. Optimize daily transactions without adding massive human labor.”

What did you learn/discover from this interview that you can apply to your article writing & marketing strategy?

FREE Expert Author Training

“If you train hard… you’ll be hard to beat.”
— Herschel Walker

We’ve just added an entire collection of FREE Expert Author training materials to the EzineArticles Members interface. These valuable PDF and audio programs can now be accessed under the “Author Tools” drop-down menu:

  1. Log into the Members interface
  2. Click on the “Author Resources” drop-down menu
  3. Select either “EzineArticles Training” or “90 Second Audio Training”

The “EzineArticles Training” PDF collection includes:

  • An Introduction to Article Writing and Marketing Training Series

    Begin article writing and marketing today with this 12-part starter kit full of helpful tips on article writing, marketing and syndication. Learn the best ways to compose your article’s components, create your content and submit your articles to

  • Article Writing and Marketing: Article Title Training Series

    This 8-part training series offers tips, strategies, guidelines and more to help craft an expert article title that can improve on the success of your article and increase your readership.

  • Article Writing: Paragraph and Grammar Structure Training Series

    This 7-part training series offers the basics of paragraph structure and English Standard grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage and agreement rules.

  • Article Writing: Content Sources and Article Templates Training Series

    Looking for article content ideas and a quick way to compose them? This 7-part training series offers strategies to generate new article ideas and (8) article templates to compose your next set of expert articles.

The “90 Second Audio Training” series contains:

  • Article Writing: Content Sources and Article Templates Training Series

    Listen and learn with these (13) quick tips and strategies to help you write efficiently to increase your article inventory and effectively to bring more targeted, qualified traffic to your website. This series also includes a complete (15 page) PDF transcription.

These training materials can only provide value to you if you use them and utilize them! In other words, take the time to review the materials and discover what they have to offer. Then put your new skills and knowledge to good use by writing and submitting more, higher-quality articles that will attract additional readers and drive added traffic to your website or blog. (Continue Reading…)

What is

For many Expert Authors, article writing & marketing via is almost a way of life… Yet even these folks struggle to explain who we are and what it is we do.

Earlier this week, I wrote an internal email to help the 50+ people who work full-time behind the scenes at EzineArticles to explain to their friends & family what it is that we do here.

Here are some talking points that should make it easier for you to tell the EzineArticles story, justify your hard work and reinforce why you do what you do:

  • is a platform for experts in over 600 niche markets who share their expertise in the form of short articles (400-800 words long) for the benefit of having access to the tens-of-millions of monthly visitors the site receives.
  • EzineArticles members submit their best quality original articles in exchange for being able to post a resource box, with a link back to their website at the bottom of each article. This link drives pre-qualified visitors (traffic) back to their website.
  • Members get traffic, market visibility to their target market, media exposure and a platform on which to build their own platform… for FREE.
  • gives experts in 600+ niche markets a “voice”… a chance to be exposed to their target audience.
  • In terms of marketing strategies, is more like a “Grassroots” strategy because membership is free, yet the traffic results over time are very tangible.
  • To be successful online, every website owner must attract traffic… and not just any traffic. They need a large volume of highly-targeted traffic so they can have an opportunity to sell their products & services. EzineArticles provides a platform and a systematic way for its members to convert their expertise into short, informative, evergreen, tips-based educational articles that attract high-value visitors back to their website.
  • EzineArticles is highly efficient at converting article content into traffic… at a scale, rate and pace that is unmatched by competing platforms.
  • Last month, EzineArticles delivered more than 5 MILLION clicks to their members…FOR FREE. The value of those clicks ranged from 5¢ to ~$1.50 per click if they had to buy them on the open Pay-Per-Click market.
  • serves over 15 million unique visitors and over 30 million repeat visitors monthly. Soon, we’ll be announcing our first day with over a million unique visitors in a single 24 hour period.

Tell us… what is to you? We’d like to hear your viewpoint perception.

