International Women’s Day: Women Who Inspire Change

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” – Libba Bray

This year’s International Women’s Day on theme struck a chord with us:

Inspire Change.

EzineArticles’ Expert Authors – both women and men – inspire change in each and every article they write.

In honor of International Women’s Day that occurs every March 8th, we sought out the leading authors from our Women’s Interests category. From topics ranging from work-at-home moms braving the balance between child rearing and business to revealing political, economic, and social rights for women in order to empower women and men in the future, these authors share their own experience, knowledge, and motivational stories to inspire change in their readers.

Read the stories and hard-won wisdom of these authors to find out how you can inspire change in others and grow in your personal and professional life.
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Maximize Your Engagement: Understand Your Author Type

What Type of Author Are You?

Have you ever considered how your personality shows in your writing and how it could be affecting your success negatively?

“[When] it comes to sales and marketing and to positioning ourselves as the expert in our field, we have a general tendency to consider every other person to have similar interests to us, and to have similar needs and wants to us,” stated EzineArticles Diamond Expert Author Marc De Bruin’s article, Your Business Writing Skills – What Kind of Author Are You? “This often times causes us to compose our sales and marketing messages in a style that is clear and comfortable for us, but may not be as clear and comfortable for the one who reads our copy.”

Based on the Aus IDentities principles of personality profiling, Marc provides the basics to help all writers understand their “Author Type” and how they can use this knowledge to gain maximum acceptance by readers. Check out the following highlights of Marc’s article below.
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Creating an Effective Call to Action that Gets Results

14 Tips to Write Powerful Calls to Action

Your time is precious, so it always strikes me as odd when Expert Authors don’t dedicate a little more time to the call to action in their articles.

A call to action is a pitch to motivate your audience to take action. Calls to action commonly appear in the form of buttons or graphics on a website. In article writing, a text-based call to action occurs twice in article submissions: 1) in the summary where the reader is compelled to dive into the article and 2) in the Resource Box where the reader is encouraged to visit your highly relevant website.

In her article, How to Write a Call to Action – 7 Tips for Creating a Call to Action That Works, marketing and media relations specialist Megan Tsai states:

“Marketers should always be asking themselves one question: ‘What’s next?’ After all, you invest significant time and money into every marketing effort. But if you don’t include an effective call to action (CTA), you’ll have little to show for your work.”

To help you create a powerful call to action that delivers, we’ve highlighted Megan’s insights and added a few of our own to provide you with the following 14 tips!
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What Should You Write About? Suzan St Maur Has the Answer

It’s Tough to Find Ideas for New Articles!

“I’m just starting out in my niche …”

“I’m not sure I can write – I never know whether it’s worth my audience’s or my time …”

“I’m absolutely spent; I’ve written about everything there is to know about my topic …”

“… What should I write about?!”

If there was ever a recurring question-theme we see in many of our comments, emails, and more, then finding topics that not only engage your reader’s interest, but your own as well, wins by a landslide.

Meet Suzan St Maur

Scoping out the Google+ writing communities for new trends and scouting for great writers, we were reunited with extraordinary Expert Author Suzan St Maur. Managing the Google+ community Writing: How to Write Better, Suzan encourages writers to curate writing and share advice on how to write top-notch content for articles, business, blogs, and more.
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Article Titles Demand More Effort to Avoid Wasting Time

Are you putting enough effort into your titles?

Writing a superb article may not be enough to gain exposure, build credibility, and increase traffic. Before readers and publishers read your article, you have to hook them with a compelling and descriptive title.

Fall short of a great article title and you may have wasted the time you dedicated to your article body, Resource Box, and your website. Why?

Competition for your reader’s attention is fierce. In addition to the 10 results displayed per search engine results page (SERP), there are the ads that also vie for your reader’s attention.

In SEO Writing: Why Your Headline Demands 15% Of Your Writing Effort, Expert Author Scott Casey explains why great headlines are a critical component and why there is more to writing titles than meets the eye:
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Are You a Tortoise or a Hare? Kimberly Kinrade on Writing and Publishing Patience

Determination and Patience Wins the Race

You know the fable: A tortoise and a hare, two unlikely contenders, race. The tortoise patiently and slowly plods toward the finish line. The quick and speedy rabbit, over-confident in his ability to finish the race before the painstakingly slow tortoise, takes a nap. The result?

