EzineArticles Asks: Should You Use Voice Transcription Software?

If it Saves Time, Then Why Wouldn’t You?!

Getting into the daily writing groove isn’t always easy, especially if you have writer’s block or just lack the time to write. And when ideas aren’t flowing, you’re not going to get any closer to reaching your audience. You’re just going to get frustrated and waste time or lose the opportunity to get articles on the screens of readers and publishers.

Toss the pen and paper and forget your keyboard. Have you tried talking it out – that is verbally writing?

Some people speak more eloquently (and even more plainly) than they are able to with the written word. And it’s no wonder! Often, there’s more freedom in the spoken word because you’re able to seamlessly ride on a thought (or just let those thoughts take you to wherever you need to go). But speaking into a recorder and then having to listen to the recording once again to write down every one of your thoughts doubles (if not triples) the time it takes to write the article.

If we’re trying to save time and not waste MORE time, what’s the solution to this creative vs. time debacle?

Enter voice or audio transcription software.
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EzineArticles Asks: Do You Prefer Collaboration or Solo Writing?

Which Method Is More Successful?

If you’ve liked our Facebook page, you may have seen this post featuring a quote by Terry Pratchett:

“Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.”

This got us thinking about the dynamics of writing. Solo writing has no fear of bottlenecks (waiting for a response from your co-author) and it has the flexibility to allow you to march to the beat of your own drum unhindered. However, solo writing can lack the creative “two minds are better than one” force of collaboration that may be your ticket to success.

Along those lines, we pitched this question to the EzineArticles Facebook community:

Do you like to write by yourself or do you collaborate?

This sparked an interesting discussion on focus, creativity, and collaboration. The more “creative” the project, the more “collaborative” the preparation and final outcome. However, more reported they found success in focused solo writing than in collaborative writing.

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Do you prefer collaboration or do you prefer solo writing?
  • Have you found more success in either form?

We’d love to hear from you! Please share your answers and more in the comments section of this post.

EzineArticles Asks: What Is Better in Anchor Text?

The Heated Discussion Over Anchor Text

One of the key benefits to article writing is exposure and traffic. How is this achieved? Two words:

Give” and “Take

After “giving” quality, informative benefits to the reader in the article body, Expert Authors “take” by including a signature or Resource Box that provides a brand-oriented message, a succinct call-to-action, and links for the reader to visit the author’s website or blog.

Successful Article Writing Focuses on the Reader, Not SEO

We focus a lot on “give” here in the blog, because it’s tremendously critical to your success. If readers don’t benefit from your “give,” then you’re not going to be able to “take.”
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EzineArticles Asks: What Is the Ideal Article Length?

The Debate Over Article Length

Is 400 words enough?
Is 1,000 words too much?
What is the ideal article length?

Target Articles Between 400-700 Words in Length

First, assume the articles in question, no matter the length, are of the highest quality and provide original, informative value in a well articulated and cohesive manner.

Next, let’s get down to business: 400-700 words vs. 1,000+ words.

We know articles between 400 and 700 words achieve better results in terms of reader views, click-throughs, syndication, and more. 400-700 word articles are long enough to provide essential information to readers, while being brief enough to be compatible with the average Internet users’ reading habits.

As Chris Knight said over 5 years ago, “7 articles that are 500 words will out perform 1 article that is 3,500 words in terms of the amount of traffic, exposure, and interest you’re able to attract with the same volume of content.” It was true then, and it’s true today.
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EzineArticles Asks: What Tools Do You Want?

The Right Tools Can Make All the Difference

In yesterday’s post, we featured the top 7 article writing tools and resources you can find right here on EzineArticles.

In addition to these great tools and resources, there are hundreds of others available on the Internet to make your article writing efforts easier and yield a higher ROI. Which brings us to today’s “EzineArticles Ask” discussion point:

First, consider what tools you use as well as what would make your efforts, by a large or small degree, easier.

Next, share what article writing tool you would like to see next in the comments section of this post!

We look forward to the discussion and perhaps even a little debate because you never know what you might inspire next.

EzineArticles Asks: What Do You Do in Preparation for Cyber Monday?

Are You Taking Advantage of Cyber Monday’s Traffic Surge?

With the holidays upon us, there is so much to do! Many Expert Authors are busy planning, writing, publishing, and further publicizing their efforts to get ready for Cyber Monday and the holidays.

Which brings us to this question:

Do you prepare for Cyber Monday? If so, what do you do to get ready?

Please join the EzineArticles Expert Author community discussion by sharing what you do to prepare your article writing platform for Cyber Monday and the holidays in the comments section of this post!
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EzineArticles Asks the Expert Author

Share Your Answer to Today’s Question

Our last edition of EzineArticles Asks the Expert Author was such a hit, we decided to step it up a notch.

We discuss dozens of topics every year – from SEO tactics to grammar to EzineArticles tools and more. Why do we choose these topics?

First of all, you ask us! Based on questions here on the blog as well as questions sent to us from every corner of our platform (Member Support, Facebook, Twitter, and more), we discuss your concerns and explain a wide variety of options available to you.

Next, we consider the latest trends. We keep tabs on what’s happening online in order to provide you with accurate information you can rely on. If you can’t stay up-to-date, you can’t innovate and in turn, you can’t lead.

Finally, we examine the data. We track heaps of data and analyze it from a range of angles to ensure everyone is covered and represented.

Like we’ve said before, all of this data doesn’t hold a torch to your valuable experience and voicing your needs, which is how we chose today’s question:

Let us know in the comments section!
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Your Turn! EzineArticles Asks the Expert Author

Share Your Answer to Today’s Question

Whether you are looking to improve your writing, build your niche as an expert, find tools to help you grow, or see what is going on in the EzineArticles community, we have you covered on the EzineArticles’ Article Writing & Insights Blog.

To recommend the best strategies and methods for EzineArticles Expert Authors, we pore over the data, research and test trends, and a whole lot more. All of this data and reporting doesn’t hold a torch to your valuable experience in the article writing trenches, which makes you, the Expert Author, our best source of information.

In the new blog series “EzineArticles Asks the Expert Author,” you’re invited to share your suggestions, questions, and more by joining the discussion, networking with the EzineArticles Expert Author community, and even discovering new strategies to apply to your own article writing efforts.

Here’s today’s question:

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