Expert Author Showcase: Linda Marks

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Linda Marks in Today’s Showcase

Specializing in mind-body psychotherapy, Expert Author Linda Marks developed Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP), a method that works with the power of the heart. As a pioneer, a leader, a speaker, and a coach, it is only natural that Linda writes from the heart too.

“My work and writing style is from the heart to the heart,” Linda commented. “I look at the heart of humane experience, the heart of healing, and the heart of relationships… I think writing from the heart and anchoring ideas in research into current trends creates high quality, meaningful articles. Better to write about things you care about than just because you think something will sell.”

Inspired by her clients, trends in relationships and society, articles from favorite newspapers and journals, as well as conversations with colleagues and friends, Linda constantly keeps her finger “on the pulse of relationships and social evolution.” This pulse provides ideas for meaningful articles that reach her local clientele and an international audience, gaining Linda incredible exposure in her field. “Articles are a way to reach people all over the country and the world,” she said. “Magazines started to approach me… presenting my innovative work through writing added value to their publications and provided meaningful information to their audiences.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Leon Noone

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Leon Noone in Today’s Author Showcase

It may be his charismatic personality or perhaps his unconventional wisdom, but Expert Author Leon Noone’s success can certainly be traced to his dedication to his target market or audience.

As a management consultant, Leon focuses on providing solutions to improve staff performance for owners and managers of small to medium businesses.

Before joining EzineArticles in 2008, Leon had decided to move his 30 year old business from offline to online. After attending a workshop about online business, Leon discovered EzineArticles and the value of article marketing. “Article writing, especially through EzineArticles, is a major feature of my marketing,” he commented. “I’ve found that Chris and his staff have been extraordinarily supportive and helpful.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Cindy Hartman

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Cindy Hartman in Today’s Author Showcase

Reaching success in a relatively unknown industry can be a huge challenge for many business owners and entrepreneurs, but not for Expert Author Cindy Hartman. After discussing the importance of sharing knowledge with a marketing coach, Cindy found great value and success in addressing her clients’ needs with quality, informative articles.

As a focused effort to market her business and to establish herself as a leader in her industry, Cindy began writing articles in 2008. Since then, she has found article writing to be an integral part of her overall marketing plan. “[Personal Property Inventory] is a fairly unknown industry, so educating why people need to know what they own helps sell the need for our service,” Cindy commented. “Obviously, people won’t buy something they don’t know they need!”
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Expert Author Showcase: Brenda Avadian

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Brenda Avadian in Today’s Author Showcase

Expert Author Brenda Avadian’s career changed dramatically while caring for her father, an Alzheimer’s disease patient. From communication and leadership consultant, to caregiver, spokesperson, advocate, and author, Brenda’s mission is to “bring knowledge, support, and joy to family and professional caregivers through keynotes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching.”

What sets Brenda apart from other Expert Authors is her modest acceptance of praise, even in the light of her success and incredible article writing skills. “Whenever I get to thinking that I am unique and extraordinary, I learn that many of us who are serious about the quality of the information we share with our readers follow a parallel path,” she commented. “I think what makes EzineArticles authors unique is the caliber of training you provide for us to write better quality articles. I give everything to writing…”
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Expert Author Showcase: Martha J Zimmer

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Martha J Zimmer in Today’s Author Showcase

Sitting at her computer with a window to one side and a children’s playroom on the other, Expert Author Martha J. Zimmer balances her motivation to address her readers’ struggles with diabetes against the priceless antics of children and their little tragedies.

Passionate about finding and writing the best books for children, Martha has asserted her writing abilities in her pre-teen children’s fantasy series, The Smallborn. When she could no longer bury her worst fears, she became a reluctant diabetes Expert Author. “Though my father died from complications of type 2 diabetes, I was not interested in the disease at all. Even after finding out I was a diabetic I was still not interested,” Martha stated. “But it finally intruded into my life enough to make me pay attention.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Nigel Brooks

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Nigel Brooks in Today’s Author Showcase

As the president of a management consulting firm that specializes in business and technology strategies, organizational reviews, and performance assessments, Expert Author Nigel Brooks began writing articles in 2008 for a number of reasons.