Take the 100 Articles in 50 Days Mega-Challenge!

Are you up for a REAL challenge?

This week marks the half-way point of the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD). If you’ve already enrolled, you should be well on your way to meeting your goal of (100) submitted articles by July 1, 2009.

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time! Simply doubling the original submission goal from (1) article per day to (2) articles per day puts qualifying for this challenge back in your reach.

For more information on the #HAHD, check out these essential links:

Be sure to follow us here and on Twitter for daily article writing & marketing tips, strategies & insights to help you succeed in a big way!

Are you in?

Add a comment to this blog stating that you’re going to commit to be one of the Expert Authors who writes & submits 100 articles in less than the 50 remaining days. When you’re successful, you’ll not only receive the accolades of your peers, you’ll also get the benefits of increased site traffic, improved credibility and higher sales… PLUS, you’ll get one of these cool, limited-edition #HAHD mugs!

Article Templates = Blueprints to Success

Every once in awhile, we’ll do a blog post featuring an article template idea. Each of these templates serves as a blueprint for building great articles in a particular style. When combined, these templates alone can provide the guidance and inspiration you need to quickly and easily build an incredible inventory of high-quality, original articles.

Today’s post is an article architect’s portfolio of (9) excellent templates. Use them to simply spark a little creativity, or better yet, commit yourself to writing (10) articles using each template (in the end, you’ll have 90 new submissions!). Either way, these blueprints will get you started on on a solid foundation!

Nine Great Article Templates (a.k.a. Blueprints):

  1. Traps and How to Escape Them
  2. Things to Do
  3. Top 7 Tips
  4. Golden Rules
  5. Pain Avoidance
  6. Checklist
  7. Principles of X
  8. The Pros and Cons
  9. I Love

Looking for more article templates/blueprints? A simple search of the EzineArticles article database will yield hundreds of ideas. If you find something really cool, be sure to share it here with the rest of the Expert Author community!

Keyphrase Problem Solving

Articles with excessive keywords or keyphrases deliver a poor user experience, destroys your & our credibility and therefore, it’s something in conflict with our goals.

Until today our Editors had a different way of visualizing articles that were submitted with excessive keywords & excessive keyphrases.

If you had an article rejected for excessive keywords or keyphrases, when you clicked on VIEW to see what the problem is, we were only showing you the excessive keywords that tripped our excessive trigger… when most likely it was an excessive keyphrase that resulted in the rejection.

Effective last night, all accounts now are able to see what we see when we reject an article for excessive keyword/keyphrase usage.

If you are one of the 4,750 members who has an article flagged for excessive kw’s/keyphrases, log into your account and click on VIEW to see what we see. To fix and get your article approved, please lower your excessive keywords to less than 2 per 100 words.

Any questions?

Article Marketing Reality Check

In the solitude of the marketing trenches it’s sometimes easy to forget WHY we do what we do. This is especially true of our Expert Authors who may occasionally need a gentle reminder of the key reasons for writing and submitting a constant steam of fresh high-quality unique articles.

With that thought in mind, I’d like to share some impressive stats:

  • In April, logged over 30 million visitors of which 15+ million were unique.
    • Hint hint: You want your articles in front of this traffic!

  • Last month, we delivered 5,406,167 clicks to our members’ website(s).
  • Yesterday alone, we delivered 213,025 total clicks to our members’ websites.
    • That’s 18.2% GREATER than our average for April.

  • The average EzineArticles member experiences a 2-12% CTR. (Click Through Rate)

Despite those impressive numbers, there is one reality that, just like our members, we are not impervious to:

Each year, it takes more high quality articles to attract the same traffic level that fewer articles attracted just a few years ago. Most likely this has to do with an increasing content supply in the marketplace while the growth rate for the number of humans going online is slowing. The only way for any of us to stay ahead of this trend is to constantly increase your article inventory.

