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The content on the EzineArticles Blog and our FAQ page is created to address the needs of our authors; it’s just that simple. We cover a range of topics such as article writing tips, My.EzineArticles.com updates, common Editorial issues, and much more. Our Member Support Team is committed to delivering detailed, accurate responses to both our members and non-members alike.

There are times, however, when the answer you receive is unclear, or you’re hesitant to ask a follow-up question. We would like to give you the chance to ask us a question right here on the blog. Whether you just recently joined our site or have years of writing experience, we’re open to your questions all the same, and will gladly answer them to the best of our ability. You may even get feedback from other authors who see your question!

Here are just some of the topics you could ask about:

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EzineArticles Asks: What Are You Reading?

Want to connect with your audience?

Be a sponge:


Expert Author articles, books by famous authors, books by not-so-famous authors, news articles by ground-breaking journalists, posts by leading bloggers, and more – read everything and anything you can get your hands on. Thumb through celebrated periodicals and even divulge in a little guilty pleasure by browsing through those tabloids waiting at most checkouts – whatever you do read, absorb it and reflect on what you read.

These reflections will help you understand an author’s approach as well as the nuances and tricks of writing a convincing story that engages readers. And you need engaged readers who are compelled by your writing. A compelled reader will want more of what you offer by continuing from your article and on to your website because you’ve resonated with their needs and interests by striking a chord with them.

Without an engaged audience, you’ll be a one-man band playing out-of tune to an empty room.

Read to be engaged and engage others!
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EzineArticles Asks: Do You Edit Your Own Articles?

Share Your Answer to This Question and More in the Comments!

“[Copy] editors know that the catch with machines checking spelling is that if it’s a legitimate word, the machine smiles, oblivious to whether it’s the right word in context. ‘Lemon aide’? Well sure. ‘Lemon’ and ‘aide’ are both real words. But can one enjoy a cool glass of ‘lemon aide’ in the garden?” — Gypsy da Silva

While there are some who take delight in editing and proofreading, for many it’s an arduous task.

Editing includes …


First there’s proofreading by checking:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar

That’s not too bad, right?
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Q&A: How Do I Create an Article Set?

From the Mailbag: The Questions and Answers of Article Writers and Content Marketers Shared Just Like You!

Whether you didn’t know to ask, were too busy to ask, or didn’t think it was important enough to ask, you know there’s a huge benefit to listening in to the responses of other people’s questions. It’s one of the reasons talk shows have been such a huge hit: We can learn from the experiences of others and gain expert advice to apply to our own lives.

With this benefit in mind, I’m excited to introduce a new series that will post our Expert Authors writing and content marketing questions and we’ll answer them – in great depth – right here for you. So let’s stop killing time and get to it!

Janice from New Zealand writes:

I recently wrote an article that was too long on its own, so I separated it into two articles. When I submitted them, I received a reply that they were not considered suitable for publication because they were not complete on their own. How do I create an article set so each article stands on its own, but it also connects to the other article?
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EzineArticles Asks: What Reading Level Should You Target?

Use Words That Speak to Readers

Authors have typically achieved higher levels of education than the average reading level and tend to write at the same reading level as other authors in their niche. So where does that leave the actual reader?

According to many reports (including the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics’ 1992 Adult Literacy survey), the average reading level is the 7th or 8th grade. Combine that with reports of increasingly low-attention spans of Internet users who require even milder language and you’re looking at a reading level of the 6th or 7th grade.

What Should You Do?

Our recommendation is this: If you want to communicate the right idea to the right audience, then you need to use the language and vocabulary with which they’re most comfortable. Sometimes that will require simple words and sometimes more specific language should be used. Ultimately, you need to dig into the demographics of your target audience to determine their reading level. This will ensure you’re sensitive to their needs and will be able to communicate your message.

Also, take a look at recommended reading lists that are prescribed for the various reading levels. There are plenty of words like “assimilate” and “eccentric” that occur on 8th grade vocabulary lists, so it’s important to point out that reading level doesn’t indicate the shortness of words. The key is your readers should understand the words and its context.

What Do You Think?
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EzineArticles Asks: What’s Your Favorite Blog Post or Series?