“I know that having published articles is an essential part of marketing and credibility building as a management consultant,” Nigel stated. “I wanted to use articles as a way to communicate my intellectual capital and business expertise, [as well as] improve my search engine optimization.”

Drawing upon his extensive experience to make his articles interesting and valuable to his audience, Nigel’s articles consist of models and methodologies that are simple, evergreen, and relevant. His focused and fresh perspective translates into an original twist of core article writing concepts, which engages readers and increases his credibility.
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Expert Author Showcase: Sumi Olson

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Sumi Olson in Today’s Author Showcase

Expert Author Sumi Olson strives to help those in her community reach their full potential and still focus on what’s important in life: spend time doing what they love to do, with the people they love, and to turn their dreams into something substantial. As a self-employed mother, Sumi faces the same pressures as her audience: balancing business, corporate work life, sales, marketing, and frankly, being human!

Although a little hesitant at first, in January 2011 Sumi decided to take action by finally sharing her knowledge and experience in an accessible and helpful format: articles. “Articles help my readers to grow to ‘know, like, and trust’ me and hopefully then choose to join me on my online networking platforms,” Sumi stated. “In time, if I continue to offer value, I hope that they will trust me to help them with their issues and concerns and to invest in my products and services.”

To find the inspiration and motivation they need, Sumi encourages people “to look inside their head and heart to access their knowledge, insight, and experiences.” Heed Sumi’s advice by tapping into the ultimate resource: you!
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Expert Author Showcase: Lee Binz

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Lee Binz in Today’s Author Showcase

It’s clear Expert Author Lee Binz’s helping nature has led to her success. Laser-focused on helping parents homeschool high school students, Lee passionately covers every nuance of her niche because it’s what she loves and knows best.

Knowing her articles will not only help parents who homeschool students, Lee opens her expertise to anyone looking for strategies to help students get ahead. “I just love [when] people stop by and read [my] articles,” Lee stated. “Even parents who do not homeschool could benefit… We are ALL interested in getting our kids in the college of their choice and getting big scholarships.”

Lee reaches her target audience through a variety of platforms: articles, newsletters, consultations, blogs, social media sites, mini-courses, audio and video, etc. – many of which are free. When she first started her newsletter in late 2006, she had 25 subscribers (admittedly limited to friends and family). Over 5 years later, it is clear her success is widely received with over 14,000 newsletter subscribers and more articles published every month.
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Expert Author Showcase: Bruce Kaler M.D.

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bruce Kaler M.D. in Today’s Author Showcase

Dr. Bruce Kaler’s career resembles the premise of a medical mystery on television: doctor by day, writer by night. Unlike typical medical mystery characters, Dr. Kaler tunes in to his audience to empower his readers.

As a physician for over 30 years and as a fiction and non-fiction writer for over 6 years, Dr. Kaler makes every effort to educate and share information about the human condition. Inspired by daily conversations with his patients, Dr. Kaler’s health-related articles are clear, concise, and accessible to readers. “At risk of sounding corny, I learn from my patients,” he said. “I feel my articles are just extensions of my conversations with people.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Tiffany Godfrey

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Tiffany Godfrey in Today’s Author Showcase

How do you take on a massive niche like “marriage” and “relationships”? You do what Expert Author and marriage resource specialist Tiffany Godfrey did: You start with your passion, incorporate your experiences, add a dash of personality, and concentrate on what matters most – your reader.

Tiffany found her secret to success was to target a specific subset of her niche. “While many people write about marriage, they focus on couples,” Tiffany commented. “For one, I write specifically for, to, and about Christian women, and their responsibilities in making a marriage work. As a Christian woman, I can easily identify with my readers and I am able to help them see where they can make a positive difference in their marriage without nagging or pushing their husbands away.”
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