Technology Update

In the past few weeks, we’ve had a hard time keeping a constant flow of communication with our authors — largely because of all of the scaling issues we’re working hard to address.

Our web development projects are split in 3 categories:

1) Dangerous threats that need to be addressed.
2) Adding new functionality into the current core of our site.
3) Preparing the database and webserver for scaling
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Chitika eMinimalls

Did you notice the black 4GB iPod Nano ads in the left navigation of our main site? We’re testing the Chitika eMiniMalls advertising concept. So far, we’re very impressed and they will make a nice compliment to AdSense.

Get your own Chitika account

They do have a contextual option that we’re not using, but we are implementing Chitika right now for all of the hundreds of thousands of page views of traffic that our site generates that Google does not have ads for.

Chitika is not a Google AdSense replacement, but I do like how we are able to serve up image ads that will offer related products from a wide inventory of hard goods.

Over the next week the ads that Chitika serves up will become more relevant as we are setting up our site to allow per-channel advertising…meaning, we’ll be able to serve up specific ads in each channel rather than one set of them across the entire site. Don’t worry as we’re not going to go nuts and clutter up our site, even if it’s more profitable to do that in the short-term. We like having a clean site also that doesn’t have any of those punch the stupid monkey banner ads.

If you are a publisher and earn money via advertising, I highly recommend that you check out and test Chitika yourself.

October EzineArticles List Stats

Our Permission-Based Email List Stats for Oct 31st:

4,414 members are on daily summary email alerts for our 183 article categories. These proprietary double opt-in email lists are an important way that we help to promote your articles.

9,057 are on the main EzineArticles newsletter, 253 are on the blog notification list, 1,193 are waiting for us to turn out an affiliate program and 98 are waiting for us to allow new advertisers into the site.

Jeff Mills Podcast Interview

EzineArticles expert author Jeff Mills interviews Chris Knight (me) for his Podcast this week. Go here and click on Podcast #6 to take a listen. 36 minutes.
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Home Page Redesign Options Users: We’ve been contemplating our home page design…a design that has served us well till about now.

Which of the following options would you favor:

1) Minimalist design: Blank home page with a search box only, would still have an index to the directory, but the home page would be bare with only a main search box to begin.

2) Top level categories only with a 2nd level of sub-categories available via one click. Option #2 would allow for a greater quantity of sub-categories to be added to the site.

3) As it is now, even with a few dozen more sub-categories listed. Users are already scrolling to see all of the sub-categories, so what’s the big deal?

Which do you like and why?

Christopher Knight LinkedIn Invitation

I’m inviting all of my friends to add me to your LinkedIn social networking account…allowing you to also gain access to my network of business friends.

I’ll be approving incoming LinkedIn requests for only 24 hours, so log in to your LinkedIn account, then go here, enter “Christopher” “Knight” and my
private email address: chris *at*

Once I receive your request from LinkedIn, I’ll review and approve ’em.
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17,294 Articles FWD to Friends

Useless trivia of the day: Since we started offering the ability to forward an article to a friend (August 4th, 2004), 17,294 articles have been forwarded to friends. Just another way we help our authors get more exposure to their articles. :) At the current pace, 2,697 articles will be forwarded to friends in October 2005 alone.

The most common comment left for their friend to read is… “I LOVE YOU”, followed by “PLEASE PRINT THIS”, followed by “Interesting, eh?”

The most common language used in the comment left (after Ingles) is Spanish followed closely by German.

Interesting factoid about comments left this month: Some folks are using the hurricane articles on our site to convince their loved ones to get out of town!

1,000+ Comments Milestone

This week we approved our 1,000th comment posted to an article.

It was a comment to Janice Elizabeth Small’s article: Poor Weight Loss Advice : 10 Red Flags

I love how end users are able to add value to the discussion by posting their comments on any article. We do moderate this and reject about 10% of all incoming comments that are too promotional…but overall, some excellent and insightful comments are added daily.
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September Email Stats

As of September 30th, 2005, we had:

* 8,828 members receiving the EzineArticles periodic newsletter
* 2,647 members receiving daily new article email alerts
* 1,055 that mentioned interest in becoming an affiliate
* 231 blog readers of the EzineArticles Blog notify email list
* 75 marketers who want to be notified when we accept new advertisers

To join any of our lists, go here.

Use Google Reader

Still haven’t figured out which RSS reader you’re going to use to read your favorite RSS feeds?

Try: Google Reader as it was just released this past week and is pretty cool. :)

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