Expert Author Showcase: Miriam B Medina

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Miriam B Medina in Today’s Showcase

Gaining inspiration from life itself, Expert Author Miriam B Medina has a unique set of specialties that she uses to write reader-compelling, engaging articles.

A historian, a translator, a singer/songwriter, and a poet, Miriam shares what she’s learned to help educate people in an informative way. “Education is key to success in life,” she said, “and I aspire to help people succeed.” What makes Miriam’s articles stand out is her innate ability to incorporate her diverse background and personal experiences through narrative. “I believe it adds personality and √©lan,” Miriam reflected. In turn, these narratives engage readers and stand the test of time.
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Expert Author Showcase: Gerald Gillis

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Gerald Gillis in Today’s Showcase

Gerald began writing articles in June 2010 based on the advice of a fellow author. The advice was this: Article writing is an effective way to deliver messages to readers, while at the same time establishing and building upon your brand. Two years later, Gerald has found this advice both accurate and worthwhile.

Unfettered and unrestricted to one particular area of specialty, Gerald writes for a variety of niches. As a novelist, Gerald reaches out to fellow writers and offers his advice on writing and written communications. As a former business leader, Gerald provides effective articles on business communications, business ethics, public speaking, and leadership. “These areas are complimentary,” Gerald said, “and I have the background and experience to write credibly in each of them.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Kathy Manney

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Kathy Manney in Today’s Showcase

Passion and dedication. Take these two qualities and focus them into a goal to become an unstoppable force. Need proof? Meet EzineArticles Expert Author Kathy Manney.

Although she had wanted to become a professional writer since winning a national high school writing contest, Kathy didn’t trust her writing abilities. When she married and became a mother of two, her dream was always there egging her on to write. It wasn’t until after her children had grown and she was on vacation that she experienced a moment of clarity regarding her goal. “I realized time was running out,” Kathy said. “It was now or never if I was ever going to write for publication.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Stephen J Wright

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Stephen J Wright in Today’s Showcase

After initially participating in article writing to gain backlinks for a project, Expert Author Stephen J Write found himself enjoying article writing more and more.

Setting his sights on writing quality content to succeed and to take pride in his success, Stephen set himself apart from others who claimed substandard content was acceptable to build exposure and drive traffic. “I never have liked to do things by halves so I always put my best into each article I write,” he said. “I find it very important to provide easy-to-understand articles (not just to try and pull them towards my company’s own website) and to put the reader’s mind at ease.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Doron Gil, Ph.D.

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Doron Gil, Ph.D. in Today’s Showcase

Writing articles on a weekly basis, Expert Author Doron Gil, Ph.D. focuses on the importance of self-awareness in successful relationships.

After publishing his book, “The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship,” Doron saw article writing as a way to share his expertise and valuable contributions to his niche.

“The more involved I have become, the more I realized that the process of writing enriches me on two levels,” Doron stated. “First, the more articles I write, the more I feel that I contribute to the well being of readers and to their success in their relationships. Second, throughout the writing process – as I read other ezine experts’ articles, books, and magazines and by being tuned in to the news and the world around me – I get new ideas for my on-going writing and continue to expand my own awareness of the issues I write about.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Nancy Nicolazzo

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Nancy Nicolazzo in Today’s Showcase

Thought provoking and compassionate, Expert Author Nancy Nicolazzo is committed to helping other people make the most out of each moment, every day.

Inspired by stories and discussions on how meditation and mindfulness has impacted people’s relationships and lives at home or at work, Nancy is motivated to write and coach. “I have always loved words and fine writing and believe that words can inspire and improve our quality of life,” she said.
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Expert Author Showcase: Bruce Hoag

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bruce Hoag in Today’s Showcase

Expert Author Bruce Hoag’s work as a psychologist and business mentor has provided him great entrepreneurial insight. As a Ph.D. graduate of the Manchester Business School’s Organizational Psychology program, Bruce assists others in building their own online business to adapt in a rapidly changing business world.

Utilizing article writing as his primary marketing strategy to build exposure for his publications, Bruce has cultivated several writing insights that have led to his success. Confessing if he could start over again, he said he would follow his own advice he prescribes others: “Write every day,” he recommended. “The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it … I know how many articles I want to write each day, and that’s the first thing on my agenda.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Terry Weber

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Terry Weber in Today’s Showcase

The art of sharing experiences in an engaging narrative, or storytelling, has not been lost in the Internet age. In fact, the need for storytelling has amplified as both readers and publishers search hungrily for informative articles as told through first-hand experience.

For Expert Author Terry Weber, 70+ years of experience and a passion for writing, balancing story and informative content has been the key to his success.
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Greatness Is a Daily Pursuit

Meet Vanessa, EzineArticles Editorial Manager

Staying motivated, pushing boundaries, and expanding your article portfolio with quality content amplifies your exposure, builds your brand, and increases your credibility as an authority in your niche. In turn, your articles create a higher demand for you and your organization.

Ensuring you’re able to achieve your goals is where Vanessa, EzineArticles Editorial Manager and the Editorial Team step up to deliver results.

Vanessa brings years of experience to the Editorial Team. “We strive daily to ensure that our members’ articles are able to achieve maximum exposure and drive highly targeted traffic back to their website or blog,” she said. Motivated to deliver member satisfaction, Vanessa’s leadership focuses on effective performance, learning, and development of the Editorial Team.
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Expert Author Showcase: Mary Segers

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Mary Segers in Today’s Showcase

Ask 5 Expert Authors: “What is challenging about article writing?” 4 out of 5 will respond: “Time.” For Expert Author Mary Segers, time is a challenge easily conquered with flexible time management solutions.

After receiving her bachelor’s (3.98 GPA) and master’s (3.88 GPA) degrees, Mary noticed that she didn’t suffer from the same ills of her cohorts, e.g. no time for themselves. Following graduate school, Mary decided passing on her unique time management skills could help the world. Setting out with a variety of self-made time management programs, Mary uses her quality articles to reach her audience, broaden exposure, and drive traffic to her time management solutions.
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