Searchable XML Feed

Attn: RSS savvy publishers: Would you like a searchable RSS feed of our ENTIRE database that would allow you to include the top 10-100 results of any specific search string in your meta-search engine SERPS? Contact us (Offer available to those who are already doing this with other feeds. When you contact us, show us where you’ll use the feed please.)

Our XML search service defaults with a spit out of the top 10 articles that meet your provided keyword search and a listing of TITLE, SUMMARY and a link to the full article.

Authors might ask, “Why are we doing this?” Answer = This is our first move to provide an API into our database so that other mega-sites or meta-search engines can provide traffic to your articles on our site based on the keyword searches of THEIR audience. We were beta on this for the past two weeks and it’s ready for commercial use. In the coming month, I’ll show you some niche sites that are testing our new keyword specific XML feed.

Can you feel the innovation pressure? :-) I was standing on my desk today jumping up and down about how cool this new functionality is.

Email Alerts – Going Granular

If you like our new article email alerts but can’t stand the volume or perhaps you don’t care about all of the other topics within the main category that you are subscribed to…

Well, don’t despair as our team is nearing the release of an email alert list for EVERY single category, all 180+ of them. The main categories of alerts will continue, but by next week you’ll have the option to only get email alerts for a specific category…any category of interest.

Our goal is to UP the Relevancy of our email alerts as the volume cranks up so that you have LESS of what you don’t want and more that is valuable to your specific interests. :)

Article Stats Collecting

Some folks collect stats, but our team collects GIGS of stats to better analyze what’s going through the pipeline.

Lately, our team has done some tactical drilling into our article databases to show me the most commonly mentioned keywords sorted by category. I suppose you’d call it a keyword density report and as the number of articles climbs towards 80k, we’ve got a statistically quantity to review the data with some level of confidence.

So, what do we do with this data now that we have it?
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My MSN – Does anyone care?

Does anyone really use MSN for their homepage?

I’m questioning whether or not we should remove all of our MyMSN buttons on our RSS page.

Your thoughts? Come on over and VOTE in our forums poll today.

Updated Oct 7th: Don Loeb (he works for Yahoo’s RSS team) commented on a private discussion list that I’m on that we should all take a peek at this new RSS whitepaper that was released yesterday.

RSS Savvy Publishers

If you consider yourself a savvy RSS-aware publisher, then we have something you may find content-delicious: Request a Commercial RSS Feed Rights Grant

If you qualify, you’ll be able to include any of our 182 RSS feeds into your themed website and the new article feed will update daily giving you fresh content to add value to your readers while allowing our authors to reach another level of syndication without further effort.
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Rich Jerk

Every once in a while, something so obnoxious comes along that makes you wonder why you’re even giving it human CPU cycles.

Along comes Kelly Felix (aka Kelly Summer), the Rich Jerk, and his anti-marketing messages.

I was all set to ignore him, until I noticed over 900 incoming search queries this month to this article: The Rich Jerk – A Study in Anti-Marketing, and then more articles on the same topic. And so forth
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Warp Factor 5

I’m sitting here thinking about how is going to evolve beyond our current rate of growth… and the single largest obstacle that I see in the way of our growth rate (in terms of daily articles approved into the site) is my desire to not anhilate our real-time email list members that get notified every time a new article is added for the category they are signed up for.

We can solve this in one of 3 ways: (please help us decide)
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Michael J. Katz’s E-Newsletter System

Michael J. Katz's E-Newsletter System

I’m currently reading EzineArticles Expert author, Michael J. Katz’s Do-It-Yourself E-Newsletter System&trade. Got threw his 154 page manual in a few days and found quite a few gems.

His manual focuses on sole proprieters and small business owners. One thing, among quite a few, that I liked about what of the bonuses he included with his manual was a small binder of his “best e-newsletter issues). I thought that was a perfect way to capture the essence of his ezine and add additional offline value for his clients. Perhaps many of our authors could do the same by repackaging your articles to create offline products. hint hint. :))

If you can afford his E-newsletter system, I’d highly recommend it. His writing style is funny, irreverant at times, and he teaches through story-telling and case studies. If you’ve been having a hard time trying to find your authentic or original voice when putting your email newsletter together, his system can help.

Ezine Mailing Mistake Lesson

Yesterday, I had sent our HTML email newsletter by mistake…as I had put the HTML code into the PLAIN TEXT box instead of the HTML box. The reason I didn’t catch it was because my email program (Eudora Pro) was smart enough to know it was HTML and it rendered it perfectly…fooling me into thinking the newsletter was good to go.

One day later, it’s interesting to report that 172 members (2%) of our email newsletter out of 8,271 that were sent the issue were able to render it perfectly.
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Trainers and Speakers Q?

Same question that I just asked print magazine publishers:

Our Publisher TOS prohibits using any article reprints from our site for any audience that paid a fee to come listen to you speak or any corporate training program that you charged a fee for.

With that said, would you be willing to pay a reasonable fee to license a pre-set number of copies (you’d receive the article in PDF form and it would not be private labelable as we must respect the copyrights of the authors, not to mention giving them proper credit and their resource box at the bottom of each article) that you could distribute to your audience or the employees of companies you train at?

We would of course do a profit sharing thing with our authors for any sales of this type of product, but was just exploring this in concept to see if there is any market interest?

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