#HAHD Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Participating in the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD) just got a whole lot easier!

Thanks to a recent upgrade to the EzineArticles Member Interface, you’ll now be able to actually “sign-up” for the #HAHD Challenge, check your progress anytime and never have to submit a prize claim email again!

How is this Different?

Previously, you did not have the option to sign-up. You simply notified us when all 100 articles were submitted. You also had to manually track your article submission progress. We have taken the guesswork out so you can focus on your writing.

With the newly added features, you will now be able to sign-up for the challenge, track your #HAHD submissions, and update your address on file to make certain you receive your prizes for all your hard work. Are you ready?

Here’s How to Sign-Up:

  1. Log in to the EzineArticles Member Interface.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up for the #HAHD Marathon Challenge” text link in the left navigation bar.
  3. Verify your postal mailing address and update it if necessary. This address must be correct in order to receive your prizes.
  4. Select the author(s) you want to enter into the challenge. Keep in mind that articles from multiple author names may not be combined. However, multiple author names may qualify individually. Prizes will be awarded to each qualified author name.
  5. Click the “Verify & Sign Up” button to submit your #HAHD enrollment.
  6. A confirmation window will appear confirming your enrollment.

In the left navigation bar you’ll now see one or more progress bars indicating your current progress in the #HAHD Challenge for each author name you’ve selected. Once you have submitted the required 100 articles, the progress bar will be be filled and show “100% Complete” beneath it.

That’s all you have to do – you’ll receive your prizes a few weeks after the completion of the challenge!

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#HAHD Kickoff Teleseminar Replay

Here’s another opportunity to catch this terrific 2-hour webinar/teleseminar that aired last Friday!

The 3rd #HAHD Marathon Challenge officially got underway at 12:01AM CST on Friday, January 1st. Whether you’ve already started writing and submitting articles for the challenge, or you’re still thinking about it, if you missed this great program you missed out on a LOT of valuable information! It’s loaded with hints, tips and tricks from me as well as some of the best Article Marketers in the world, including: Jeff Herring, Connie Ragen Green and Lisa Mason.


[Download the MP3] (120 min./20.5MB)

Click here to view the video replay on the EzineArticles USTREAM Channel
– Note: To rate the video or leave a comment you will need to sign up for a free USTREAM membership and be logged in.

Don’t think you have 2 hours to invest in listening to this teleseminar? You may want to think again! It’s packed with great hints, tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else. Here are just a few …

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FREE #HAHD Kickoff Teleseminar

Featuring Christopher Knight, EzineArticles Publisher and CEO, this Friday!

The 3rd #HAHD Marathon Challenge officially got underway at 12:01AM CST on Friday, January 1st. Whether you’ve already started writing for the challenge, or you’re still thinking about it, you don’t want to miss this FREE 2-hour webinar/teleseminar hosted by Christopher Knight, EzineArticles Publisher and CEO.


  1. Topic Idea Generation
  2. Overcoming Common Writing Obstacles
  3. Tips You’ll Need to Succeed
  4. Your #HAHD Questions

Friday, January 8, 2010
11:00AM-1:00PM CST (USA)

Go to the EzineArticles USTREAM Channel
Note: To participate in live chat, you will need to sign up for a free USTREAM membership.

Phone Number: 212-990-8000
Conference ID/PIN: 1204 #

User Codes:
*6 – Mute On/Off
*4 – Volume Up/Down

Go to http://AskChristopherKnight.com/ and fill out the form, or simply ask your question by leaving a comment here.

Happy New Year from EzineArticles!

2010 and the 3rd #HAHD Marathon Challenge have officially begun!

Make your 2010 New Year’s Resolution a commitment to write and submit 100 original, high-quality articles to EzineArticles.com before April 10th. In so doing, you’ll not only get the pleasure of receiving this fun prize package, you’ll also reap the benefits of increased traffic, improved exposure and enhanced credibility – benefits that you’ll continue to enjoy long after 2010 is over.

If you haven’t already made your commitment, do it now! Then really solidify your New Year’s Resolution by tweeting your intentions, too (don’t forget the #HAHD) – or click [here] to let us write your tweet for you!

To find out more about the 3rd #HAHD Marathon Challenge, check out Monday’s Blog post.

On behalf of the entire EzineArticles Team, including Gary, have a safe, prosperous and traffic-filled new year!

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3rd #HAHD Marathon Challenge Begins 1/1/2010

The 3rd “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge” (#HAHD) begins Friday, January 1, 2010 at 12:01AM CST-USA.

[Please Note: This post was updated on February 3, 2010 – Enrollment procedures have changed. For more information, click here]

They say the 3rd time is a charm. Well get ready, because the 3rd #HAHD Marathon Challenge begins this Friday!

To help kick it off, Christopher Knight, EzineArticles Publisher and CEO, will be hosting a public webinar/teleseminar on Friday, January 8th from 11:00AM-1:00PM CST-USA for anyone attempting to complete the #HAHD Challenge! Watch the Blog and Twitter for more details.

