Meri Raffetto – Author Spotlight

Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian with degrees in nutrition and psychology. Not only does Meri have extensive experience in nutritional counseling, but she is an example of an ideal Expert author.

Meri Raffetto

Most of Meri’s articles are about how to find a healthy balance with nutrition. Here’s one of hers that I liked: Are You Losing Body Fat or Water?

I really can’t recall if I was surfing our own articles for articles about BodyFat or whether I learned about Meri from another source and then realized she was already an expert author in our site.

From an Article Marketing standpoint, her articles are short (around 700 words or so), clean (no abuse of the Bold/Italics/Under font tags), written from a point of true expertise, and with a clean resource box at the end that does a call to action. Bravo!

…And in the meantime, I’ll be taking some of Meri’s advice about thinking in terms of 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat…which means I need to track and ensure that I accomplish a daily calorie deficit that leads me to the 182 lbs goal I have for myself (I’m at 193 today, 6’1″ tall). It wasn’t enough for me to just drop the 6-7% bodyfat I lost this Summer (which is the true measure of whether I’m reaching my fitness goals), but I want my 34″ waist line back too…which requires the 182lbs goal. :-)

Ok, enough about me…now, go read Meri Raffetto‘s articles.

Jeff Herring – Author Spotlight

Jeff Herring

Jeff Herring has been a loyal friend of EzineArticles for quite some time. In fact, I learned about the power of his personal recommendation earlier this year when he helped Cathy Stucker and I promote the “Market With Articles” teleseminar.

Jeff got started with us in late April of this year and he sent in 179 articles since then. He not only ‘gets it’, but he ‘drives it’ too!

He’s got quite a bit going on, mostly centered around being a marriage and family therapist, relationship coach, speaker and nationally syndicated relationship columnist.

I like how Jeff puts a lot of “universal laws” into his articles as it not only gives him more credibility, but they had strength or conviction to his articles.

This was one of my favorite articles of his:
Universal Laws for Couples

Jeff sent me this email today and gave permission for it to be reprinted here:
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Scott Richards – Author Spotlight

Scott Richards

Every week I review all of the hundred+ author photo’s that are uploaded. Usually there is a big range from poor quality to high quality author photo, but every 30-50 author photo uploads…comes along one that is unique! Scott Richards’s author photo stood out today and I thought I’d share his with you. Way to go Scott on being creative. :)

I don’t know Scott personally, but my branding brain was hoping that his author photo color scheme was going to blend in with his website so that I’d have a seamless visual experience… Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as his main website has dark red hues, but perhaps he had this author photo from a previous website.

…which brings me to this tip: If you want to strength your markets unconscious confidence in you and your brand, find a way to add something subtle to your photo so that when a visitor reaches your website, they feel like they were already part of the experience.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero – Author Spotlight

Awesome Copywriter!

I met Lorrie online over a year ago from her friend, Ali Brown.

In fact, Lorrie has changed the way I manage one of my top ezines due to a little but important tip I picked up from her (read the tip here).

Lorrie’s ezine is one of the less than a dozen that I read on a continuous basis. She really gets it and delivers real value vs. a lot of Internet marketers that make you want to run for the unsubscribe button.

Classify her in your branding brain as a world class copywriter. :)

Funny trivia bit: Lorrie is a direct descendent of Ralph Waldo Emerson but swears their writing styles are completely different.

You can learn more about Lorrie via her articles or her website:

Farris Green – Author Spotlight

Article Marketer Ahead of Her Time

Here at, we don’t get too many teens or High School level authors, but I came across Farris’s extended bio today and thought she would make a perfect example for an article author/marketer ahead of her time for others to learn from.

You won’t find a decade of business experience from her articles, but what you will find are short, sweet, punchy articles with a personality that reflects this new author’s style along with a resource box and a URL to click on.

She ‘gets it’ and is a great example for how to leverage article marketing to get published and begin building credibility and exposure, even at a young age!

Way to go Farris!
Read her Full Author Bio.

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