Public Domain = No

Wanted to publicly make it clear that we do not accept articles from the *public domain* and the articles contained within our directory are not public domain.

Each article is copyrighted by the author who sent the article to us.

We do not claim copyright on every article within our directory, but we do claim copyright on the compilation that we have painstakingly created through careful selection.

We also do claim full copyright on many seed articles laced throughout our directory designed to enforce our compilation copyright.

Helpful Links: Author TOS (for those who submit articles) and Publisher TOS (for those who reprint)

Any questions?

Yahoo Publisher Network

Didja hear that Yahoo may have a new Yahoo Publisher Network coming along?

Suppose to be an AdSense competitor.

Who knows.

We know Google knows how to execute…but it will be interesting to see what Yahoo actually comes up with.

If you end up beta testing the Yahoo pub thing, give us a report please or add a comment to this post. Thanks!

27 Searches Per Hour

Last month, our internal search engine recorded over 22,000 search queries.

That’s about 700 per day.

Every hour an average of 26 to 30 searches are done on our site.

Tip: If you want to really drill into the site, use the search box in the left navigation. You can used our advanced search to find articles by ID, author, title, content, etc. :-)

How else would you like to see us evolve our in-site search engine?

Which parameters would be of value to you?

up to $150,000 USD

For those who would infringe on our copyrights, please note that we have a legal warchest fund designed to protect our copyrights and will take action to defend them.

Per Section 504(c)(2):

(c) Statutory Damages. –

(2) In a case where the copyright owner sustains the burden of proving, and the court finds, that infringement was committed willfully, the court in its discretion may increase the award of statutory damages to a sum of not more than $150,000.

If you have infringed on our site design, abused our terms of service, or infringed on any of our copyrights, this is your notice that we will take action to protect our copyrights.

Charter Email Alert Members

Within the first 48 hours of launching our new Article Email Alert service, 400 members signed up.

Our goal is to be delivering new article email alerts to 10,000 people before the end of 2004.

Why? To help our authors increase their article distribution while simultaneously helping publishers save time by being notified of new articles that match their unique interests.

Let me know what you think of this service after you take it for a free spin.

Email Alerts

Would you like to be alerted via email in real-time whenever new articles are posted to the directory?

If so, sign up today: (It’s FREE!)


-Great for publishers looking for fresh content
-21 Categories to choose from
-Keep an eye on your competition
-Instant and real-time as they happen
-FREE (the right price ;-)

Too Many Links?

In the last week, I think we were contacted no less than 50 times by at least 35 unique folks who linked to us or one of the articles in the directory and wanted us to link back to them.

I’m almost numb to the idea of the labor required to manage links given back as we are not actively looking for them (even if they are appreciated when they are given).

What do you do with link requests? Do you always give one back?

Read The First Blog Post

The first blog post in any blog archive always has some special significance… or at least I find myself searching for the first blog post of any blog to see what was on the mind of the author at the genesis of the blog.

Here is why I created this blog…

Goals for this blog:

  1. Create an on-going discussion with the authors that actively use the website to promote their articles/business or the ezine publishers that find free content for their ezine and website.
  2. To encourage testimonials from authors who have success from the distribution provides and from publishers who enjoy the many features our site offers to help them syndicate content for free.
  3. The Marketplace is always right. It’s a belief that has served us well and the team and I hope to learn via the discussion on this blog as to how better evolve the business model behind this site.
  4. To create high economic value relationships with a select few individuals that can benefit the most from a deeper relationship with us or us with them.

On behalf of the Team, I welcome your comments, posts, and participation in this blog. :-)

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