6 Easy Ways to Share and Promote Your Content on Social Media

How Does Social Media Play a Part in Your Marketing?

Social media has grown to epic proportions. If you’re not active on at least 2 social networking sites, trying to get the word out on something you’re working on can be difficult. One of the issues authors have with social media is not having enough time in the day to spread the word about their products and services. Don’t get left behind and leave your competitors with all of the engagement!

Now, creating an effective social media strategy doesn’t involve constantly throwing content at your readers. It’s important to be polite and subtle so it doesn’t look like you’re even promoting anything at all. Your marketing should be unique, and your updates should not be automated every time. The whole point of this marketing approach is to show off your personality and human touch!

Here are some simple, effective ways to share and promote your content on social media:

1. Cover Photo Promotion: The first thing you see when you come across a social media page is its cover photo. You may not think too much about it, but it does resonate with your audience. It has similar aspects to that of a book cover or movie trailer. Your value needs to be recognized right away and your brand should be highlighted in an appealing and impactful way. The design should also be updated at regular intervals to keep it exciting and fresh while still preserving your brand.

2. Share Other Media: Images and videos have forced their way to the top with social media. When there is so much information shared daily, a paragraph or rambling note with emoticons can get skipped over easily. However, if the content you share comes in bulleted list form with worthwhile tips, you will get more eyes to stop and read it. Videos, photos and infographics are also easy on the eyes. If you have the time and resources to create them, they can be an extremely advantageous marketing move. Even sharing media your company did not create is still a useful promotion provided it relates to your brand. You need to Get the Word Out any way you can.

3. Reveal Your Milestones: You can learn a lot by paying attention to your social media sites. If you are unaware of how many followers or fans you acquire each week or month, you’re not doing enough. When you reach milestones, you should broadcast that good news. Think of the way politics is run, especially as of late. When you hear candidates receiving impressive amounts of voter support, that number keeps getting shared! It may only be a short announcement, but people listen and get engaged with what’s trending.

4. Ask for Feedback: It’s no secret that listening to your fans and followers can help your marketing campaign. You need to focus on their interests and ask for feedback. While this is not a direct marketing approach, it’s quicker and easier than a survey and the results can be significantly more helpful. Every couple weeks, ask your followers a question related to a product or an idea you have in the future. Their responses may jumpstart a new direction for your platform. When you are unsure of your next step, this is a great opportunity to take heed of input from your target market.

5. Rewards for Sharing Your Content: Asking your fans and followers to contribute to your content will add another layer of value to your business. You shouldn’t have to do all of the work yourself. You will always have people who are excited to participate and share your content! Give them a chance to market for you (and it doesn’t cost you a dime). If you invest time in this, you’ll have no problem rewarding them for their efforts. Think about your marketing strategy and how you will reward and thank those who participated. Go here for some of our top ways to give thanks to your readers.

6. Subtle Promotion in Comments: The comments section is a great place for people to voice their opinion freely on a subject. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to voice your own opinion while throwing in subtle promotion. Hint at something you’ve worked on that will clear things up on the topic of the discussion (such as one of your articles or a product). Don’t be afraid of digging through the comments section! It’s an easy way to share content with one person in such a way that others can see the same content and learn from it as well.

Try some of our tips above and see how your results improve and how your audience responds. We’re not asking you to do any heavy lifting! We’re merely suggesting useful strategies that other marketers have had success with, are inexpensive, and can pack a powerful punch.

However, there’s a chance you could run into some trouble with your marketing approach. We recommend reading our blog titled Stop and Listen: A Guide to a Solid Social Media Strategy for some constructive advice when you choose to take your promotion efforts to social media.

Did you find our advice helpful? What tips are you going to try on your own? Let us know – we’re always open for your comments!


Kathy writes:

Yay… great article. Thanks!

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It sounds easy enough anyone can do it.

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Useful information.

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Martin Louw writes:

Informative article and useful information. Thank you

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Deon Christie writes:

Great post and valuable tactics for social exposure. A good example why success takes time.

Comment provided January 31, 2016 at 1:03 PM


Donna Brown writes:

I have been doing all of the above. Most recently I have been going into conversations and adding my two cents by adding links to RELEVANT articles that I have written.

Comment provided February 2, 2016 at 12:20 PM


Sanu Mondal writes:

Great post this is very helpful.

Comment provided February 4, 2016 at 12:36 AM


Henrik V Blunck writes:

I fully agree, and one thing that can be a hindrance is also that many pages are ‘limited’ in what type of sharing you can do. Some have proxy settings that hinder links to some sites, and thus you have to shortlink to your content before being able to post your announcement in some cases.

But Deon’s words are true: success takes time. :-)

Comment provided February 5, 2016 at 12:05 AM


Deon Christie writes:

Agreed Hendrik, Allow me to add that sharing raw affiliate links is a bad idea on especially social media. It carries the message of desperation and destroys your branding before you even got started. In a nutshell, your social networking must lead your visitor to your own website, blog and/or email list. Your blog in turn redirects to your websites, it’s a circular sequence because your web form has to be on your website home page.

