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Two weeks ago we asked for your questions regarding the article writing process, content marketing, grammar, or anything else on your mind.


… Because we believe it’s important to keep an open line of communication. We want to ensure you have the BEST user experience and make the MOST of your article writing efforts.

In addition, your questions give us ideas for future blog posts. After all, we want to write about topics our readers will find helpful and informative!

With that said, here are the questions asked by you and the answers from the EzineArticles staff.

Question 1 – Asked by Mike Lish:

Now that Google has revised its method of page ranking and SEO, of what practical relevance and effectiveness are linking of my Ezine articles to my website? Will Google recognize this link with enhanced page ranking, and to what degree?

EzineArticles Answers:

As times have changed, search engines no longer weigh the links the same as they did in the past. Instead of ranking links based on how many were placed around the Internet, they judge (or rank) links based on other factors, such as quality content, navigation, relevancy, etc.

Essentially, you will want to focus on building a quality user experience from the beginning to end. It’s no longer about publishing a high quantity of content, but rather building quality content and a transparent web presence. In this era, we believe it’s important to use your articles as a means to display your knowledge and credibility on a certain topic. From there, you may share your articles on relevant social media in order to attract readers’ interest and desire to share the article. In turn, these increased shares and views will result in clicks to your link at the end of the article. Bottom line: People don’t only find your articles from search engines; create content that generates share-ability across the web and you’ll find higher click-through success.

Question 2 – Asked by Cindy S.:

I’m very excited to have earned my manager badge for having my business article accepted! My question is, do clients actually look at these badges or is it just for us to see? How much of our profile do clients actually check out?

EzineArticles Answers:

The EzineArticles badges are bonus tools that you can use to build your credibility as an Expert Author in your niche. You’re welcome to share these achievements and awards on social media as a way to “show off” your efforts to your clients or niche audience. It shows you’re dedicated to your writing and sharing of information. You can learn more about the badges by reading: Share Your Expert Author Awards and Achievements. In addition, you can utilize the link to your EzineArticles Expert Author Profile in order to share a comprehensive listing of all of your articles. Bottom line: Don’t be shy, share your achievements!

Question 3 – Asked by Hafiz Akram:

English is not my native language, so I feel hard to write good English. What you advise me to write in good English?

EzineArticles Answers:

Fear not! We have many writers who are non-native English speakers. In order to improve your English, we recommend you take advantage of the Grammar Tips section of our blog and the EzineArticles Training on our website. In addition, we suggest enlisting the help of a qualified English proofreader. In terms of grammar-checking software, we don’t suggest you rely on this type of software as it’s unable to effectively detect grammar errors that only a human can detect. Ultimately, practice makes perfect! Keep reading and writing and it will come easier over time.

Question 4 – Asked by Jeff Harling:

I have run out of ideas on explaining my business.

EzineArticles Answers:

You’re not alone. It’s normal to feel burnt out from time-to-time, which is why we have many blog posts that help authors generate new content ideas. Here are two of our favorites:

  • ‘Busting the “There Are No New Ideas” Myth’ [here]
  • ’25 Writing Ideas and Article Topics to Reach Your Audience’ [here]

In addition, our Article Template Packages are a GREAT way to help you generate content ideas. I highly recommend the EzineArticles 260 Ultimate Article Template Package. This package provides the best value and comes with two great bonuses as well.

Question 5 – Asked by Manish B.:

Can we post our own article published in EzineArticles to our own blog?

EzineArticles Answers:

Essentially, quality content is the most important factor to consider in this situation. If you submit many duplicate, low quality articles to multiple article directories and multiple blogs, the content won’t perform well regardless of where it’s published. This is considered to be deceptive and spammy.

If the content is genuine, high-quality content and it is re-published on your blog, you will have a higher chance of success. When duplicate content appears naturally, we believe it won’t be penalized as if it was intentionally submitted to an excessive amount of websites purely for the purpose of gaining traffic.

