HAHD Teleseminar Replay

With Midnight passing last night, the first ever 100 Articles in 100 Days Challenge is over.

If you missed our July 1st #HAHD Celebration Teleseminar yesterday… here’s the replay:

[Download the MP3] (56 minutes / 19MB)
(Sorry, no transcript available.)

If you participated and completed the HAHD challenge, here’s how to claim your mug.

#HAHD Celebration Teleseminar

We’re celebrating the wrap-up of the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge!

Whether you made it to 100 articles in 100 days or not, we want you to celebrate this incredible ground-breaking marathon with us during a very special teleseminar co-hosted by Chris Knight, CEO of EzineArticles.com and Jeff Herring, The Article Marketing Guy.


  • How to scale from being an article marketing dabbler to being a Massive Article Content Creation & Free Traffic Attraction Machine
  • How lessons learned from this first challenge can help you do this without losing yourself or quality during the process

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
11am-Noon Central Time

Phone-Number: 404-260-0037
Conference ID: 5859880#
Listen by Webcast

We hope you’ll join us live because we’ll be announcing how you can submit your request for a FREE EzineArticles #HAHD limited-edition mug!

Please SUBMIT your Questions in the form of a blog comment below and we’ll do our best to get answers to them via the teleseminar.

Summer Speaker Series 2009

Erin Blaskie’s 2009 Summer Speaker Series InterviewErin Blaskie

On June 10th, I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers for Erin Blaskie’s 2nd annual Summer Speaker Series for an interview entitled “Article Marketing: What You Need to Know.”

This interview was designed to be an overview of what article marketing is all about.

Listen to the interview:

[Download the MP3] (57 minutes / 19.6MB)

Sorry, there is no transcript… But, I took 45 notes: (Continue Reading…)

Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. -Author Spotlight

EzineArticlesCheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. - EzineArticles Expert Author Expert Author Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. is in today’s Author Spotlight.

Cheryl is a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker based out of Burlington, Connecticut. While these are impressive credentials in their own right, what really attracted our attention to Cheryl was the editorial quality of her articles.

In less than 6 months as an EzineArticles Expert Author, she has managed to already receive Platinum status and serves as a role-model for creating original, high-quality, problem-free articles.

We asked Cheryl to share some tips for writing great articles.

  1. What drew you to our attention is the editorial quality of your articles. What’s your secret?

    “Thank you for the compliment. Reading each article carefully and being sure to review it more than once helps to assure me I’ve made few errors. Proofreading and rewriting are essential skills. In addition, I care about what I say and I know that readers will judge me by the way the article sounds.”

  2. What EzineArticles tools do you find most useful?

    “I love the article reports. I track the views and URL clicks on each of my articles. In the almost six months I’ve been with EzineArticles, I have been able to determine which of the two categories I write for produce the best results, as determined by the number of people visiting my website. While some of my articles have more views, I can see that the ones that produce the most clicks are best. The tools provide that data for me on a daily basis and I use the information to analyze my overall success.”

  3. What kind of traffic do your articles generate for you?

    “Much of my website traffic comes from the articles. I have been pleased with that response. While I continue to work toward attracting more traffic, I see progress. I have had direct responses from people who obviously read the articles and were motivated to contact me.”

  4. What advice would you offer somebody thinking of becoming an EA author?

    “First, I would suggest that a potential author determine the desired outcome. Is it just to have an article published, is it to have someone read the article (writers often feel very lonely in their work), or is it to drive traffic to a website resulting in sales. Those are different goals. Once that is determined, I would recommend just writing some articles and analyzing the responses. A person has nothing to lose to try. And the only way to improve writing is to write. This provides that opportunity with a built-in audience.”

  5. In your eyes, what makes you unique as an article marketer?

    “I am a writer, so that helps. I understand marketing and providing benefits to the reader. I constantly work on improving the quality and the content of my work.”

  6. You’re fairly new to EzineArticles. What’s your impression thus far?

    “I love the chance to write and have my articles read by others. I see this as a necessary sales tool for my work. What better way for a writer to promote her work than to be able to write to do that?”

Thanks Cheryl for being an Expert Author and a talented member of the EzineArticles community!

Oftentimes it’s easy to get so focused on quantity of articles that we overlook the quality of what we write. As Cheryl points out, writing high-quality articles is equally important to the overall success of your article marketing efforts.

Bottom Line: Write lots of high-quality articles! ;-)

Smart Start Replay

Can you hear me now?

