2012 EzineArticles Video Roundup

The Top Ten EzineArticles Videos of 2012

In case you missed the video releases on the Blog, on our YouTube Channel, or in the Newsletter, here are the Top Ten EzineArticles Videos of 2012 with a short recap of each video’s message.

1. The Power of Social Networking

Between Twitter and Facebook alone, there are over 800 million users tweeting, sharing, posting, reposting, and more. For Expert Authors, this exchange of information makes article writing and social networking a perfect match. Watch this video and discover strategies and tips to harness The Power of Social Networking!

2. 2 Minute Approval Tips: #20 Reaching the Word Count

Avoid the fluff in your next quality, original article and reach the minimum word count the right way. Watch this video to discover how you can reach the minimum word count the right way to increase your credibility and build your readership.

3. Common Article Writing Roadblocks – Promotional Content

By acknowledging there may be potential roadblocks ahead and knowing how to steer clear of these would-be hazards, you can ensure your article journey goes smoothly for you and your readers. Watch this video to discover the first roadblock many new and experienced Expert Authors encounter: Product Sales/Promotional Content.

4. Article Content vs. Real Life – Location Stuffing

If you choose to target an audience or demographic based on a location (instead of a national or even global audience), ensure you are providing the reader with a detailed, unambiguous map that is relevant to your article’s topic. Discover how Late Night Article Writing host Lenny Wordsmith learns to provide value without location stuffing.

5. Late Night Article Writing: 4th Edition

Catch up with your favorite Late Night Article Writing host and his special guest, Calvin Grammar as they count down the Top Ten Ways to Generate Article Ideas.

6. Common Article Writing Roadblocks – Keyword Abuse

There are many quick and easy methods that will sabotage your efforts. One such method: Throwing keywords aimlessly at content. Discover the top 5 roadblocks associated with poor keyword usage and keyword abuse in the second edition of our Common Article Writing Roadblocks video series.

7. Increase Your Visibility to Get Results

Do you find yourself staring at your analytics and continually asking yourself: “Why is no one visiting my site?” Rather than getting frustrated with your traffic results, consider the root of the issue: your visibility. Watch this video to discover how you can wash away your frustrations to increase your visibility and become a leader in your niche!

8. Article Content vs. Real Life – Quality Linking

Visitors expect fast-loading and easily-navigable pages that are bursting with rich, relevant content. Discover how a search for a stapler is similar to a visitor clicking through to a blog or website in 5 discouraging (and even scary) scenarios.

9. EzineArticles Presents: The Haunted Typewriter

Dared to enter the condemned schoolhouse by friends, Johnny pushed through cobwebs and found it: the haunted typewriter. Legend dictates the typewriter, possessed by Miss Darkwright, types a message back, but those who have discovered its secrets have never returned. Discover what happens to Johnny …

10. Celebrating EzineArticles’ 13th Anniversary

Every single article submitted to EzineArticles.com is reviewed by an Associate Editor and a Quality Control Editor, which ensures your articles will provide value for readers as well as publishers and ultimately help you achieve your goals. Watch our tribute to the 450,000+ Expert Authors who submit original, quality articles!

Bonus: The Twelve Days of Poor Grammar

Celebrate the true spirit of article writing, language, and good grammar by watching “The Twelve Days of Poor Grammar.” Sing along and don’t forget to share!

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What’s your favorite video? We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.


Randall Magwood writes:

My favorite is: “2 Minute Approval Tips: #20 Reaching the Word Count”

Comment provided December 26, 2012 at 6:03 PM


Robert Leichter writes:

The keyword abuse article was very helpful.

Comment provided December 26, 2012 at 6:35 PM



I think all videos helped a lot to gain experience in writing great Article!

Comment provided December 26, 2012 at 10:57 PM


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