Article Writing Tips to ReTweet

If you’re a Twitter user who doesn’t follow @EzineArticles, you’re missing a lot of great EzineArticles information and training!

The following is a list of (30) assorted author tips, insider info, fun facts and reminders we tweeted in the month of December. Any one of these could have been just the tool you needed to turbo-charge your article marketing efforts.

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EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • Like a river, articles need to flow naturally. Don’t drown readers with more than 1 topic/article.
  • Prioritize! Don’t agonize for hours over style or syntax – focus on clarity and organization first.
  • In titles, don’t repeat keywords for the sake of repeating keywords. Instead, introduce the article topic.
  • Grammar Tip: Sentences need structure to ensure clarity. Commas, subject, verbs and nouns all have their place.
  • Best way to make suggestions for improvement? Use the FEEDBACK form – bottom of every page in your membership interface.
  • Improve your Landing Page – include Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us. No contact info = Low trust.

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