A few weeks ago EzineArticles Expert Author Alex Mandossian interviewed me on Entrepreneurialism (one of my favorite subjects) and together we raised $2,680 for his Smart Start Giving / Kiva.org Micro-Loans for Entrepreneurs charity.

I received quite a few complaints that the audio replay was very hard to hear, so I’m releasing the MP3 and Flash versions that we created from the event. These are much clearer/easier to hear.

[Download the MP3] (46 minutes / 11MB)

Edward Weiss – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles Expert Author Edward Weiss is in today’s Author Spotlight.Expert Author Edward Weiss

Along with being an Expert Author, Edward is considered by many to be the Internet’s favorite piano instructor. His site offers step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, plus a guarantee that anyone can learn how to play New Age piano.

And check out these stats! Over 270 approved articles and almost 400,000 views since February, 2005 – that translates to 300 views per article per year! At his current rate this is what his numbers will look like in (10) years:

  • Over 600 Approved Articles
  • More than 190,000 Article Views per Year
  • In Excess of 1.8 Million Total Views

We had a chance to ask Edward about the keys to his success as an Article Writer and Marketer:
(Continue Reading…)

The Place To Be Today

WHAT: LIVE Micro-Fundraising Call with host & EzineArticles Expert Author Alex Mandossian of SmartStartGiving.com.

Alex Mandossian of SmartStartGiving.comWHERE: http://www.smartstartgiving.com/february09/

WHEN: TODAY at 8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST, 11am EST

WHO: Alex will be interviewing Chris Knight, CEO of EzineArticles.com

WHY: Help us raise $5,000 USD for Kiva, an organization whose mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Participate by donating $20-$40 and you’ll receive:

  1. Giving Option #1: Give the maximum donation of $40 to help entrepreneurs get a smart start; and do it before the end of today Friday Feb. 27th. In a special email newsletter issue to 100,000 of our members that will go out within a week or less, you’ll get your name mentioned along with (1) link to your website or blog, plus (1) link to your social media profile of choice (ex: FaceBook, Twitter, etc) and (1) optional link to your EzineArticles expert author URL.
  2. Giving Option #2: Give a donation of $20 before the end of today Friday Feb. 27th, and you’ll get a name mention plus (1) link to your website/blog or EzineArticles expert author profile (your choice).
  3. Send us an email with your receipt along with your full name and URL/website address for yourself or your business, one optional URL for your favorite social media profile, and lastly, your author name as listed on EzineArticles.com (optional), depending on whether you’re doing giving option #1 or #2.

What will we be covering? My answers to questions like these:
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From Zero to Platinum In Less Than 10 Days

Listen to this month’s Article Marketing Cafe featuring Jeff Herring, The Article Marketing Guy interviewing Chris Knight, CEO of EzineArticles.com on “How to Go From Zero to Platinum in 10 Days or Less!”

Whether you are just getting started, have less than 10 articles, or lots of articles, Chris and Jeff will show you how to get an unlimited number of articles on EzineArticles.com – a site that receives 15+ million unique visitors a month! You want to be in front of that kind of traffic.

[Download mp3 Version]
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Zero to 250 High Quality Articles in 6 Months

Ann Keeler Evans Interview with Host Chris KnightThe secret to making article writing & marketing work the best is nailing *BOTH* quality and quantity…and it’s rare when I see it happen even with 130,000+ expert authors participating in the EzineArticles system.

What happens is that most experts who get the QUALITY aspect of article writing often fail to create enough quantity of articles to get the traffic & exposure return that is possible based on the quality of their articles.

Unfortunately, many of our members who master the QUANTITY aspect, fail to reach a quality factor that makes us proud to promote this type of author as ‘ideal.’

Then along came EzineArticles Expert Author, Ann Keeler Evans… who wrote and submitted more than 250 high quality articles in her first 6 months of being a member. I just knew that Ann had some rituals and secrets that many of our members could benefit from, so I called her up and received permission to interview her on what, why and how she does what she did.

Learn more about Ann Keeler Evans here.

After you listen to the interview or read the notes, what key point(s) did you take out of this as it applies to your unique situation?

Business Optimization Week Replay

Stacey Hylen interviews Chris KnightEzineArticles Expert Author Stacey Hylen interviewed me on article writing & marketing for business owners/entrepreneurs.

Here’s the replay: (62 minutes)

You can also DOWNLOAD THE MP3 (62 minutes / 60 MB’s), and DOWNLOAD My Private Notes From The Interview (6 page PDF / 148 KB’s)

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