Expert Author Showcase: Brooke Brimm

6 Tips Straight From an Expert Author

If you take a minute to skim some of the titles Brooke Brimm has written for articles on EzineArticles, you can see the friendly, personal style she uses to share her expertise. For example:

  • Be Ms. Right Before Looking for Mr. Right
  • Why Stop Dreaming Because You’ve Met Mr. Dreamy
  • Think Positively and Speak Positively!

Each title is so personal, it almost sounds like it came from a real conversation she’s had with a group of friends. It’s no surprise, then, to hear that that’s exactly where she gets a lot of her inspiration.

Because she is so inspired, she brings a high level of energy to her writing and she’s motivated to make a real difference in her readers’ lives.

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Expert Author Showcase: Shirley Slick

The 11th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

Over the past 30+ years, Shirley Slick has taken on a variety of roles inside the field of mathematics education.

In that time, she has witnessed an evolution in the way leading experts think about mathematics education for people of all ages. That includes countless new theories and changes to conventional wisdom on the methods that work and the ones that don’t.

With degrees in mathematics, education and psychology, as well as additional training in brain-based teaching and learning, Shirley has been in a unique position to evaluate this evolution up close.

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Expert Author Showcase: Robert L. Bacon

The 10th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

Today, we bring you reflections from Expert Author Robert L. Bacon on his introduction into article writing and details on some of the strategies he has adopted.

Robert has written six novels. He’s the founder of The Perfect Write, a professional editing and correspondence service that provides writing assistance in a variety of areas.

The work that went along with building the business took a lot of time and effort on Robert’s part, but through the process he established connections with other respected members of the publishing community and he’ll have those connections forever.

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Expert Author Showcase: Paul Jerard


Today we introduce you to Yoga instructor and EzineArticles Expert Author Paul Jerard.

Through hard work and a mastery of Yoga concepts, Paul takes a spot as one of the top authors in the “Health and Fitness: Yoga” category by number of live articles.

Plus, he has earned recognition as a Diamond level author. But, the number of live articles Paul has published isn’t what sets him apart as a Diamond level author.

What really sets him apart is his drive to help people – whether that involves sharing the benefits of Yoga with someone new or sharing advanced techniques with fellow Yoga teachers.

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Expert Author Showcase: John Highman

Today we highlight John Highman, a real estate agent and Diamond level Expert Author, who sent us this email:

Article writing is something that I stumbled onto one day for reasons I do not now remember. It has been, however, a great journey and the most significant marketing tool I have found in Internet Marketing.

It creates much more business opportunities for the long term than many of the other Internet strategies and strengthens your credibility ‘big time.’

If you are considering starting article writing, then seek out some of the best in the business and watch what they do. The Expert Authors at the top of the rankings are the best to watch. Given the recent changes to Google and the algorithms, try to create unique articles each time you write; the search engines will respect you as the expert you want to be.

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Expert Author Showcase: Bonita Darula

The 7th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

Bonita Darula started writing articles in 2009 to build awareness around autism and give a positive outlook for anyone who has been impacted by it.

Her articles and other online resources have helped thousands of people from around the world find a new sense of hope. She loves to learn and grow and takes on new challenges daily.

Writing and submitting new, high-quality articles every week became a routine for Bonita back in 2009, and this routine has helped her solidify her place as one of the top 5 EzineArticles Expert Authors in the area of autism.

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Expert Author Showcase: Holly Weiss

The 6th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven, Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

Writing articles is about more than just getting traffic to a website for Expert Author Holly Weiss. It’s also about increasing her visibility in the writing world, building relationships with other writers and sharing her feedback in book reviews.

Holly, who is a vocal instructor, retired professional singer and a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, transitioned into writing fiction novels in 2009. Crestmont, her award-winning debut novel, was released in May, 2010.

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Expert Author Showcase: Jonathan Farrington

The 5th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

When Jonathan Farrington launched his first article writing campaign back in 2006, he believed in the “more is better” mantra. He felt he needed to submit each of his articles to many different sites in order to get the most exposure.

He admits he started by posting his articles to a total of 180 sites every month. That’s not a typo – 180 sites! He says, “In those early days, I was posting to around 180 sites every month. But, within the space of about eight weeks, I reached the top of a very steep learning curve, and my list had been reduced to around twelve sites – now it is just six.”

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Author Showcase: Michelle Seyfarth, Ph.D.

The 4th edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

Michelle Seyfarth is the founder and owner of Seyfarth Diversified Strategies, a professional coaching firm dedicated to helping people identify and develop their full potential in life.

Offering a rare combination of creative and operational strengths, with a dedication to quality and organizational development, her energetic personal style helps organizations develop and implement strategic thinking and business planning in order to achieve positive, sustainable results.

A Challenge

Michelle sets herself apart in her articles by challenging readers with something new in every single article she writes. The challenge usually comes in one of two different forms:

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Expert Author Showcase: Gregory Buford

The 3rd edition in a series of posts showcasing quality-driven Diamond level Expert Authors and their article writing insights.

Dr. Gregory A. Buford brings a high level of knowledge to his article writing through extensive education and experiences in his career as a plastic surgeon. He’s a board certified plastic surgeon and the founding medical director of the Beauty by Buford plastic surgery office.

A relative newcomer to the world of article writing, Gregory learned early on how important consistency is to a successful article writing campaign.

He says, “To establish a readership, it’s critical that readers get information that is not only interesting and pertinent to their situation but that this information is also timely. By writing on a regular basis, I address topical questions that are recent and in the interest of my readers.”

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