Expert Author Showcase: Tiffany Godfrey

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Tiffany Godfrey in Today’s Author Showcase

How do you take on a massive niche like “marriage” and “relationships”? You do what Expert Author and marriage resource specialist Tiffany Godfrey did: You start with your passion, incorporate your experiences, add a dash of personality, and concentrate on what matters most – your reader.

Tiffany found her secret to success was to target a specific subset of her niche. “While many people write about marriage, they focus on couples,” Tiffany commented. “For one, I write specifically for, to, and about Christian women, and their responsibilities in making a marriage work. As a Christian woman, I can easily identify with my readers and I am able to help them see where they can make a positive difference in their marriage without nagging or pushing their husbands away.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Jonathan Huie

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Jonathan Huie in Today’s Author Showcase

While writing his first book, Expert Author Jonathan Huie realized his publisher wasn’t going to market his book as much as he had initially expected. So he did what any author would do: try to get his book the attention it deserved.

His first step was starting a website and a daily inspiration email list to attract and nurture followers. After searching the Internet for more methods to get his book into the hands of readers, Jonathan found

After publishing several books and gaining an incredible following, Jonathan reflected “article marketing and EzineArticles in particular, were crucial when I was beginning on the web. Now that my websites are fairly well established, article marketing remains one of a number of important spokes in the wheel of my online success.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Gini Graham Scott

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Gini Graham Scott in Today’s Author Showcase

With over 50 books published by major publishing companies and an additional 24 books published by her own publishing company, it is clear you may learn a thing or two from Expert Author Gini Graham Scott.

For over 30 years, Gini has written articles for newspapers and magazines ranging from client requests to helping clients explore fields such as writing books, publishing, screenplay writing, and more. Prolific on a variety of subjects, Gini repurposes her quality and original articles by compiling them into books and vice versa (from her books to articles) to reach new audiences.
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Expert Author Showcase: Kristen Burgess

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Kristen Burgess in Today’s Author Showcase

Balancing family and your own business can be challenging, but if anyone can show you it’s possible, it’s Expert Author Kristen Burgess.

Kristen found balance by working at home so she could pursue her lifelong passion: being a mom. She provides practical advice for raising healthy children and helps other work at home moms develop a viable home business.

Inspired by her own life, experiences, and new things she discovers about her niche, Kristen shares her latest insights in her articles and it shows in her results.

Just like her household of excited children, Kristen’s articles are clear, vibrant, and chock-full of resources and information. “My environment can be pretty crazy! Sometimes there are kids running in and out of the room…” she exclaimed. To focus, Kristen typically writes earlier in the morning (before her children rise and shine) and during her children’s Japanese lessons.
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Expert Author Showcase: Mark W. Medley

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Mark W. Medley in Today’s Author Showcase

Currently based in South-East Asia, Expert Author and International Training Consultant, Mark W. Medley has published a variety of articles in over 60 niches. From his news and society articles to his collection of true to life stories, it is clear Mark is passionate about writing.

Mark began writing articles for websites in the mid-2000’s. After discovering EzineArticles in 2009, he realized his ability to expand into new niches gave him a new-found freedom. “I started experimenting with articles on topics which have always fascinated me,” Mark stated. “I believe every author is different and has their own strengths and reasons to write. Personally, I write for pleasure, more than commercial reasons, which I hope gives readers a more balanced and thoughtful view in my articles.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Carla McNeil

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Carla McNeil in Today’s Author Showcase

Experts have SO much to do! It can be tough balancing all of the items on your to-do list, clearing your head, and focusing on article writing. That’s why Expert Author Carla McNeil’s approach, while simple, is incredibly successful.

A writing session in Carla’s day begins with a morning walk with her dogs to help her “get out of her head” and focus. Afterward, she will sit in her easy chair with her laptop and write for a solid 15 minutes. “I am not allowed to do anything else,” Carla stated. “If I am not writing, I am doing nothing. No email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Nothing! There has been an occasion or two where I have sat for a couple of minutes, but usually sooner than later I start writing.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Kym Gordon Moore

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Kym Gordon Moore in Today’s Author Showcase

Every day, there is an expert author who stands out and catches our attention. When Expert Author Kym Gordon Moore’s profile came across my desk, it wasn’t her impressive stats that caught my attention, nor was it her inspiring experience listed on her Expert Author page.

It was a quote that really resonated with our sentiments here at

No one can see your visions and dreams as clearly as you can. Purpose is the key to creation manifested through vision. – Kym Gordon Moore

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Expert Author Showcase: Simon Volkov

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Simon Volkov in Today’s Author Showcase

As an online marketing strategist who specializes in the highly competitive niche of foreclosures and short sales, Expert Author Simon Volkov’s success arises from his commitment to consistently provide informative content and his ability to plan strategically.

Inspired by advice-seekers, current trends in real estate, article directories, and other social media outlets, Simon is motivated to help people find solutions. “In my profession, I work with people who are facing life-changing problems…” he commented. “When I sit down to write an article, I ask myself what I would want to know if I were in their shoes. Then, I do my best to provide the information in a succinct manner that leads readers to the resources they need to overcome their life challenges.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Bob E. Jones

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bob E. Jones in Today’s Author Showcase

Expert Author Bob E. Jones is the quintessential niche expert. At the age of 10, Bob began the game that would ultimately lead to one of his greatest passions: Golf.

After playing in high school and college, Bob put aside his golf clubs to pursue his career and raise his family. He began to play golf again a few years before he retired and was swept away. Performing a detailed analysis of the game, Bob sought to discover what recreational golfers needed to learn to play their best. After accumulating over 50 years of experience, Bob published his book Better Recreational Golf in 2009 which focuses how to play golf consistently to improve your game.
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Expert Author Showcase: Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bill Lampton, Ph.D. in Today’s Author Showcase

After 23 years as a vice president of three colleges and a medical center, Expert Author Bill Lampton, Ph.D. launched Championship Communication. For the last 12 years he has served to help organizations and individual professionals strengthen their communication, motivation, sales, and customer service, through speaking, seminars, and executive coaching.

What does Bill like best about being the president of his own business? “I start every day by shaving my boss,” he stated in his EzineArticles Expert Author Bio.
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