Pamela Beers – Author Spotlight

Today’s EzineArticles Author Spotlight is freelance writer and educator, Pamela Beers.

Pamela was picked by one of our editors because of the quality of her original articles (such as this one: “Pardon Me, Your Participle Is Dangling” ) and because of her active participation in this blog (37 comments puts her in 8th place for the most comments since we started tracking a few months ago).

Ok, back to Pamela’s “Dangline Participle” article… brings back horror from High School grammar classes and visions of evil sentence diagramming exercises. Thankfully, she spells it out in very non-threatening language in her article.

Lastly, her article on writing with pizzazz does resonate with me as I always love action adverbs to spice up some dull text… Pamela calls them, “vocal verbs and adverbs.”

Check out her articles and website when you get a moment today.

Gail Leino – Author Spotlight

“Mrs. Party” and EzineArticles Expert Gail Leino is our Author Spotlight of the day for leading the highest female author submissions for July 2006 month-to-date (86 so far).

Here’s what I really like about Gail’s articles: She is leveraging locality-based themes to attract traffic from qualified visitors searching for things relating to her area of expertise that are also connected to a specific geographical location or area. (see a related article of mine on leveraging “locality-based article writing/marketing“)

So now you know her strategy, but she even further leverages this by going DEEP (leveraging that long-tail) when you visit her websites. This depth tells me there will be many thousands of articles to follow as Gail works her locality based long-tail article writing system. I should note here that I have not asked Gail if she has an actual system or not as this is just my perception.

In addition, she is also showing some holiday-themed smarts by submitting a “Labor Day” article this month with enough advance time to get indexed by the major search engines to be found when Labor Day comes in a few months. Click here to give the rest of her articles a review.

One last trivia female-expert-author factoid: Carrier Reeder is in the #1 position for most articles submitted in 2006 by (female gender) with 547 articles year-to-date. Gail’s 334 total articles (as of this blog entry) show’s that she’s hot on the trail!

Adam Urbanski – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is EzineArticles expert author, Adam Urbanski. He’s a marketing guy and President of “Marketing Mentors Inc.” — a training program that helps entrepreneurs to attract more sales and grow their business.

I like his creative use of his image on his website for his subscription box that is located on the upper right corner.

What earned him the Author Spotlight today was for doing the basics. Sometimes in life, just doing the basics is enough to succeed because the greater majority of our authors fail to take just a few more minutes to get the basics done…such as uploading an author picture to their profile.

Adam’s word count is a bit higher than we’d normally shoot for, but we love original content any day! His articles are clearly written from genuine expertise with an intent to educate, share knowledge and then a gentle plug in the Resource Box for his business.

Lastly, his Resource Box always contains a benefit-driven hook, such as an invitation to download a 32 page free report to further recommended reading resources on his website. Nice job Adam!

Gregg Gillies – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is EzineArticles expert author, Gregg Gillies.

Gregg Gillies is the author of “From Fat to Fit…Fast!” and “The Skinny Guy’s Guide to Building Mass Fast!” as well as the owner of

What makes his articles great is that he writes from personal experience & expertise… and his author photo proves it. I always like it when an authors photo matches their area of expertise instead of the same typical professional photo (not that there is anything wrong with that).

At my local gym they brought in a consultant full-time to help them drive membership sales. He works in a suit or high-end business dress all day, everyday. What a complete knob he is. If he wants to relate to fitness seekers, he should dress for the role… just like authors who have an opportunity to use an author photo that ENHANCES their credibility, such as how Gregg uses. Go Here To Read Gregg’s Articles

Ann Zuccardy – Author Spotlight

I’ve been meaning to mention EzineArticles Expert Author Ann Zuccardy for almost a year now…

It was thanks to Dina’s AMM (Article Marketing Mania) Ryze group that I learned more about Ann.

What earns Ann the “Author Spotlight” of the week is her consistency as an article writer and her colorful/positive and upbeat tone within her articles. According to her blog, she calls her writing style, “a dash of juicy food commentary, sprinkled with a dollop of compassionate irreverence by Ann Zuccardy…”

Recently I was talking to one of the other founders of the “Wild Women Entrepreneurs” and who did I find as I was scrolling down the short-list of founders? Yep, Ann Zuccardy.

