Vicheka Lay – Author Spotlight

Cambodian Lay Vicheka is a Production Manager of Search Newspaper and Manager-General of Cambopedia Translation Co. Ltd. and an expert in Cambodian laws, politics and related human rights laws, social issues…and he also writes to help advance the awareness of his country (he’s 1 of 5 EzineArticles expert authors from Cambodia).

Lay sent us this testimonial yesterday:

“Ezine[Articles], where my personal improvement does not need an instructor” Submitting articles to Ezines has provided me great opportunities to express my concerneds, interests about the world, as well as to practice my written knowledge. Since having a great deal of articles listed in the Ezine, my application to different workplaces has proved me a successful one. To be precise, my article submission to Ezine[Articles] has bettered my Resume. Lastly, since Cambodia is not acceptably known by other countries, Ezine[Articles] has provided me the opportunities to make this country resurgent, as well as promoting what we have here in Cambodia, that the world never knows.

Thanks Lay Vicheka for being an EzineArticles expert and sharing your perspectives. For those who are not familiar with Cambodia, it is a tropical country about 69,900 sq. miles (181,035 sq. km) and has a population of over 13 million.

Michele Dortch – Author Spotlight

Here’s a great example of an ideal EzineArticles expert author: Michele Dortch.

Her 21 article submissions span from 2005, 2006 and this year…and that shows a consistency over time (something that is as important as quality and quantity when it comes to article writing & marketing). In addition, Michele has uploaded her author bio and an excellent author photo that appears to be professionally produced.

As for the content of her articles, Michele does a great job of using minimal bold tags, numbered lists and bullets — and this makes her articles very easy to read.

Lastly, unlike some authors who are too efficient at this craft (think about those who write for traffic attraction sake alone), Micheles articles are clearly original content with an intent to deliver unique value in an easy to read format that makes you want to learn more about what she has to offer. Nice job Michele!

Author Image Gallery Spotlights

This morning we’ve been reviewing structural changes within the site that haven’t been updated or changed in a long time and I’ve noticed that the Professional Image Gallery feature has had quite a few new submissions.

EzineArticles expert author, Diana Chaloux‘s professional image gallery shows off her expertise in the fitness industry as a certified trainer and fitness DVD producer. This is exactly how we had hoped the professional image gallery feature would be used. Nice job Diana!

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Kim Duke – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles expert author, Kim Duke, the Sales Diva, recently got my attention when she beat me in Ali Brown’s affiliate partner sales last month.

This Canadian sales diva provides savvy and sassy (don’t we all kind of like that sometimes) sales training for women small business owners (guess that doesn’t include me any more) and has carved a nice niche for herself… not to mention her articles are FUN to read!

From an article writing & marketing perspective, here’s what Kim is doing right:

  1. Submits articles consistently over time.
  2. Uploaded her professional author photo.
  3. Excellent resource box that includes a full http:// URL without any periods after it (a common mistake).
  4. Her articles are punchy, bullet point and numbered list driven with just the right amount of bold & italics (without over doing it).
  5. Kim has carefully and purposely kept her articles all in the same related categories and if you read them, you know she is speaking directly towards her ideal client. This strengthens her credibility.

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Michael Potter, J.D. – Author Spotlight

Michael Potter, J.D.This weeks Author Spotlight shines on Michael Potter, J.D., a relatively new comer to

Michael established his membership just this year but has already contributed 14 articles, articles which earned him the spotlight for this week because of the overall high quality of them. Too often in article marketing we get caught up in the “numbers game” and sometimes quality gets pushed out of the forefront. Michael’s articles prove that you can provide quality content while still producing at a high level. For new entrepreneurs, which many of our contributing authors are, I would highly suggest these two articles of Michael’s:

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Not Be You
When A Corporation Makes Sense

Both contain great information and advice for solo entrepreneurs and their businesses on establishing business entities as well as protecting yourself and assets.

Gregg Hall – Author Spotlight

I’d like to introduce you to the EzineArticles expert author (at the moment #3 in terms of total article submissions): Gregg Hall

Interesting that he’s leveraging his EzineArticles strength (1,379 articles and over half a million views) on his site.

I’m not crazy over his PLR positions, but then again, it’s not PLR that’s evil but rather those who abuse PLR articles, create them from legit content without permission or submit them to us that is the problem.

While researching Gregg for todays author spotlight, wow…this Internet marketer has a lot of irons in the fire in many diverse industries with many of his articles in the thousands of views per article. His most viewed article with 78k+ views is this one: Leave Data Recovery For Your Computer To The Experts

I’d classify Gregg as a ‘niche marketer’ whose speciality is being in several diverse niches all at one time rather than being specialized in a small number of niches.

Mary Bauer – Author Spotlight

Mary BauerThis week’s author spotlight is on EzineArticles expert author, Mary Bauer. Mary was selected at the suggestion of one of our editors who had this to say about Mary’s articles:

“This author is AWESOME… one of the best set of articles I’ve ever approved… but that might be a bit biased considering she wrote of us Wisconsinites!”

So as we say in Wisconsin, or at least in northern Wisconsin from where I originally hail from, “ya der sure, we’ll hafta put Mary in da spotlight.”

Mary also utilizes the Amazon ISBN feature we added to highlight the books she has written. Mary’s articles are well written and overall good reading with a very inviting nature.

Judy Cullins – Author Spotlight

Judy Platinum Author Judy Cullins is our inaugural Author Spotlight for 2007.

Judy, a Book and Internet Marketing Coach, utilizes one of the best article generation tactics around – the vanuted Top 7 or Top 10 list. This article template is a favorite of many authors because of the simplicity — It’s an easy way to generate quality articles by simply organizing your thoughts in a sequential numeric order and then expounding upon them.

Another reason Judy was chosen because of her informative articles on a topic near and dear to our own hearts – Article Writing, Marketing and Production:

Top 10 Article Writing and Submission Mistakes That Stop Sales
Top 7 Mistakes and Solutions in Writing and Submitting Articles
Top Seven Tips for Writing Internet Articles Readers Love
Top Ten Great Headline Ideas

If you’re struggling with your article marketing efforts, take a break to give Judy’s articles a gander.

Shawn Collins – Author Spotlight

Shawn CollinsThis week’s author spotlight is on relatively new author Shawn Collins.

Shawn was chosen for many of the same reasons as our previous spotlight authors: great article content and composition, interesting author photo and utilizing the book listing feature of the member bio section. Another reason Shawn was chosen this week is due to a blog post he made on his own site which came to our attention through Google alerts: . Sure, nice plug for us – but, more importantly, Shawn is basically telling people “Go ahead and use my articles on your related niche site” … if that’s not a great call to action, I don’t what is.

Another thing to point out here is while doesn’t accept articles with affiliate links in them, we will gladly accept articles on affiliate marketing and strategy – especially ones as well written as Shawn’s!

Mike Berg – Author Spotlight

Mike BergPumping you up in this week’s author spotlight is bodybuilder and fitness trainer Mike Berg.

One of the reasons Mike was chosen this week is for the connection he’s made between what he writes about and his author photo. Without even looking at his articles, you have a pretty good idea of what Mike’s expertise might be. I thought this article was an interesting read as it dispelled some misconceptions I had about fitness and exercise.

Lastly, Mike does a great job of following the cardinal rule of Resource Box construction by including an actual http:// URL to help ensure that the link is active when his articles are republished.

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