If you do choose to re-purpose your content, it’s important you update the wording and other details so that it makes sense for the platform where it’s published. For more information on how to repurpose your content, review the blog post, ‘Repurpose Your Content the Right Way’ [here].

Question 6 – Asked by Jamee Light:

1. How can you have sub-headings emphasized or made bolder?
2. Can you change a title once it is printed?

EzineArticles Answers:

1. Articles with a clean format are more likely to be read. In order to improve the format of your articles, you’re welcome to add bold or italics to your headings. For more information on what HTML can be used in your articles, we suggest this blog post, ‘Frustrated by HTML? Use This Basic Guide for Writers’ [here].

2. We typically don’t encourage authors to change their title once the article is live because the title makes up the URL of the article. It can also create confusion if the article was already re-published somewhere else. If there’s an error in the title or you feel strongly about changing the title, you’ll need to contact us in Member Support and we’ll be able to update it for you.

For tips on how to write an effective title from the beginning, we recommend these blog posts:

  • ‘Title Workshop: 5 Smart Ways to Give Your Titles Love’ [here]
  • ‘The Long-Tail Method: How to Write Great Titles So Easily, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Do It Before’ [here]

Question 7 – Asked by Claude Nougat:

In our increasingly digitized and visual world, where people seek entertainment on television and video, is there still a place for written fiction? Or should authors prepare themselves to abandon novel writing in order to write film scripts and otherwise participate with their story-telling talents in the world of films, videos and video games?

EzineArticles Answers:

While it may seem the written word is overshadowed with readily-available digitized video, we believe there will always be a place for written content.

Take a moment and think of times when it wouldn’t be appropriate to watch a video: outside in the sun, in a busy waiting room, or driving in your car. These are all reasons the written word will not be abandoned.

We know what you’re thinking, “you can’t read while driving in your car either!” … And this brings us to our next point. In order to meet the changing needs of the audience in today’s busy lifestyle, we suggest making your material available in a secondary format, such as a YouTube video or re-purposed into an audiobook or podcast. With the huge popularity of new podcasts, such as Serial, it’s without a doubt more interest has been sparked for audiobooks and podcasts in general. Bottom line: Everything begins with the written word, where you choose to take it next is the easy part.

THANK YOU to all of those who took time to submit a question!

Our advice to all: Keep writing, keep sharing, and keep asking questions!


Kanyile writes:

What are some of the in-expensive Writing Templates that you offer for a newbie blogger? I Like the concept of asking…keeping the lines of communication…Its a great way to engage your audience…thx.

Comment provided February 10, 2015 at 12:19 PM


Hi Kanyile,

Thanks for your question! We have many package options that are less expensive. We recommend trying any of the Article Template Packages here: http://shop.EzineArticles.com/BuildYourOwnArticleTemplates/

Let us know if you have any questions!



Elevator writes:

I love the way you arranged your questions and answers in a nice format in which a writers can as well emulate while writing on our blogs; we can conduct series of interviews and be creative and that is why there would always be something to write about. Thanks and Cheers.

Comment provided February 10, 2015 at 12:23 PM



thanks for give some answers

Comment provided February 11, 2015 at 12:45 AM


love spells writes:

Ezine is best article marketing diretory till the date. There are other quality article marketing directory but ezine’s rigid editorial review makes it The Best.

Comment provided February 11, 2015 at 6:26 AM



Very instructive for the beginners at Ezine, like me. Many important information about the process and the way how Ezine works. Congratulations!

Comment provided February 26, 2015 at 10:07 PM


jitendra writes:

i was getting error for repeating words i corrected it an submited my article, its the best directory and can any topic information

Comment provided March 8, 2015 at 4:24 AM



please how do i set up my payment account with EzineArticles

Comment provided April 11, 2015 at 9:17 AM


Hi Deborah,

You can access your Payment Accounts at this page: https://my.EzineArticles.com/account/payments/

Feel free to contact us in Member Support if you’d like further explanation on anything. Contact us here: http://ezinearticles.com/contact.html


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