Expert Author Showcase: David L Greene

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author David L Greene in Today’s Showcase

Ranked as the number 1 Expert Author in Pain Management, Medical Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Expert David L. Greene shares his training in orthopedic surgery and his knowledge of medical devices to empower his readers.

The Shift from Expert to Expert Author

From physical therapy to medical/interventional pain management, David has published over 600 quality, original articles in less than 3 years. “I realized that what individuals dealing with chronic pain need most is information,” he said. “As a by-product of writing articles, people in pain have responded to reading my articles on over 30,000 times and my clinic receives a significant amount of patients from the distribution and interest generated.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Christine Larsen

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Christine Larsen in Today’s Showcase

Many Expert Authors feel like throwing in the towel after submitting their work to other websites and then waiting weeks (even months) only to receive a rejection without direction or support. Rejection is a crippling feeling for any author. For Expert Authors like Christine Larsen, innovation and improvement as well as a deep-rooted passion overcomes rejection.

After joining EzineArticles in June 2010 to improve her writing style and skills, Christine experienced the joy of seeing her writing published at last. Using the feedback EzineArticles provided on her articles, Christine found value in the constructive criticism and has achieved the highest EzineArticles membership level: Diamond.

“It’s a valuable learning curve to have this kind of editorial advice, direction and support, without the outright rejection [and without reason] that can happen at many other venues,” Christine stated. “The EzineArticles Editorial staff has remained supportive and has tried ever harder to answer my questions to my satisfaction. Often I didn’t agree at the time, but have come to appreciate the wisdom and patience of the staff, and that they have in fact, had my best interests at heart … always.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Stephen J. Blakesley

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Stephen J. Blakesley in Today’s Showcase

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Expert Author Stephen J. Blakesley may have begun participating in article writing in 2010; however, he has cultivated an incredible 50 years of valuable experience and insight.

As an entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, and author, Stephen has pioneered tools for employee selection, development, and performance, as well as provide consulting services in executive recruiting services and success management. These keen insights have provided valuable, exclusive material to share with his audience. “Possibly what distances me from other authors is my direct experience in the area about which I write,” he said. “Half a century is a long time.”

From articles to books, as well as social media sites and videos, Stephen has established an incredible platform chockfull of refreshing content. “I believe that writing puts you in the expert category and helps establish your credibility,” he stated. “I still find it awesome that 7,000 people I have never known or spoken to, know me and my work. That is definitely good.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Lisa Michelle Jones

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Lisa Michelle Jones in Today’s Showcase

Helping individuals solve problems by providing them with the information and resources they need is the first step to writing quality, original, reader-oriented articles. Not only has Expert Author Lisa Michelle Jones achieved this first step, she has done it in a highly competitive niche: Personal Bankruptcy.

Having enjoyed writing her entire life, Lisa began posting articles on the Internet 5 years ago. “I started writing and posting, and it was all over, I couldn’t stop,” she said.

After taking a bike ride to the beach or going to the gym to clear her head and get her creative writing juices flowing, Lisa will set out to research her latest topic. Gaining inspiration from trends in the economy or politics, Lisa is conscientious and dedicated to the topics she writes about. “In this day and age of compromise, someone needs to stand up and tell the truth,” she commented. “I am very proud of my work.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Ken Solin

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Ken Solin in Today’s Showcase

For over 20 years, Expert Author and lecturer Ken Solin has advocated growth and happiness by building relationships based on trust. How? Ken instructs his audience to build trust by speaking without ego, without judgment, and straight from the heart.

Through speaking engagements, blogs, articles, books, and more, Ken specializes in advising men to move beyond the issues that limit their lives and educating women to recognize men. His main objectives are to teach men to become self-directed (not rely on extensive training/counseling sessions) and to promote emotional dialogue between men (and women).

“Going it alone in life is like trying to survive in a vacuum.” Ken stated. “Men can do so much better for themselves, simply by getting together on a regular basis and speaking to each other… Men don’t need to be trained; they need to share the lessons each man has inside of him. Eight, 35 year-old men have 280 years of collective life experience. That’s a cornucopia of knowledge and it becomes the group’s encyclopedia for becoming better men.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Cheryl Cran

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Cheryl Cran in Today’s Showcase

As a leadership expert and keynote speaker, Expert Author Cheryl Cran believes the future is about collaboration, innovation, and leading change. Lending support and encouraging leaders to grow, Cheryl provides strategies, solutions, and more to deliver results and increase productivity.

For over 18 years (as long as she has conducted her consulting practice), Cheryl has written articles. After joining the EzineArticles Expert Author community in 2007, Cheryl amplified her exposure and credibility. “My clients have forwarded and re-used my articles. I see constant article writing as crucial to building my brand and increasing intellectual property,” she commented. “EzineArticles is a great marketing resource and I recommend it to authors.”
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Behind-the-Scenes at EzineArticles: Meet Kristi

An Inside Look at the Team Behind-the-Scenes

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the people who make the EzineArticles system successful! Not only will you find out more about their role at EzineArticles, you will hear stories about what it’s like to work here, gain insider tips, and maybe even get a peek into their personal lives. In the process, you will discover a little bit more about who we are as a company, a website, and as a team.

Continuing the series is Kristi, EzineArticles Learning and Development Trainer. Find out how her entire focus is helping you make your article writing efforts easier, get a behind-the-scenes look into her role at EzineArticles, and discover her #1 tip for Expert Authors!

Downloadable Versions:
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Expert Author Showcase: Nancy O’Neill

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Nancy O’Neill in Today’s Showcase

“Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire

It’s not every day you meet an extraordinary Common Sense Consultant hailing from Southern California! Expert Author Nancy O’Neill provides effective measures to help her readers become more confident in their own abilities, as well as become more self-reliant.

For over 20 years, Nancy has shared her ideas, knowledge, and experience through short stories, poetry, and articles. In January 2011, Nancy established her first blog and it wasn’t long before she joined the EzineArticles Expert Author community.

“To be honest, I don’t think I’m that much different from other Expert Authors…” Nancy commented. “They write with passion, honesty, and directness, which is what I try to always do… I’ve enjoyed being one of EzineArticles writers and plan on continuing to submit articles for a long time to come… Getting more exposure for my writing this year has also helped me accomplish one of my long-time goals of publishing my first children’s book… scheduled for release in May 2012.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Erica Goodstone, Ph.D. in Today’s Showcase

In a network of well over 400,000 Expert Authors, you may have asked yourself: “How can I make an impact in my niche and increase my chances of being seen?” Allow us to introduce you to Expert Author Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

A model of Expert Author success, Erica is a force to be reckoned with – passionate, compassionate, and well versed in her area of expertise.

A True Story of Expert Author Success

As a former Professor of Health and Physical Education and as a therapist with a practice involving somatic awareness, mind body therapy and sexual and relationship counseling, Erica has found writing an incredible tool to increase her exposure as a leader in her field. “By writing so many articles, I have established myself as an expert, knowledgeable in my areas of interest and expertise,” she commented.
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Expert Author Showcase: Lois Dewitt

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Lois Dewitt in Today’s Showcase

What do a lighting specialist, an art instructor, a cookbook author, a gardener, a poodle enthusiast, and an author of children’s stories all have in common? Expert Author Lois Dewitt.

Since publishing her first residential lighting article in October 2007, Lois has continued to publish articles in nearly 20 categories. Motivated by a great variety of interests and her passion for art, Lois cultivates a wide range of inspiration from her YouTube subscribers to her art students. She then incorporates their comments, suggestions, criticisms, and more into quality, informative articles.
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