Top 10 Blog Posts to Read Before the Summer Ends

Revisit Some of Our Top Articles of the Year!

Summer is winding down. As the leaves change color and the air gets chilly, the article writing scene changes as well. You think you’re on the right path, then a new trend in technology or update on how search engines act is revealed. This can ultimately impact your business and slow down your progress. There are so many other successful authors out there and changes that occur daily, how can a writer keep up?

Relax. We have you covered!

Whether it’s finding the motivation to keep writing, increasing your exposure and credibility, or designing the best layout for your squeeze pages, our past articles can lend you a hand depending on your interests. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with your first article or if you write articles in your sleep at an expert level … there’s a good range of tips below!

Here are our top 10 blog posts of the year. Enjoy!

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7 Things You Need to Know About Your Resource Box

End Your Article with an Impressive Resource Box

The process of article writing has certainly changed in the last few years. Authors were previously rewarded for things that would not meet today’s standards. However, some things haven’t changed. In order to have long-term success as an Expert Author, remember:

This is a Selfless Affair.

What does this mean, exactly? Your focus should not be about YOU. It should be on giving your readers quality content, including your best tips, suggestions, case studies, and advice they can actually use. The Resource Box at the end of your article is also very important. Even if your article content is top-notch in quality, it will be wasted if your Resource Box is weak and lacks purpose.

Listed below are things that you need to know about your Resource Box.

1. Make Your Author Name and Brand Matter: Your readers want someone they can trust. They need a go-to person to rely on and identify with. The first thing you need to know about your Resource Box is it should always include your author name. You wrote your content, so be proud of it! Do you want your name and brand out there, or do you want other known authors to take away your readers? Get out of the shadows and present yourself in a clear and straightforward way.

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Top Reasons to Add a Video to Your Squeeze Page

Show Your Readers the Real You!

Whether it’s promotional content, short films, or unique skills that are on display, videos are “in” more than ever. Placing a video on your squeeze page should be very high on your to-do list, even if you’re just starting out in your business. People have been glued to TV screens since the middle of the 20th century, so it’s time to join in and…

Get You on the Tube!

With the help of a simple and impactful video on your squeeze page, you’re only further establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with in your niche. This personal touch can add a lot of value to your site and ultimately your business.

Here’s a list of top reasons for why you need to add a video to your squeeze page.

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Responsive Web Design is Now Necessary to Succeed

If Your Links Aren’t Mobile-Friendly, They’ll Soon Drop Off of the Radar!

In an era where a large portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s no longer recommend to optimize your links for mobile traffic, it’s essential your website is designed to support traffic from a variety of devices with a multitude of screen sizes.

Previously, mobile-friendly web pages were encouraged and could help your ranking. However, now, if you choose not to make your website responsive, it could actually hurt your ranking.

Mobile-Friendless As a Ranking Signal – Time is Ticking

Google announced they’ll be updating their algorithms to expand the use of mobile-friendless as a ranking signal starting April 21, 2015. See their full blog post, ‘Finding more mobile-friendly search resultshere. Essentially, mobile-friendly websites will be ranked higher in search engine results than websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

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Did You Know Your Articles Are 100% Mobile-Friendly?

Access EzineArticles Content on Any Device and it Will Display Beautifully!

We’re proud to say, has provided 100% responsive web design for over a year. In other words, regardless of what device is used to open your articles published on our site, the screen size and display is automatically adjusted to create an optimal viewing experience for the reader.

We did this so your articles look great on a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device. Users can easily read your content from their smartphone just as well as they could read it from their large computer screen.

On the contrary, you’ve likely accessed a website on your smartphone or tablet and noticed it’s difficult to read. The text is too small, the screen size is hard to re-adjust, or it simply looks like too much information and it’s hard on the eyes.

This type of poor user experience is what stemmed the phenomena and need for responsive web design across the Internet.

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Squeeze Page

If it Looks Too Good to be True, Readers Will NOT Enter Their Information!

When the term “squeeze page” comes to mind, it should represent a page where you’re squeezing the best information about your services on one page. It shouldn’t be a teaser page that’s thrown together with little content simply to entice people to share their email address.

Sometimes, even when you have an amazing collection of quality content and products for your readers, it may still seem difficult to get their attention, let alone their trust to share personal information. That’s why you need to make the strongest possible reason that what you’re offering will benefit those who are interested. In other words, if your squeeze page is uninviting, difficult to digest, or seems too good to be true, your readers will be long gone before the page is finished loading.

Our focus in this blog is to help you improve your squeeze page by taking a closer look at your overall link presentation. Read our tips below to help you create a visually appealing page that will have your readers throwing their email address at you for more information.

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Responsive Web Design is KEY in a Quality Browsing Experience

Rate Your Browsing

Have you ever viewed a website on your smartphone or tablet and found it difficult to read because it required extensive resizing and scrolling? This occurred because the website didn’t have responsive web design.

Is your website or blog responsive? If it isn’t, we highly recommend taking the necessary measures to provide a quality browsing experience for your readers.

Wait, What is Responsive Web Design?

A website with responsive design is built to provide an optimal viewing experience on all devices. In other words, the website is easy to read and navigate on desktop monitors, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Why is it Important?

Responsive design is necessary because people now access the web on a multitude of devices. Smartphone and tablet web browsing already accounts for a large percentage of web traffic and will continue to increase. In fact, almost half of the traffic on comes from a non-desktop device.

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Think Before You Link to Your Squeeze Page With These Tips!

Discover How to Optimize Your Squeeze Page in Your Articles

I want to capture highly qualified leads to build my brand recognition and stay on my reader’s minds, so I decide to create a squeeze page that shows what I have to offer and it prompts visitors to subscribe. It only seems like an ideal fit to add the link to my squeeze page in the Resource Box of my articles because I’ve built my reader’s trust in my credibility and surely, they’re ready to subscribe. What could go wrong?

It’s easy to assume that new readers are clamoring to subscribe once they’ve read your article, but the high bounce rates of most squeeze pages suggest otherwise.

Squeeze pages are landing pages that are specifically created to capture leads or ask visitors to subscribe to whatever you’re offering, such as newsletters, ebooks, webinars, etc. Unlike offering a simple opt-in box integrated into your content-rich website, squeeze pages typically don’t offer the reader any other choice – it’s either opt-in or get out. As online information becomes less secure, readers are increasingly reluctant to opt-in.

Discover how you can build a list of highly qualified leads and use your articles to give your efforts a boost using this flow chart with an extended transcription as your guide! Simply click on the graphic below to view in a new window and then click the image to zoom in or out.

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