Branding With Your Author Photo on

Build Exposure with Your Author Photo

Getting quality content out there is not always enough. To cultivate a loyal readership or to reach out to new readers, it is important to employ simple marketing methods to bring your articles up to the surface and stand out against the thousands of other authors in your niche.

Branding is an incredible marketing technique for your articles. It builds trust with your readers and promotes you as an authority in your niche. Conveyed visually or through written messages, branding is something tangible readers can relate to and recognize.

One of the easiest methods of branding is the visual message. For the writing community, an author’s visual message is their author photo. Readers trust someone they can visualize behind the writing and your author photo creates a visual connection.
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Measure Article Performance With

Your Articles on the Performance Stage

Tracking the performance of your articles is important to your article writing success and with the new member interface it has never been faster or easier!

The Performance section helps you:

  • Monitor the Traffic of Your Articles Over Time
  • Compare Your Articles
  • Analyze Statistics
  • Follow Your Category Ranking Against Other Experts in Your Niche

Watch this video to learn how to really work the Performance section of to your advantage:

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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NEW: Member Interface

Submitting Articles Is Faster and Easier With

On behalf of the entire EzineArticles Team, I am thrilled to roll out the red carpet to all of our EzineArticles members., the brand new member interface, offers a fresh, personable edge with new and improved features to enhance user experience, increase interconnectivity with thousands of other Expert Authors, and provide a streamlined approach to article writing.

Over the last few months, we have extensively tested and tempered the new interface to provide you with an incredible article writing experience. We would like to thank our first group of beta-testers, EzineArticles Diamond Level members, who provided loads of feedback. Using their comments, as well as suggestions provided by hundreds of other EzineArticles members over the last year, we built a superior article writing platform.
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