6 Easy Ways to Share and Promote Your Content on Social Media

How Does Social Media Play a Part in Your Marketing?

Social media has grown to epic proportions. If you’re not active on at least 2 social networking sites, trying to get the word out on something you’re working on can be difficult. One of the issues authors have with social media is not having enough time in the day to spread the word about their products and services. Don’t get left behind and leave your competitors with all of the engagement!

Now, creating an effective social media strategy doesn’t involve constantly throwing content at your readers. It’s important to be polite and subtle so it doesn’t look like you’re even promoting anything at all. Your marketing should be unique, and your updates should not be automated every time. The whole point of this marketing approach is to show off your personality and human touch!

Here are some simple, effective ways to share and promote your content on social media:

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Responsive Web Design is Now Necessary to Succeed

If Your Links Aren’t Mobile-Friendly, They’ll Soon Drop Off of the Radar!

In an era where a large portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s no longer recommend to optimize your links for mobile traffic, it’s essential your website is designed to support traffic from a variety of devices with a multitude of screen sizes.

Previously, mobile-friendly web pages were encouraged and could help your ranking. However, now, if you choose not to make your website responsive, it could actually hurt your ranking.

Mobile-Friendless As a Ranking Signal – Time is Ticking

Google announced they’ll be updating their algorithms to expand the use of mobile-friendless as a ranking signal starting April 21, 2015. See their full blog post, ‘Finding more mobile-friendly search resultshere. Essentially, mobile-friendly websites will be ranked higher in search engine results than websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

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Did You Know Your Articles Are 100% Mobile-Friendly?

Access EzineArticles Content on Any Device and it Will Display Beautifully!

We’re proud to say, EzineArticles.com has provided 100% responsive web design for over a year. In other words, regardless of what device is used to open your articles published on our site, the screen size and display is automatically adjusted to create an optimal viewing experience for the reader.

We did this so your articles look great on a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device. Users can easily read your content from their smartphone just as well as they could read it from their large computer screen.

On the contrary, you’ve likely accessed a website on your smartphone or tablet and noticed it’s difficult to read. The text is too small, the screen size is hard to re-adjust, or it simply looks like too much information and it’s hard on the eyes.

This type of poor user experience is what stemmed the phenomena and need for responsive web design across the Internet.

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How to Be a Superhero Expert Author

Superheroes to the Rescue!

Lately, superheroes are everywhere. They fill the pages of classic comic books, they grace the screens of big budget movies, and they can even be found in the world of article writing!

Yes, you heard it correct. There are outstanding article-writing superheroes who rise to the top with their quality content and ethical marketing practices. We are thankful for their existence because there are also devious article-writing villains who lurk in the corners of the Internet waiting to lure others into their scheming ways.

Are you playing the role of a superhero by giving your readers valuable, original content? Or have you fallen victim to the villains?

Let’s meet the cast to learn more about the superheroes and villains of article writing.

Spoiler Alert!

The superheroes ALWAYS win.

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EzineArticles Premium: Same Great Quality for LESS

Sign Up for an EzineArticles Premium Membership

Did you know that there’s a way you can …

  • Skip the 4-7 day wait on article reviews?
  • Get comparative data that will help you improve your articles to get more exposure (and therefore increase traffic to your blog or website)?
  • Gain access to more Resource Boxes for greater control?
  • Access priority member support for faster response time?
  • Have the ability to schedule articles?

If you want all of these benefits and more, then you want what successful Expert Authors are already taking advantage of: Premium Membership. And now the subscription is even more affordable!

On January 1st, we slashed the prices on Premium Membership subscriptions by nearly 50% for all subscription lengths – so act now! These prices may not be around forever. We’re testing this new pricing by making it more accessible to more EzineArticles members so you can get the power of a Premium subscription for a lot less. That’s right, you’ll get the same great quality for LESS!

Discover how an EzineArticles Premium Membership subscription can help you in this quick video!

Downloadable Versions:
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BIG NEWS: Premium Membership Prices Slashed

50% Off Premium Membership Subscriptions

Start the year off right by getting more for less with your EzineArticles Premium Membership benefits package!

What’s Premium?

For the serious and successful Expert Author who wants even more highly-qualified traffic back to their website or blog, EzineArticles’ Premium Membership package gives you significantly higher speed, confidence, control, convenience, freedom, and intelligence than you’ve already come to expect from our free membership, thereby increasing your overall article marketing success … and your bottom line.

Now all Premium subscriptions are 50% off. Check out these slashed prices:
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Content Planning: Branding, Mission, and Vision

Maximize your impact in less time with a content plan!

The word “quality” gets a lot of play, but what it means is a little hazy. Those serious about creating a content plan with legs must first take a closer look at the abstract concept of “quality.”

Quality includes, but is not limited to value, transparency, accountability, credibility, relevance, and authenticity. Those who aim to achieve quality don’t forcibly throw themselves at their audience with questionable practices or create risk for their audience. Instead, these agents of quality adopt a method that increases awareness in who they are and what they do or provide: branding.

What is branding and why is it important?

From names, symbols, logos, slogans, etc., branding differentiates you from other organizations or businesses. It helps you create an identity with which you can shape how your audience perceives your brand. Branding consistently will help build audience confidence, trust, and loyalty. It will also help you save time and money as well as strengthen your organization’s sense of self by identifying your mission and vision.
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Certificate of Achievement for Expert Authors

Download and Print Your Certificate Today!

You’re proud of your expertise and it shows in your quality, original articles. Your dedication builds your audience’s confidence in your credibility and authenticity, as well as leads to your mounting success.

Take pride in your article writing efforts with an EzineArticles Expert Author Certificate!

We hear about how publishing on EzineArticles.com has helped Expert Authors every day – from building credibility to amplifying their exposure to getting discovered by mainstream magazines and news outlets.

We’re proud of our community of Expert Authors and in return, we have launched our first ever certificate program.

The types of Certificates available include:
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Share Your Articles on LinkedIn

Want to Amplify Your Exposure Even More?

Connect your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account so that every time you post to Twitter, your posts will automatically be shared with your LinkedIn network.

What should you share? Your recently published articles of course! Why? Quality, informative content is one of the most reliable conduits to building valuable relationships, credibility, and exposure.

Sharing your articles with your LinkedIn network will easily amplify your efforts and sharing your articles automatically makes it even easier.

Here’s how to automatically syndicate your articles from EzineArticles to Twitter to LinkedIn!

First, connect your Twitter account to your My.EzineArticles.com account to allow your articles to be automatically posted to Twitter (if you haven’t already):
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Social Media Tips for Expert Authors

Wrapped Up in Your Own Social Media Web?

Did you know a spider’s web isn’t just one mass of sticky silk? The threads that join at the center of the web aren’t sticky at all! Spiders strategically use this thread to navigate in and out of their webs without getting caught like their prey.

Similar to a spider’s web, experts can get trapped in their own social media web because it’s either a time-consuming obsession or they don’t have a strategy and get wrapped up in the details. Experts who know the safe thread from the sticky thread are the experts who flourish in their social media efforts.

Here are 5 strategies you can use to safely and successfully navigate in and out of your social media web presence.

POPULARITY: Keep an Ear to the Ground

Don’t spread yourself too thin by attempting to have a presence on every social networking site available. Concentrate on those with the most popularity for your target audience, i.e. it’s fairly safe to stick to major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Keep an eye out for where your audience goes to avoid being the sole guardian of a dead space no one visits anymore.
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