It’s our goal to be your highest non-search engine referrer of traffic. You can expect us to continue to deliver solid traffic in exchange for your best unique/original article submissions — but we can’t do it without you!

Want a Bigger Traffic Reward? Invest in writing, repackaging and submitting as many high-quality articles as your time, talent and energy will allow. Every article you submit increases your percentage of the take from those 5.4 million+ monthly clicks (and growing monthly).

To put it another way:
More Articles = More Clicks = More Click Throughs = More Website Traffic = More Sales For You

Tuesday Top 10 Twitter Challenge

Just another great reason to follow @EzineArticles on Twitter!

Late yesterday our Twitter followers received a little surprise tweet – the announcement of the new @EzineArticles Tuesday Top 10 Twitter Challenge (#T4C).

Starting today, and on every Tuesday for the foreseeable future, we’ll be offering an assortment of prizes to the top (10) Expert Authors worldwide based on highest number of qualified article submissions from midnight to midnight CDT.

This week’s prize is a pair of EzineArticles “My Next 10 Article Ideas” notepads plus a few other shwag goodies. All you need to do to qualify is submit a LOT of high-quality articles on Tuesdays and be sure you have a valid postal address in your Member Profile. That’s it!

  • Would you like to know what the prizes are each week?
    Follow @EzineArticles on Twitter.
  • Want a weekly contest reminder every Monday?
    Follow @EzineArticles on Twitter.
  • Want to know if you’re a winner?
    Follow @EzineArticles on Twitter.

This is the first of many new promotions designed to give our Expert Authors even more reasons to write and submit great articles – as if increased website traffic, enhanced credibility and additional sales weren’t enough! If you’re already involved in the #HAHD Challenge, then this contest is just a bonus for the work you’re already doing.

UPDATE (May 22, 2009 at 12:05pm): The Tuesday Top 10 Twitter Challenge has been discontinued. If you have any questions regarding this promotion, please contact Member Support.

Drive Crowds to Your Site with Article Agents

Want another secret for increasing website traffic?
Recruit more Article Agents!

Imagine you had a team of tireless sales professionals whose only job was to drive traffic to your blog or website 24/7. Best of all, they work for free, they each cost you only an hour of effort to hire and they’ll continue working for months or even years before they run out of steam.

We call these amazing little workers “Article Agents.”

Think about it. Every article you have published on EzineArticles acts just like a highly-specialized sales agent working to sell you or your company to the Internet public.

Here are some resume highlights for a typical Article Agent:

  • Available to work anytime, day or night, 365 days/year
  • Requires no vacation, sick leave or holidays
  • Will work for free
  • Extremely focused on the niche client
  • Capable of unerringly reciting the same story thousands of times
  • Willing to educate, entertain and enlighten the prospect while also working toward the sale
  • Works well with other Marketing agents – both paid and unpaid

Every time you submit an article to EzineArticles, it’s like recruiting another member to your sales and marketing team. And when that article’s accepted, another Article Agent goes to work for you.

So get to work recruiting, um, I mean writing, now! =)

Writing Keyword-Rich Article Titles

Ask any EzineArticles veteran author and they’ll tell you that writing effective, keyword-rich titles for their articles is almost as challenging as writing the articles’ content. Yet doing so is definitely worth the effort!

Here are some examples and tips that will help you write titles that are not only search engine friendly, but also work to draw readers into the heart of your article.

Example 1: “Car Audio”
– This article title is too short to get any hooks and the reader has to guess your topic’s angle.

Example 2: “Car Audio and Subwoofers”
– This is better, but it doesn’t explain why someone should read your article.

Example 3: “Car Audio – Subwoofers That Will Make Your Friends Envy You!”
– Now you have picked up a 2nd keyword, “subwoofers” and a reason why to read the article.

Example 4: “Car Audio Components – 7 Tips to Amp Up Your Subwoofers”
– Here you have multiple high value keywords that give a reason to read the article and you even use a high value keyword as a verb, “Amp.”
(Continue Reading…)

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