Stephen Hager’s Practical Neuroscience Writing Techniques

Are You Appealing to Your Audiences’ Hard Wiring?

The raw power of the human brain is an incredible thing and understanding its ever-expanding potential can be intimidating. How we make decisions and why we perform particular actions based on brain activity (e.g., primary sensory areas, gray matter, various lobes, etc.) can be confusing for people just skimming the surface of a niche that continues to grow larger every day.

Here’s where Expert Author Stephen Hager steps in with his personable articles that are easily comprehended and enjoyable to read. Passionate about the power and potential of the human brain, Stephen has dedicated his life to serving others and helping them create solutions to their daily challenges. Where there is an intimidating topic, such as how your brain is wired, it’s important to educate while not talking down to your readers. Stephen fosters a climate of trust by easily breaking down principles, providing innovative strategies, and calling for interactive participation.
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Top 7 Tips to Social Media Holiday Buzz

Amp Up Your Social Media Efforts for the Holidays

Buzz is everything during the holiday season. These days, it’s expected on social media more than anywhere else, but how do you manage writing articles, creating social media buzz, and everything else?

Finding balance is the trick. Create enough buzz to keep your audience interested as well as ensure they aren’t overwhelmed by your buzz.

Here the Top 7 Tips to Social Media Holiday Buzz to stay balanced.

1. Share Your Articles

Share new and seasoned articles on your social media pages. For brand new articles, we can help you out:
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Celebrating EzineArticles Top 20 Expert Author Showcases

20 Article Writing Tips From the Experts

Since 2005, we have featured 200 Expert Authors on the EzineArticles Blog! In celebration of this amazing milestone, we collected the top 20 Expert Authors to share once again with you. Here they are with their best tips:

  1.  Lisa Mason: “[Balancing quality and quantity] is a skill that comes with much practice … Quality is important … However, you’re not trying for a Pulitzer with every article you submit.”
  2.  Harriet Hodgson: “Article marketing is the key to promoting my work … I would tell newbie article marketers to strive for quality every time. In other words, try to top yourself. To understand word flow and emphasis, I often read my articles aloud before I submit them.”
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Expert Author Showcase: Peter Phillips

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Peter Phillips

Hailing from Canberra, Australia, Internet entrepreneur and offline consultant Expert Author Peter Phillips writes articles to help small businesses thrive. Offering a wide variety of articles and services on website design, logo design, video production, and mobile optimized websites, Peter is a regular contributor to business magazines and forums.

Before he published his first article in 2006, Peter thought publishing articles to get quality traffic “seemed too easy” – there had to be a catch. “I used to worry that my writing wasn’t good enough, but once I got a few articles published, I realized it was,” he said.
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Expert Author Showcase: Kimberley Cohen

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Kimberley Cohen

Founder, facilitator, and personal insight coach, Expert Author Kimberley Cohen is a positive attitude and happiness master. Certified in Body-Mind Counseling, Process-Oriented Body Work, and Spiritual Psychotherapy, Kimberley assists others by helping them minimize the stress and anxiety of day-to-day living.

A pioneer in her niche, Kimberley developed the Insight Technique, which helps others minimize the stress and anxiety in their lives. Providing clarity and illumination, Kimberley drives readers to question and understand their thinking in order to transform what blocks and limits them from maximizing their overall happiness and potential in life.
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Expert Author Showcase: Stephen Craine

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Stephen Craine

Sales manager and trainer, Expert Author Stephen Craine shows his readers and clients how to invest in themselves so they can get the most out of their work and enjoy life.

Beginning with a foundation of articles based on everyday procedures, Stephen soon learned there was great success in writing engaging articles that integrated real-life events to areas of his niche. “One of my most successful articles was based on what I saw happening while I was having new windows fitted at my house,” he commented. Noting the window-fitters’ poor attitude to passersby’s inquiries, Stephen was inspired by the lost opportunity to sell more windows.
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Expert Author Showcase: Bhagwad Park

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Bhagwad Park

An expert technical and freelance writer, Expert Author Bhagwad Park commits to writing articles to keep readers (and therefore clients) happy!

After earning a master’s degree in business administration from ICFAI Hyderabad, Bhagwad held many jobs and even ran his own business. However, just over 5 years ago, Bhagwad discovered he could harness his writing abilities to earn a living as an Expert Author to gain more personal freedom.

From IT to healthcare to personal views, Bhagwad writes about many technical subjects as well as philosophical discussions for his clients or for his personal blog. To stay sharp in his niche, Bhagwad thoroughly researches his subject, keeps up with current events in his industry, reads opinion columns, and works with the technologies he writes about. “I dread my work being viewed as “just another article,” he said. “This gives me a lot of fodder for new ideas.”
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Top Ten Article Writing Tips

The Best Article Writing Advice You’ll Ever Receive

You are our top source of information. That’s why we recently asked the EzineArticles Expert Author community this question:

What was the best piece of article writing advice you’ve ever received?

First, we collected loads of encouraging, motivating, and enlightening responses. Then, we selected the top ten that are paramount to your success as an Expert Author.

1. You Have to Start Somewhere!

“I was told just to write. My heart would do the rest and I would learn professional tips along the way … My writing pathway is now clear and moves forward … into the future.”
Sandy Giles

“Just get started writing. Writing leads to more writing. Lethargy leads to no writing. The choice is yours.”
Dr. Erica Goodstone
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Expert Author Showcase: A Horton

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author A Horton in Today’s Showcase

As one of South Africa’s top inspirational and motivational speakers, Expert Author A (Andrew) Horton ignites a spark that helps his audience achieve what they most desire.

Starting Out

After kick-starting his social media presence in November 2009, Andrew began testing a variety of new strategies to attract new business and build his credibility. Enrolling in a 12-month online writing course in September 2010 to strengthen his writing skills, Andrew began to write personal development articles that targeted employees of corporations of more than 150 members who desired information and leadership on behavioural enhancement and performance maximisation.
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Expert Author Showcase: Gwen Nicodemus

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Gwen Nicodemus in Today’s Showcase

A former engineer turned freelance virtual assistant for the freedom and diversity of the field, Expert Author Gwen Nicodemus thrives in a busy work life. From managing a wide variety of interests (such as reading, painting, games) to managing her children, Gwen throws herself wholeheartedly into her work to provide quality content for her clients.

First introduced to by a client, Gwen decided to convert her documents, notes, experiments, blog posts, and more into articles as a basis of her article portfolio to build her platform. “All I want to do is to provide helpful articles and solidify my own thoughts,” Gwen commented. “[People] follow my link to my website [and] those clicks tend to be the non-bouncers who stay around for a while,” she continued.
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