TO QUALIFY: There’s no need to sign up! Just submit at least 100 articles of 400 words or more between 12:01AM CST-USA Friday, January 1st and 11:59PM CST-USA Saturday, April 10th. That’s only one 400-word article per day for 100 days. Once those 100 articles are approved, you’re qualified!


All qualifiers will receive:

  • #HAHD Certificate of Achievement (frame not included)

Upon email request, all qualifiers will also receive:

  • Original Limited-edition EzineArticles #HAHD Trophy Mug
  • Limited-edition EzineArticles #HAHD Mouse Pad
  • Limited-edition EzineArticles Giant Beach Ball
  • Limited-edition EzineArticles Hat

The top 100 members for total number of qualified submissions will also receive a chance to win 1 of 10 FREE 1-year EzineArticles Premium Membership subscriptions valued at $582 each!

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Write Articles, Earn a Holiday Mug!

Finish 2009 by completing this 10-day “mini-challenge” and you’ll earn a limited-edition EzineArticles holiday mug!

The rules are simple:

  1. Submit at least 25 qualified articles between 12:01AM CST-USA today (12/23/09) and 11:59PM CST-USA on New Year’s Day (1/1/10).
  2. After you have submitted 25 articles, and prior to 11:59PM CST-USA on January 7, 2010, send an email requesting your mug to holidaymug@ezinearticles.com – you’ll receive an automated email response.
  3. Confirm your shipping address is correct in your EzineArticles profile. We’ll only ship these mugs to confirmed postal addresses worldwide.

Do those 3 things and you’ll receive one of these limited-edition EzineArticles holiday mugs. There’s no need to sign up. It’s that simple.

We’ll announce the first names of the winners in the comments section of this Blog post on Monday, January 11th.

So take a break from holiday eating and entertaining. Instead, spend a little time boosting your credibility, driving traffic to your site and increasing your exposure for 2010 by writing and submitting at least 25 high-quality, original articles. =)

2nd #HAHD Wrap-Up

Second “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge” To-Do List:

  • Identify All Qualifiers
  • Verify Prize Claims
  • Identify “First 100” and “Top 100” Qualifiers
  • Choose 10 FREE Premium Membership Winners
  • Send Congratulatory Emails to All
  • Upload Certificates of Achievement
  • Send Prizes
  • Schedule and Announce FREE 4-Hour Teleseminar
  • Hold Teleseminar

Whew! As you can see by our nearly completed To-Do List, we’re just about done. It seems like only last week that the 2nd #HAHD Marathon Challenge officially got started. It’s amazing how time flies when our Expert Authors are being incredibly productive.

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers who diligently completed at least 100 articles in the designated 100-day window. If you’re one of the qualifiers, and you also submitted your prize request email, you should have already received an email acknowledging your achievements.

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2nd #HAHD Challenge Ends

[UPDATED 11/9/09] Important Reminder: The second “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge” officially came to a close at 11:59PM CDT Sunday, November 8th.

Those who believe they have met the challenge requirements for any prizes must send a prize request via email to hahd@ezinearticles.com prior to Monday, November 15, 2009.

To Qualify:

  1. All articles must be submitted under the same author name. Articles from multiple author names may not be combined.
  2. A minimum of 100 articles must have been submitted between 12:00AM CDT Saturday, August 1st and 11:59PM CDT Sunday, November 8th.
  3. Qualifications will be verified and prizes will be shipped no later than November 27th via USPS to the postal mailing address listed in the member profile and to verifiable postal mailing addresses ONLY.

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#HAHD Marathon Challenge Update

We’re officially past the halfway point – less than 50 days to go!

Can you believe it? We’re already more than half way through the second EzineArticles 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD). The huge number of authors who have taken the #HAHD pledge is astounding. If you’re not one of them, there’s still time to qualify – but you’ll need to start writing and submitting TODAY!

If you’ve already committed to the challenge, we’d like to take this opportunity give you an update and to clarify a few less-than-clear points about the prizes we’re offering.


  • There are still more than sixty First 100 Qualifier slots available! Remember, it’s the first 100 members who submit a minimum of 100 qualifying articles AND send a prize claim email to hahd@ezinearticles.com that will win the fleece throw, the hat and the invitation to a private 4-hour Article Marketing Teleseminar hosted by Chris Knight!
  • There’s still time to qualify! Any articles submitted after 12:00AM CDT, Saturday, August 1st, will automatically count toward your #HAHD total whether you’ve pledged to enter the challenge or not – so you may be closer than you think! Even if you’re starting at zero, there’s still time – many authors have qualified in a lot less time.

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Get Your #HAHD Certificate of Achievement Today

Our latest addition to the “Author Tools” menu brings your accomplishments home!

If you qualified for the first #HAHD Marathon Challenge you can now print this great looking Certificate of Achievement right in the comfort of your home or office.

Here’s How:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Account
  2. From the Author’s Area, click on the “Author Tools” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Accomplishments”
  4. If you qualified for the first #HAHD Marathon Challenge, you’ll see a link for each of your authors that qualified
  5. Click on the link to open a PDF version of your personalized Certificate of Achievement
  6. Print as many copies as you need (May we suggest a framed copy in each room of your house?)

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