Answers to Your Article Template Questions

Discover why you need to utilize these awesome writing tools!

Most of our Expert Authors have heard of Article Templates, but only a small percentage truly understand what they are, why they should use them, and how to use them effectively. They don’t see the incredible benefits that Article Templates can provide.

Two key things dictate your success in article writing and marketing: the quality of your articles and the number of articles you’ve written. Article Templates can increase both.

With that thought in mind, here are the answers to some of the common questions you may have about these powerful tools.

  • What are Article Templates?

    Article Templates are theme-based PDF documents that provide concrete ideas on the style and content of your articles along with an outline for the recommended article structure. They include an interactive PDF that helps you follow that structure and write an organized, high-quality article. One thing they are NOT is fill-in-the-blank forms that will lead you to create cookie-cutter articles that lack quality content.

    Find out for yourself by downloading a free sample of our Product Review template here.

  • Why should I use them?

    Since each template is themed differently, they can provide ideas and inspiration for how to best approach your next article. They also give you a clear structure that will help your article flow smoothly and logically from start to finish while preventing that “What do I write next?” challenge. Both of these benefits will help you speed up the article writing process while also improving your article quality immensely.

  • How do I use them?

    Once you’ve downloaded the PDF files, simply open them with a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat. Then read the synopsis and description of the template to understand how to best approach your article. Using the format suggestions, outline your article. Then simply write your article using the fields provided. When your article is done, just copy and paste it into the article submission form in your interface.

  • Who should use them?

    Simply stated: all Expert Authors. No matter what level of writing skill you have, Article Templates can significantly improve the idea generation stage while also speeding up the writing process. In the end, you’ll create higher quality articles faster.

  • When should I use them?

    Anytime! Since templates can be used for just about any article, there’s no reason not to use them. Simply go through your collection of templates and find one that suits your article. Then let the writing begin!

  • Where can I get them?

    Article Templates are available in the EzineArticles Shop and in the Store. They come in two varieties:

    1. Build-Your-Own Article Template Packages that allow you to pick and choose the article template themes that work best for you.
    2. 52 Article Templates Package that gives you a fresh template for every week of the year! You can also find these templates in our Article Templates Deck of Cards. Pick a card, any card, and write the perfect article based on that theme.

Hopefully, that answers all of your Article Template questions. The bottom line is that Article Templates can help you generate ideas and write better articles faster than you could without templates. So why aren’t you using them?

Have any more questions? Just write them below and we’ll get back to you right away.


Lance Winslow writes:

These article templates are wonderful and will keep you writing quality articles and plenty of ideas – you never have to worry about writer’s block again – take it from me 30,300 articles later.

Comment provided December 16, 2013 at 9:38 AM


Mike Andrews writes:

This is something new to me. Something revolutionary has got to be done to speed up my writing process. If I don’t give it a try I will miss a golden opportunity.

Comment provided December 16, 2013 at 11:39 AM


Robert Bowman writes:

Have to disagree! When I author content, it’s written for readership, focusing on benefits. Sure, I’d love to write fast, and the templates do that. But with the sacrificial element of quality.

I don’t use them, and based on the trial there to produce content based on the free template, it gives my pages the bland experience. Something that lead me to delete over 300 articles from your site, because they weren’t much different from what others had.

Not going to be using templates anyway, because I’d rather take longer and protect my profile page with content that differs from all other authors on EzineArticles. Great effort for trying, but I’ll be passing on time saving, in favor of different content with a uniqueness factor.

For the kind of scaled down message of idea generation, that’s bang on. One template can spur plenty of ideas when you think of a why for each part contained in the template. Not for writing though. Ideas yeah. Get them bursting and fill the interactive PDFs with ideas, then open the MS word, or whatever program is used.


Comment provided December 17, 2013 at 5:49 AM


Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts; I’m in complete agreement. I should have clarified my assertion that templates are for all Expert Authors. I believe that all of our members can utilize templates to create articles faster, and often better, than without. However, they are not always the ideal solution for all writing situations. This is especially true for experienced and talented writers like you who have grown past the need for a structured approach.

I applaud you for trying out the free template before passing judgement. That is one of the primary reasons we make it available. I’m also pleased to see that you realize the value of templates for idea generation. This is an important benefit as well.

Best of luck in your article writing endeavors.



Lance Winslow writes:

In studying the psychology of template usage – I have determined that INTJ and ENTJ may find template usage to constrictive and it might actually slow them down in the short run – however, if these types of intellectual personality types will practice using them they will find benefit. Also, what I found was that I’d start with the template, find my wind and just vector away and finish the article – that still solves the problem of writer’s block, it gets you going, from there who cares you finish a different way and then start another one, eventually you find new templates you discover on your own – that’s what happened to me. If anyone want to learn more about template theory – I’ve studied my own writing and if you look up “Lance Winslow templates” you can read all my observations about the 30,000 articles I’ve written, 1000s using templates.


Robert Bowman writes:

Looked it up Lance. Just comes up the results for here. Be interested to read over your thesis, although I think I’d be better with speed reading stuff. That’s what takes me longer. Reading, I’ll go over a page about three times to grasp it. Whatever personality trait that falls under lol.


Lance Winslow writes:


I went to my personal page here and tried it that way, and was able to find them;

So, this should work.


Robert Bowman writes:

That’s the ones Lance. Cheers. Great take on them. Certainly plenty to read on there.



Lance Winslow writes:


If you send me an email Lance (at) carwashguys [dot] com – I will email you my thoughts on speed reading and writing, no charge, glad to give back a little as I grow and learn.

BTW – I extend this offer to any registered EzineArticles author committed to excellence with a desire for quality and ethics in this online writing venue.


Robert Bowman writes:

Cheers Lance. If I’d a kindle reader, I’d have got the speed reading book you have on Amazon. Don’t like asking for freebies lol.



Serge writes:

This is really cool FAQ guide about article templates. Very comprehensive and informative! Thanks a lot!

Comment provided December 17, 2013 at 2:26 PM


Robert Bowman writes:

Thanks Marc –> Idea generation all the way. Once that idea is there, it’s just getting the thoughts out the head and onto the blank doc on the screen. It takes that one idea, then freestyle it ’til it hits an end that sounds natural and not cut short. Then the edits… they take a while. lol

For me, it’s the idea generation that takes the longest in article writing. I like to use “power words” for that mostly. Svelte’s my latest addition to that list. It’ll be in the next article sent your way. ;)

All the best

Comment provided December 18, 2013 at 1:45 AM


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