New Ezine Members

Every day about 17-35 new subscribers join the EzineArticles periodic email newsletter.

I’ve been pondering where these subscribers come from…so I grabbed a random day that we didn’t send out a newsletter (so it wouldn’t be influenced) to study.

Here’s what I found out: Monday, August 8th, 22 members joined our main email newsletter, 1 unsubscribed within 3 hours of joining, 12 members joined because they created a new EzineArticles author membership account and 9 joined either with the subscription form in the left navigation or our sign up page. While most confirmed their subscription within 3 minutes of asking to join, the average was about 14 minutes from requesting the subscription to actually confirming it with 3 members taking 12-14 hours before they confirmed their subscription.

Interesting to note that 100% of those who asked to join our newsletter actually confirmed their subscription. It’s not that I’m surprised by this, but traditional knowledge indicates that only 60-75% actually confirm for those who require double opt-in as we do.

Now that we’re on a run rate to add 7,600-9,000 new members annually, I need to begin thinking about how we can double or triple that. If you have a favorite list building idea, I’d be interested to hear it.

Most Pop Searches

If you’ve been following this blog, you may know that we’ve been working on a way to drill into the keyword phrase search data created by the daily 1000+ searches on our site.

So far, we’ve released the most popular searches by sub-category. Examples: Yoga, Fitness Equipment, Lung Cancer, and so forth…

This week, we made another round of changes that will occur in the next indexing of our site scheduled for 1am CST on Sunday morning. Until then, I apologize for how some of the search results appear. Know they will be massively cleaned up by Sunday. The indexing process is very intense and drags the server down more than our normal routine of daily updates to the site before the sun rises.

So far, I’m excited about the increasing relevancy of the most popular search results that you can find by looking at the top of each category. Once this next update is done, I’d be open to further comments about how we should improve it next.

A1 Domains

Did someone miss the memo?

Lately, I’ve seen about 50 new authors send in new articles that listed their domain that begins with A1- something.

Did they all miss the memo that the Internet is not indexed like the Yellow Pages? If your business was dependant on the yellow pages, you would name your business A1-something to get at the top of the listings.

Since no one should ever use the Yellow pages any more thanks to, it’s time to stop creating domain names with A1-something.

As far as I know, having an A1-domain will not give you any special rank advantages in the search engines or the …yellow pages. ;-)

Make sense or am I off base here?

Allan Gardyne

Aussie and Associate Programs guru Allan Gardyne is in the house.

I’ve been following Allan’s site since he started way back in 1998 I think.

His site has been sending us a handful of new members every quarter. Thanks Allan! If you have a moment or you are an affiliate marketer, check out his Associate Programs Forums as he has about as many forum posts as we have articles listed and over 5500 members!

Jason Katzenback

I just listened to a quick MP3 interview with one of our expert authors (Jason Katzenback).

Jason Potash interviewed Jason Katzenback in a short clip on proving that Article Marketing Works.

Of course we knew that already, but it’s good to see the message spreading. Way to go Jason and Jason! I love it when any of our 7,000+ registered authors gets more free publicity, especially from trusted sources!

That reminds me: Psssst…reserve next Thursday night at 8pm EST for a insider teleseminar interview where I drill Jason Potash for 90 minutes about the power of Article Marketing! Will have the sign up page shortly.

800+ Searches Daily

May 2005 stats are rolling in this morning and last month, we averaged over 800 searches a day on our internal search engine stats. At this rate, I’d hope June 2005 to bring about 1,000 searches a day.

We don’t currently track what’s being searched on our site because of the direct database query system we created is designed for speed. When we approach several thousand searches per day, we may invest in a separate search engine that will deliver lightning fast results and provide us with analysis. For now, we opt for speed at the sacrifice of reporting tools.

On the other side of the search coin, here are the top incoming 3rd party search terms for May 2005:
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Blog Email Notification

A reader of this blog asks:

“Hi Chris~ I have a question about your blog. I’m setting mine up and I love how you have your subscription thing up there saying to get the updates by email and it doesn’t go through a Bloglet account. Will you tell me how you do that? Since I subscribed will I automatically get an email each time you post something new?”

My previous blog email notification process was via the software that runs this blog. It held up right up until I had about 90 members on the list and then it started puking out each time.

Today, we just went live with a new blog email notification system…
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Paradox of Cache Land

Been thinking a lot lately about making our RSS feeds available for commercial use (as we currently and still do not).

Here’s the paradox: Why is it that we don’t want to make our feeds available so that people can create complete sites from our feeds when we openly allow big sites like Google and Bloglines to cache them all?

Now, the answer of course is that it’s good business sense to allow Google and Bloglines or sites of their scale to cache our sites because they deliver value back in form of actual traffic.

I’m not certain it makes good business sense to allow our RSS feeds to be used for commercial sites without a paid license…Yet the whole point of RSS is to help fascilitate syndication. Do you see the dillema?

We want to improve distribution and grow traffic, but don’t want our content to be abused by tens of thousands of small sites that will profit from advertising on our RSS feeds should they pull them to their website…while we only see a 1-3% CTR to the final full article view.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Your AdWords on

If you’ve been wanting to advertise on, I’ve got good news for you.

As you may have seen, we are only currently accepting ads from Google’s AdSense program which means you’d have to buy AdWords from Google in order to get even a chance to appear on our site.

Google’s been stepping up to the plate and just announced a new program that will allow you to buy adwords that target or any specific site within Google’s network of sites that you want your AdWords to appear on.

They are in early tests with this new feature but my guess is that you’ll see it available in the coming months. More Details

RSS License Updated

To everyone using any of our 100+ RSS feeds, we’ve recently updated our feeds to include a creative common’s license:

License Type: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0

We’re currently evaluating the risks associated with allowing their use for commercial purposes. Right now, they are only allowed to be used for RSS feed aggregation for personal non-commercial use.

Curious: What is the downside to commercial use of an RSS feed? If you’ve got an opinion, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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