Take a quick look back with us and share your invaluable feedback!

One year ago, I was introduced to the EzineArticles blog community. Since then, my appreciation for our Expert Authors has grown tenfold!

Ranging from newbies to experienced writers and from grammarians to SEO experts, our core readership and commenters are a great group of people who are truly amazing. From this dynamic group of people, I’ve learned the following over the past year:

  • Expect the unexpected because no matter what happens, it’s all about passion.
  • Be direct and reiterate to ensure you’re absolutely clear.
  • Never make assumptions on what people know and don’t know.
  • Logic and specific examples are better than lofty ideas.
  • Comment spam is like keeping a horde of zombies at bay (thank goodness for spam filters!).

Based on insider data, online trends, your questions, and much more, we tailor the blog content to help you improve your article writing efforts, navigate the broad ocean of content marketing, and strengthen your overall platform. Are some topics more interesting than others? Perhaps, but each and every topic is an invaluable tool you can use to your advantage. In case you missed them over the past year, here are 10 that deserve your special attention:
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EzineArticles Asks: What’s Your Question?

The EzineArticles Member Support Team responds to thousands of inquiries every month.

They know all of EzineArticles’ resources like the back of their hand and whether you need advice or an explanation, they’re here to help.

Now, they’re turning the tables: The experts on our Member Support Team have an important question for you!

Watch the video below to meet the team and share your answer in the comments section of this post.

Downloadable Versions:
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EzineArticles Asks: What Are Your Best Social Media Practices?

How Do You Use Social Media to Reach and Engage Your Audience?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc…. With so many social networks and dozens of strategies, which ones are the right fit for your platform?

The answer varies from niche to niche, which is why we are turning this question to you, our well-versed Expert Authors:

What Are Your Best Social Media Practices?

I know; that’s a HUGE topic that requires a little more information.

Consider any of the following 10 questions to help guide you in your response:

  • What platform works best for you and your audience?
  • Did you find any platforms that didn’t work for you?
  • How many platforms do you concurrently manage?
  • How often do you post?
  • What do you do to increase followers and engagement?
  • What forms of content have the highest level of engagement, such as photos, links, videos, etc.?
  • Do you use your personal profile or brand profile to engage with your audience?
  • What type of calls-to-action do you use to encourage engagement and sharing?
  • Have you used paid advertising on social media and did it yield good results?
  • Have you employed a social media marketing company to either manage or boost your exposure? If so, what was your experience?

Don’t worry! We’re not asking you to answer ALL of the above questions. Simply touch on the questions that you’ve had the most experience with or additional social media strategies or methods not mentioned. Share your comments or pose a question below to join the conversation – we’d love to hear from you!
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EzineArticles Asks: What Are Your Best Grammar Tips?

We want your input!

Grammar can be tough to master – even in your own native tongue. Writing articles in a language other than your own native tongue can be even tougher, but – as so many Expert Authors have proven – it can be done while still maintaining quality!

Even more, many grammarians have claimed non-native language learners develop a more learned understanding of a language better than its native speakers. Why? Because non-native language learners are able to compare and contrast their native language with the second language to note memorable differences in form and style.

It’s for precisely this reason we are posing this question for our English as a Second Language (ESL) Expert Authors:

What are the best grammar and other writing tips
that you can share with your fellow authors?

To prime the grammar insights pump, here are 3 tips from EzineArticles’ Editors:
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EzineArticles Asks: Should You Try Guest Posting?

Besides article writing, what’s another fantastic way to build trust, credibility, and exposure?

Similar to publishing articles on credible article directories, guest posting helps you advocate your platform.

With guest posting, you can achieve the following:

  • Network with fellow experts in your niche
  • Foster your credibility and authority
  • Increase your visibility and reach in your niche
  • Connect with new readers to grow your readership
  • Provide unique backlinks to your blog or website

When writing a guest post …

Similar to publishing articles on EzineArticles.com, guest posting is most successful with quality, informative content. Don’t forget to provide a Resource Box or brief author biography that offers information about you, your organization, and how readers can further connect with you (i.e., a link).

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when writing a guest post:
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