Expert Author Showcase: Camille Rodriquez

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Camille Rodriquez in Today’s Author Showcase

Hailing from the Lone Star State (Texas, U.S.A.), Expert Author Camille Rodriquez wears many hats and that’s not including a Texan ten gallon cowboy hat. As a business owner, homeschool parent, women’s pastor, and social media enthusiast, Camille skillfully demonstrates how to expand the scope of your expertise relative to your lifestyle while still providing highly relevant, quality articles for readers.

“My articles tend to be in a variety of areas,” Camille stated. “There are certainly common themes to what I write, because I am the connecting piece, but I love to explore new ideas and new niches…”
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Expert Author Showcase: Philip Spires

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Philip Spires in Today’s Author Showcase

Originally from the north of England, Expert Author Philip Spires has traveled around the globe, picking up moments of inspiration and compiling every detail in his commonplace book for future inspiration. Settling in Spain, Philip and his wife opened a small tourism business, which allowed him to attain a Ph.D. and dedicate more time to his unrelenting passion for writing.

Philip embraces his dedication for the written word through various writing mediums and has an impressive collection of published works: two novels (Mission and A Fool’s Knot), a collection of short stories (Voyagers), a non-fiction book (50 of the Best co-authored with Martin Offiah), over a hundred book reviews, and another novel on the way (A Search For Donald Cottee, a parody of Don Quixote).
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Expert Author Showcase: Robert William Locke

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Robert William Locke in Today’s Author Showcase

With an innate talent for writing, health enthusiast and Expert Author Robert William Locke has an insatiable appetite for information which is translated into his articles for his readers.

Motivated by the unseen reader searching the Internet for information, Robert knows the value of determination is the key to being successful. With a stunning sea view near Gaeta, Italy, Robert rewards his article writing efforts simply: an Italian espresso coffee, lunch, a walk on the beach, or a swim in the sea. These rewards help Robert stay inspired and on task.
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Expert Author Showcase: Mary Ruddy

Meet EzineArticles Expert Author Mary Ruddy in today’s Author Showcase.

As Editor-in-Chief of several natural health and wellness websites, Expert Author Mary Ruddy strives to consistently provide quality information to help support a longer, healthier, and more productive life for her readers.

Inspired by her own experience as a patient “struggling with health problems, being passed from pillar to post from one doctor or consultant to another, but without any real answers,” Mary fought to find answers. “Through my own quest to get to the bottom of my health issues, I accidentally found my passion and through daily interaction with people who have gone through similar experiences, my inspiration and motivation to become a leading authority in this niche has been fueled.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Dr. Jim Anderson

With over 20 years of experience in the Sales, Marketing, and IT fields, Dr. Jim Anderson offers a unique approach to take intricate business and technical practices and propose solutions for audiences through article writing.

Fueled by his passion for the five areas of business communication he writes about (speaking in public, negotiating, managing teams, managing departments, and managing products), Jim writes high quality articles at a remarkable rate. “The combination of passion and quantity is clearly paying off for me… I write a 700 – 1,000 word article each weekday without fail,” he said. “This has allowed me to submit over 500 articles to EzineArticles in a little over two years.”

Using articles to drive traffic to his main business site, Jim commented “the reason that I love articles is that they are always working for me – whenever someone goes looking for valuable information… my articles will be there on waiting to answer their questions and tell them there’s more to be found at my business web site.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Deepanjolie Figg

The focus of today’s Expert Author Showcase is freelance article writer and journalist, Deepanjolie Figg, whose inspiration comes from turning the challenges of others in quality-driven articles.

With a Master’s Degree in English Literature and more than 10 years of experience, Expert Author Deepanjolie Figg writes for print as well as web media based on customer needs, suggestions from past clients, problems faced by those in her niche, as well as publishers looking for quality article writers. With a personal touch, Deepanjolie’s articles are tailored to audiences in the writing world ranging from Creative Writing to Article Marketing.
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Expert Author Showcase: Susan Leigh

Counselor and Hypnotherapist Susan Leigh writes with people in mind as she delivers informative articles meant to help both the people around her and audiences across the world!

Susan Leigh has been an Expert Author with EzineArticles since 2009, writing hundreds of high-quality articles in several categories. She enjoys article writing because it is a way for her to keep her high profile, establish her credibility and give as much information as possible on her very interesting topics.
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Expert Author Showcase: Robert D Hawkins

Meet EzineArticles Expert Author Robert D Hawkins in today’s Author Showcase.

Expert Author Robert D Hawkins takes a relaxed approach to article writing. “If I had to do it all over again I would write shorter articles and not take it so seriously,” he says.

This view comes from over a decade of experience online. He advises other writers to be patient. “Don’t become frustrated or angry if you fail to achieve your article writing goals that day. Simply rest up and take another crack at it tomorrow.”

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Robert’s early-bird writing habits (he normally writes between 3:00A.M. and 7:00A.M.) help him keep distractions to a minimum. However, he suggests the best plan is to be yourself. “Everyone is different… Just be who you are and do the best you can from there.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Raman Kuppuswamy

A freelance writer hailing from India, Expert Author Raman Kuppuswamy satiates his thirst for knowledge by enriching his readers with quality, detailed and passionate articles.

Since August 2009, Raman has published articles in over 20 categories ranging from Health and Fitness to Self Improvement, from Automotive to News and Society. With an eye for detail and quick thinking, Raman swings into article writing action by being open and responsive to new ideas.

What’s Raman’s secret?

“Winners, in general, become complacent and gloat smugly” says Raman. “On the other hand, losers may get mired in self-doubt… This is the reason I do not allow myself to become complacent. If I stop acquiring more and more knowledge, my ideas will be restricted. That will be the end of creativity and innovation.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Nancy Hendrickson

EzineArticles Expert Author Nancy Hendrickson is the subject of today’s Author Showcase.

Genealogy and Writing enthusiast Nancy Hendrickson is an intuitive self-starter! While Genealogy and Writing have fed her inquisitiveness and unending desire to learn, Nancy has cultivated a confidence in her abilities as an entrepreneur and as a writer by following her passion wherever it may lead.

Nancy enjoys sharing information about topics she has researched over the years and branched out to a variety of niches – anywhere from Botox to aerospace, and even from yo-yos to Elvis! She stated this gives her a sense of true satisfaction:

“I love the business side of writing. Learning new marketing skills, evolving with the changing economy, and the changing marketplace is a challenge – but a fun one… I’m always in the process of reinventing myself as the need arises. My articles meet readers’ needs – and as their needs change, so does what I write.”
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