Zuccardy as an author is very reflective of many of the women authors within our site…Entreprenurial, risk-taking, and always looking for ways to do what she/they love to do while supporting herself/themselves. When Ann’s daughter was a toddler in 1996 she started Vermont Shortbread Company, a choice that allowed her to stay at home with her daughter but at the same time gave her a means to support herself while doing something she loved. Be sure to check out her recent articles.

Lawrence D. Elliott – Author Spotlight

Lawrence D. Elliott

There are (4) reasons I chose Lawrence today for a quick author spotlight review:

1) His characterture is very cool,

2) He ran a press release to announce his ‘EzineArticles expertness‘,

3) His articles are original content based on his expertise, and

4) He proudly mentions his expert status on his website.

Lawrence D. Elliott has been a Realtor(r) for over 17 years and provides professional representation for clients in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. He runs a network of real estate web sites, which can be accessed through his main web site at and you can read his EzineArticles here.

Nice job Lawrence! :-)

Rhonda Goetz – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles Platinum Expert Author Rhonda Goetz was recently contacted by ABC News Nightline because of her MySpace articles listed with us. They were looking for more research information.

Rhonda Goetz, Expert Author

Folks, this happens every day now it seems! Some author says that they landed a big-time publicity interview, whether it be by TV, Radio, national or Internationally syndicated newspaper, teleseminar guest interviews and more.

We’re proud of Rhonda and happy that was able to bring her more than just traffic back to her website, but this media request from ABC News!

Rhonda is an educator and owner of Chrome Zebra, Inc, an online training course company. She combines the best of business knowledge and learning design principles to create interactive, engaging online courses that positively impact the bottom line and employee moral. (Excellent and very succinct way to communicate her USP, no? :-))

I especially liked the quality of her original articles on Team Building.

Who will be the next EzineArticles expert author to land a high-profile media interview?

[UPDATE] John and Ken on KFI640 AM read her article What’s For Sale on MySpace? Find Out Before Your Child Does article on the radio today. I guess when it rains media attention, it pours.

Michael Cooper – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is EzineArticles expert Doctor Michael Cooper.

Dr. Cooper has a Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Data Communications. He also has lived in Thailand, Belgium, Germany (ok, I’m envious on this one).

The real reason Michael gets today’s author spotlight is for his very smart implementation of our Authors Javascript (My Article Feed) in his website. Go check it out at and scroll towards the bottom. You’ll see his recent articles listed as they are fed live from our site. Nice job Dr. Cooper! :)
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Debbie LaChusa – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles expert author Debbie LaChusa is our author spotlight today and she is a perfect example of an ideal author.

Debbie LaChusa

Here’s why:
– Her articles are tight, easy to digest and easy on the eyes.
– Excellent use of bold, lists, numbers in her articles.
– Debbie is writing from real-world expertise and not fluff
– Her resource box is clean, neat and to the point with an
excellent call to action. (worth modeling!)

Debbie has written and self-published two marketing workbooks, “A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide” and “A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide for Your Fitness Business” which have sold copies worldwide. Her advice is also featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “How to Start a Personal Training Business” and she is a contributor to the San Diego Business Journal.

An excellent example of her work: Small Business Marketing: 10 Steps to Help You Plan for a Successful 2006

Lastly, take a peak at her website as it’s clean, easy to navigate, and her value proposition is clearly spelled out. Nice job Debbie! :-)

Earl Nightingale – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is none other than the legendary: Earl Nightingale

Lead The Field with Earl Nightingale

I was first introduced to Earl’s Lead the Field product about a decade ago and it was one of my favorite leadership secrets type of audio program.

Lead The Field with Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale co-founded Nightingale Conant – an audio publishing company with over 2 million customers. You can’t know about self help or self improvement without knowing about Earl. :-)

“You become what you think about” – Earl Nightingale

What’s amazing is that 24 other expert EzineArticles authors mentioned Earl’s name in their articles.

Earl Nightingale died on March 28, 1989, but his legacy still lives on. While his expertise is excellent for those who are young and old, if you know of anyone in their 20s, I’d highly recommend that you hook them up with his Strangest Secret in the World for Succeeding Today or Lead the Field as these are two classics that are part of my library and should be part of yours also.

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