“You snooze, you lose.”

The hare wakes up, scrambles to finish the race and finds the tortoise celebrating her victory.

Expert Author Kimberly Kinrade related this stellar analogy to us in her delightful article: “The Tortoise and the Hare: A Tale of Two Authors.”

In her rendition of this great tale, Kinrade compares two authors: Mr. Hare and Ms. Tortoise. Both have goals to sell their book; however, they take very different approaches. Mr. Hare’s “get rich quick” methods (e.g., spamming, soliciting irrelevant reviews, and one-dimension platform) vs. Ms. Tortoise’s quality-driven methods …
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Expert Author Victoria Delaney on the Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Want to Succeed? Act Like an Entrepreneur

There’s a reason why many Expert Authors are also entrepreneurs – both share qualities that are needed to succeed.

In her article, “Entrepreneurs – The Qualities of an Entrepreneur,” Expert Author Victoria Delaney describes six qualities you’ll typically find in an entrepreneur.

Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as an entrepreneur, the qualities Victoria describes are an amazing foundation for any Expert Author who is struggling or is ready to take their efforts to the next step.

Guided by Victoria’s list, discover how you (as an Expert Author) can breakthrough to the next stage of your exposure by donning your very own entrepreneurial hat.
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Apples vs. Oranges and Fickle Readers: 7 Tips to Appeal to the Generation Y Audience

Generational Gaps and the Generation Y Audience

Appealing to members of your own generation can be tough, but appealing to another generation altogether can be like comparing apples to oranges.

Why should you even compare? There’s a simple solution: Apples, ask the oranges what they want and vice versa.

The Great Generational Divide (or Is It?)

Look at the similarities of the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. Every generation has rebelled in some fashion from the preceding generation over the circumstances they’ve inherited. And every generation has referred to the subsequent generation as lazy, arrogant, apathetic, and lacking in the respect department.

The idea of a generational gap serves to create a divide – separating “us” from “them.” It feeds rebellion or nurtures cohesion. Rather than seeing this as a gap, see it as an opportunity and bear in mind that we have all lived and witnessed incredible advancements in technology, from comforts to medicine. The similarities that bring our generations together outnumber the differences.
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Jeanne Grunert on How to Create Effective Content

Find Your Audience’s Motivation

Whether it’s for articles, websites, or social media – writing effective content isn’t always easy. First, you have to understand the dynamics of your audience and then meet their needs with benefit-oriented content.

Why? Your efforts to increase credibility, exposure and traffic will fall short if readers can’t find how you benefit their bottom line.

Getting to the core of your readers’ needs (and therefore effective content) can be difficult when you don’t know where to start.

That’s why Expert Author Jeanne Grunert’s article, “Create Effective Web Page Content by Writing From the Benefits,” applies to not just web page content, but to articles as well. Jeanne’s tips resonate with experts in a variety of niches and help them reach their business objectives.

Let’s explore a few highlights from Jeanne’s article.
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Ian Hollander on Why Creative Content Wins Over SEO

Do you agree with Ian’s view on creative content and contrived content?

It’s rare to find an article discussing SEO that’s still relevant 5+ years after its publication. When Expert Author Ian Hollander’s article “Writing Articles For SEO – The Silly Simple Reason It DOESN’T Work (And Increase Your CTR by 200%)” appeared in my search, I have to admit I was skeptical, but I was also intrigued.

Let’s take a walk through the main points of Ian’s article.

  • “Creative content is obviously ANYTHING that gets your message out in a way that engages, entertains, inspires, enlightens or encourages people to want to know more about you, and what you love to do (your services, your coaching, your recommended resources, etc.) … Creative content … is written with PASSION and purpose and a sense of personal power about your niche, your industry, your market and what you LOVE to discuss. It has no focus on keywords or algorithms or any silly strategy at all.”

We couldn’t agree more. Creative, custom content attracts followers and LEADS because it’s driven with a passionate force: you.
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