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Top 6 FREE EzineArticles Tools to Help You Achieve and Measure Success

Polishing your articles? Increase your productivity, receive massive exposure, and build your credibility by creating original, quality articles with the right tools.

1. Performance: Tracking the performance of your articles is important to your article writing success. Use the Performance page to monitor your articles’ traffic over time, compare your articles, analyze your article’s statistics, and get the search terms used to find your articles.

2. Email Alerts: Feel like you are falling behind on scoping out your competitors or keeping up with the Expert Author community? Don’t worry! We’ll come to you. Sign up for Email Alerts to receive insider information, updates, announcements, writing tips, and new tools.

3. Title Suggestions: An article’s title has to be positioned just right to attract readers and search engines. Let us do the “work” of writing laser-targeted titles for you or simply use the Title Suggestions as inspiration for your next article.
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Article Writing Tips to Retweet: August 2012

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, and training – We’ve gathered some of the best ones from August right here. Retweet any of them to enhance your article writing efforts.

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Article Writing and Ideas

  • Writing, like most things, takes practice. You get better each time you do it. Train those muscles by writing every day!
  • Avoid driving your readers mad with padded content! Be clear, concise, & direct to build trust, loyalty, & credibility.
  • You are unique and you have original ideas. Share them in a quality, original article.
  • “You fail only if you stop writing.” – Ray Bradbury. Don’t you agree?
  • Surprise readers with topics you’ve discovered to let them know how your unique insights can be helpful to them.

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Select Your Very Own EzineArticles Wallpaper

Give Your Motivation a Boost with These 6 New Wallpapers

Our Graphic Artists have been busy creating a new batch of EzineArticles-themed wallpapers just for you!

These unique wallpapers offer a change of pace for your computer’s theme and they also serve as a reminder to help you stay in the article writing state of mind by writing and submitting new quality articles.

Click on the link below that matches the resolution of your monitor(s) to download the appropriate wallpaper. Then select that file as your new wallpaper and begin enjoying your new EzineArticles background.

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Cure For the Time Vortex

Learn How You Can Manage Your Time Effectively and Add Great Value to Your Article Writing Efforts!

At the end of the day, Alice Wrighter collapsed on her couch next to her husband, and exclaimed: “Wow! I’m exhausted, but I didn’t finish one article!”

Her husband turned to her and good-humoredly said, “Well, honey… I know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Picasso, commenting on blogs, web surfing, reading the news, email, and playing Angry Birds is part of your creative routine, but wouldn’t it be better if you concentrated more of your efforts on building your article library? You know – so you have a solid foundation for your connections to link back to, which will serve as concrete evidence of your Expert Author status and take your credibility further?”

“What’s that honey?” asked Alice distractedly. “Oh look! X Factor is on!”
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Building Your Brand as an Expert Author

6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Personal Brand

A real challenge faced by many article writers in today’s competitive market is choosing how to develop a personal brand.

And no, I’m not talking about the type of branding Stuart is about to undertake in today’s cartoon.

I’m talking about your identity as a writer and as an expert. This includes things like your stance on:

  1. Formal vs. Informal Writing – In some cases, a formal style makes more sense, like if you are describing how to do something. Other times, you’ll have an easier time building rapport by writing informally, like how you would in conversation. Check out this post on developing your own style.
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Allure of Facebook for Article Writers

Developing a Social Media Strategy as an Article Writer

The allure of Facebook is undeniable, especially for people with insights or content to share.

With more than 750 million active users, the social networking site is quickly becoming an attractive option for article writers hoping to build business relationships and generate additional website traffic.

But, launching a social networking account for your brand without having a plan or strategy to implement, as well as a way to evaluate your progress, is a big mistake.

Don’t let a lack of planning or a misunderstanding of what Facebook is all about slap you around or you’ll end up like Delores – confused and misunderstanding the power of the technology. Instead, follow these tips for creating a social networking account to extend the reach of your article writing:

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Keyword Research – Return of the Article Writing Genie

The Article Writing Genie Returns to Grant Three More Wishes

Today, we bring back the mystical Article Writing Genie to respond to some new requests from real Expert Authors.

He’s been receiving plenty of questions recently about keywords, so he decided to focus in that direction for this wish granting session. Here are wishes from a few lucky members and what the genie had to say:

Wish #1: Genie, there are so many keywords in my niche to choose from. Give me the keywords and keyphrases that are trending right now so I know where to focus my future articles.

The Genie Says:

Every niche is a little bit different, but many authors run into this problem. They get excited about article writing and have so much of their expertise to share, but they just don’t know where to start. Plus, they want to make an impact on people right now by focusing on keywords that are currently relevant.

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Working On Your Downtime Plan

Imagine for a moment …

You woke up early this morning, and you’re motivated and ready to write and submit several new articles to take your article writing to a new level (on a Saturday, no less).

You turn on your computer, and as the machine boots up, you consult your article idea notebook and start brainstorming in your head about your first article.

With confidence high, you open up your word processing program and an Internet browser window to check emails. Suddenly, a message pops up on your screen, “Network Connection Failed. Try Again Later.”

You think to yourself, “Ugh, not again,” and you proceed to reboot your Internet router. As it’s rebooting, you start typing the article and put checking your email on the back-burner. An hour passes. You finish the article, and, after a quick review, you’re satisfied with it.

You go back to the Internet window to submit your article to EzineArticles and the Internet is still down. You try everything – rebooting the router again and then rebooting the whole computer – nothing works. You’ve been hit with a case of Internet downtime that’ll last until you can get in contact with your ISP.

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Formal vs. Informal Writing Styles

Who’s Your Audience?

Before you start writing any article, one of the first things you need to ask yourself is “Who’s my audience?”

Here’s a quick primer to help you answer that question (which can be quite a complicated one):

  1. Is there a level of familiarity between you and your audience?
  2. Are you writing for colleagues or someone else?
  3. How do they expect to receive this message?
  4. Are they looking for some level of interaction?
  5. Are they more interested in being spoken to with direct messages?
  6. What’s their connection to the topic?
  7. Is it for their business/livelihood?

Answering each of these questions will put you on course to figuring out how formal (or informal) your writing ought to be.

An informal writing style shows a level of familiarity and personality that sets it apart. Meanwhile, formal writing most often takes place on serious topics in a direct and succinct way.

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Dreaming of Highly-Targeted Traffic?

Don’t just dream of highly-targeted traffic, live it.

The #1 way to get more highly-targeted traffic to your website is to write and submit more new articles to directories like EzineArticles. Each article is a new access point that can help interested readers connect to you and your business.

With all else equal, a set of 10 articles consistently outperforms one article by itself in just about every statistical category. Although this traffic equation rings true, for many people it doesn’t do complete justice to the topic. For example, if you’re writing under time constraints, you’d want to know how you can become a more efficient and effective writer.

With a little extra effort on your part, the “More Articles = More Traffic” equation can be tinkered with to your advantage.

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