Besides, sites like Facebook and WordPress may even suspend and in extreme cases also delete your account. It is a lot of work to build a passive internet income on autopilot…


Jamshedul Alam writes:

Thanks for providing us this useful article. I agree with you and I also believe that the social media is the most important platform to promote our content or our websites. These six tips you’ve provided are very easy and helpful for the beginners.

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Charles Atkins writes:

It is pretty good to come across professionals who take their work seriously. All the six points given above are mostly practiced by professionals and they have a huge number of followers and some noticeable traffic on their websites as well. I would certainly suggest all these tips to all the newbies who are reading this post.

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Deon Christie writes:

Allow me to add that linking your social platforms also lead to much more exposure when tweets and posts are automatically shared over your social network. Audiences favor Video, but why? Well, consider your own preference. Would you rather read instructions, or watch a step by step how to video? Just a thought…

Comment provided March 4, 2016 at 10:44 AM


Rosalinda Flores - Martinez writes:

Thank you! A blessed Sunday all!

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I have always been a reader and a good article or short story is perfect for me. I enjoy a few social media networks and comments and posts color my world.

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Leighton McCormick writes:

Excellent tips, as I move forward marketing my novel via social media. Thanks for the advice!

Comment provided March 21, 2016 at 5:22 PM


Izuzu Nworgu writes:

Great tips.
Social media is a good platform to promote your business since there are so many users.

Comment provided May 6, 2016 at 5:51 AM


Henrik V Blunck writes:

Izuzu, you are quite right. However, you should also be mindful that there is a huge difference between the involvement of users on different social media.

Typically, you can get many likes on Facebook, but in many cases announcing your articles on Twitter with the right hash tags # can work wonders for your article marketing efforts. :-)


Deon Christie writes:

Great advice Hendrik, and right you are. I use hashtags(dot)org to check on trending hashtags. Then create your content around that hashtag within your niche.

Comment provided May 7, 2016 at 5:45 AM


Salini Dinesh writes:

I totally agree with your points. Content that contains visual elements, like images and infographics, are more likely to get shared than text only posts.
And from my experience, long content (more than 1500 words) gets more shares than a thin content.

Comment provided May 9, 2016 at 12:35 AM



I looked at this article before and was happy to read it again. Need lots of help to promote my websites. Reading again refreshed my idea on it. Thanks!

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Caryn writes:

SOCIAL MEDIA!! I can’t get over how amazing social media is. Use all of the platforms and get posts out to everyone, letting you reach out to more readers. Queue up posts on Twitter and Tumblr. Post to Instagram and use the tool to post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Use Pinterest to show some cool posts. And really use Reddit to market your blog to different subreddits (rules permitting!). I usually average less than 100 views a day and I did a lot of marketing of good posts to Reddit the other day and my blog got 700 views. WHOA. Social media is really a great marketing tactic to attract readers to your blog.

Comment provided May 23, 2016 at 11:59 PM


Shabana Gandhi writes:

I really like the subtle promotion in comments idea. Hehe, very smart! Besides, it’s a good idea to network and build contacts.

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No doubt, in this article you’re providing excellent information to promote their content. As you suggested 6 Easy Ways to Share and Promote Content on Social Media channels, these steps are really very good and these steps are also use in Digital marketing to promote their website. Really good information.

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Social Media has played a vital role in this modern era. Many more people are doing their business through Social media.

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I have been testing a tactic lead by my own devices, and it perfectly compliments this article because it’s all about exposure. Google Collections and Communities is much like a back door to Google Page One exposure, and it involves keywords and the hashtag.

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Sharing your content on social media really helps you to get some free traffic to your posts/pages.

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Vadim Mur writes:

As for me, I tested a lot of ways to share content and found the best recipe – Twitter, Quora, Reddit, StumbleUpon. These sources help to reach a huge audience. Of course, your content should be very interesting, otherwise people think you’re spammer.

Comment provided February 1, 2018 at 3:59 AM


Asad writes:

Social media is game changing platform these days with possible free advertisement opportunities among targeted audience. I must share here that along with Facebook, we must also use the LinkedIn platform to advertise our product with a lot of friends there.

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Ashish Kumar writes:

Your insights are quite informative and covers almost every step of outreaching for promotion. I have noted down a few for my blog. Thanks for sharing.

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Asad writes:

It is right that users today prefer watching videos rather reading posts. Try to share videos as much as you can. One may use Microsoft Office for making videos or hire some professional. Second thing is that in digital business all that matters is targeted visitors. And we may use social media to increase our visitors by lengthen our social friend list, become a member of large niche specified business social groups. One we achieve this, we may now advertise our product freely targeting required customers and users.

Comment provided May 1, 2018 at 1:14 PM


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Wonderful advice and great tips to successful article marketing on social channels. Yes social media is of great help to highlight your articles if you do it properly and this article shows you how it is to be done in a correct way. Thank you for sharing.

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What do you think about using social influencers to share content? We’ve been getting a lot of success for clients even using smaller niche influencers lately.

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