Engage in Expert Author Discussions on My.EzineArticles.com

Build Relationships to Increase Your Credibility

Relationship building is a powerful strategy. It’s a system of collaboration, support, and engagement among individuals as well as groups with a common interest. Whether it’s a niche, a hobby, or merely something that caught your eye – relationship building can help you and it’s never been easier than on My.EzineArticles.com.

Like any relationship building strategy, offline or online, networking is about social engagement and discussion. The Discussions section of your Networking tab can easily help you foster and maintain relationships with fellow Expert Authors in your Network. In turn, these relationships will help you stay motivated, target your article writing goals, enhance your credibility, and build exposure to your platform.

Don’t know what to discuss? No worries. We’ll give you a topic! Use any or all of these discussion points to increase transparency, leverage your credibility, and build exposure:
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Share Your Articles on Facebook and Twitter

Keep Your Facebook and Twitter Audience Happy with Fresh Content!

Automatically syndicate your new articles into your Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Why? How? Every time you publish an article on EzineArticles.com, it will be automatically tweeted and shared on your Twitter profile. Connect your Facebook profile to your Twitter profile and you will have automatically tweeted to your Facebook profile too!

In turn, sharing your recently published articles increases your:

  • Credibility and authority
  • Visibility and brand awareness
  • Audience trust and engagement
  • Visitor return-rate and loyalty
  • Time not having to tweet/share it manually!

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How to Monitor Your Recent Article Activity

EzineArticles Quick Tips

Where can you go to easily monitor your articles’ progression through the editorial review process? How can you quickly preview and edit your latest drafts with ease?

You can with the Recent Article Activity section of your My.EzineArticles.com member interface!

Check out how to easily monitor your Recent Article Activity in this video to save you time and give you peace of mind.*

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From My Desk to Yours – 36th Edition

By: Penny, EzineArticles Managing Editor

Welcome back, or simply welcome, to From My Desk to Yours. In this series, we address common Expert Author obstacles and provide stellar success strategies, tips to getting your article approved, updates to the Editorial Guidelines, and more.

Your feedback and suggestions are important to our growth and innovation and are the defining aspect of the EzineArticles platform.

This brings us to our topic today: The Body of the Submit New Article form on the new My.EzineArticles.com member interface.

We have studied data, tested new tools, pored over your comments, and much more to make the Submit New Article form easier, faster, and smarter than ever.

Now we need a little more specific input as we launch into another phase of improving the Submit New Article form on My.EzineArticles.com:
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Write Relevant Articles with Topic Suggestions

Want to build a loyal audience?

Create a dynamic relationship with your readers!

A dynamic relationship with your readers will build trust in you and your platform, deepen your audience’s participation, increase your conversion rates, and more.

One of the methods of creating dynamic relationships is opening a line of communication between you and your audience. A communication strategy you can use with your readers is the power of suggestion – Topic Suggestions that is!

What are Topic Suggestions?

Your readers can suggest article topics they wish you to write on. This is done by selecting “Suggest a topic” found:
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My.EzineArticles.com Mission Update!

The Countdown to Launch Continues!

In April, we began the countdown to June 1st when My.EzineArticles.com will become the only member interface for EzineArticles members. Thousands of Expert Authors made My.EzineArticles.com their default interface on April 17th and more join them every day!

Activity Detected on My.EzineArticles.com

The My.EzineArticles.com Expert Author network is teeming with activity – from article submissions to discussion to sharing achievements. Here’s what Expert Authors are saying about the tools, features, and feel of the new member interface and how it has helped them achieve their personal goals:
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You’re Invited! Explore My.EzineArticles.com Today

You’re Cordially Invited to Make the Switch to My.EzineArticles.com!

Your default member interface will change to My.EzineArticles.com on Tuesday, April 17th, but why wait? We invite you to take a big step forward and begin working toward achieving your goals using My.EzineArticles.com.

Receive the Gift of VIP Support Priority

If you make the switch today, you will receive VIP Support Priority on all of your questions and comments sent to our Member Support Team until Friday, April 20th. This means all messages sent to us from your My.EzineArticles.com account will be assigned priority status and be addressed as soon as possible! We want to ease your transition to our new interface and we know a quick reply is one way to make that happen.

RSVP Today!
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Announcing BIG Plans for My.EzineArticles.com

The Countdown Begins

After more than a year of development, testing, and gathering your feedback, we’re confidently retiring the Members.EzineArticles.com member interface on June 1st to make room for the new, sleek, and innovative design of My.EzineArticles.com.

Our first milestone is set for Tuesday, April 17th, when My.EzineArticles.com becomes the default interface. During this time, you’ll be automatically redirected from Members.EzineArticles.com to My.EzineArticles.com. If you’re not quite ready for this change, you’ll still be able to opt-out and resume use of the Members.EzineArticles.com interface, but keep in mind: Time is running out!

If you’re still using the old Members.EzineArticles.com interface, you’ll notice two Countdown Timers at the top of your interface:

  • Primary Timer: April 17, 2012 – My.EzineArticles.com becomes the default interface.
  • Secondary Timer: June 1, 2012 – My.EzineArticles.com officially replaces Members.EzineArticles.com.

Discover why you should make the switch and start using the new and improved tools My.EzineArticles.com offers in the video below:

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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Easily Monitor the Performance of Your Articles

Monthly Article Performance Reports Now on My.EzineArticles.com

We’ve got exciting news! Effective immediately, your Article Performance Reports can now be easily accessed in the Monthly Summary section of your My.EzineArticles.com account.

Track Your Articles’ Performance

The Monthly Summary section provides comprehensive data for eligible EzineArticles members. The data and information found in the Monthly Summary section includes:

  • Total article views for the month
  • Total clicks delivered for the month
  • Total published (live) articles overall
  • Top 3 performing articles for the month
  • Top 3 performing articles overall
  • Top keywords used to find your top performing articles
  • An archive of previous monthly summaries

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Fine-Tune Your Preferences on My.EzineArticles.com

You’re in control with My.EzineArticles.com Settings!

You may need to update your contact information from time to time or perhaps you want to receive your Monthly Performance Summaries via email.

No matter! You are in full control of your account settings and how you wish to receive your EzineArticles notifications with My.EzineArticles.com.

How to access Settings on My.EzineArticles.com:

  1. Go to My.EzineArticles.com
  2. Log in using your current EzineArticles username and password
  3. Select the author name dropdown menu located in the upper-right corner of the page
  4. Select Settings

Within Settings, you will find three tabs:
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