Looking Back at 2012

Leading the Quality Charge

EzineArticles.com has been and will always focus on publishing quality, original articles that provide a great user experience for the author, the publisher, and the reader. Whether you want to build exposure, credibility, authority, or drive traffic, article writing and publishing is an incredible method to help you achieve your goals.

Article writing is not for everyone. Article writing is only successful for those who are able to use a combination of creativity, credibility, and originality to foster quality.

Penny, EzineArticles Managing Editor, put it eloquently in Top 7 Tips to Identifying Unoriginal Content when she described “proponents of ‘get rich quick’ schemes” as “peddlers of mediocrity.”

That’s why many of our efforts in 2012 were designed to help guide you to creatively think about your article writing efforts, easily strut your credibility, and expand your originality in order to help you achieve quality success. Let’s take a look back:
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Article Writing Tips to Retweet: December 2012

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information and training – We’ve gathered some of the best ones from December right here. Retweet any of them for motivation or to share with your Twitter followers.

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Quotes and Ideas

  • “The desire to write grows with writing.” – Erasmus. Create good habits & grow your audience! pic.twitter.com/uVyiRpXu
  • “No man was ever wise by chance.” – Seneca. Discover. Become the expert your readers turn to. pic.twitter.com/3dzge9jY
  • “Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.” – Terry Pratchett. Write solo or collaborate? pic.twitter.com/vc1o5kEv
  • “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – B. Franklin. Prepare to succeed with an article writing strategy.
  • “Good writing is like a windowpane.” – George Orwell. Be transparent with your audience to gain trust and credibility.

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Top 25 Spelling Blunders

Watch Out for These Most Commonly Misspelled Words

Grab your dictionaries and flip on your spell-checkers! We collected the top 25 common spelling errors (even the most credible expert authors make) to help you steer clear of unwanted embarrassment.

Maintain your credibility, build confidence in your writing skills, and (for goodness sake) use this grammar and spelling infographic to help you avoid these pesky spelling blunders.

Click on the graphic below to enlarge the image and then click on the image to zoom in. Feel free to share these Top 25 Spelling Blunders!

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2012 EzineArticles Video Roundup

The Top Ten EzineArticles Videos of 2012

In case you missed the video releases on the Blog, on our YouTube Channel, or in the Newsletter, here are the Top Ten EzineArticles Videos of 2012 with a short recap of each video’s message.

1. The Power of Social Networking

Between Twitter and Facebook alone, there are over 800 million users tweeting, sharing, posting, reposting, and more. For Expert Authors, this exchange of information makes article writing and social networking a perfect match. Watch this video and discover strategies and tips to harness The Power of Social Networking!

2. 2 Minute Approval Tips: #20 Reaching the Word Count

Avoid the fluff in your next quality, original article and reach the minimum word count the right way. Watch this video to discover how you can reach the minimum word count the right way to increase your credibility and build your readership.
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Happy Holidays 2012 from EzineArticles!

The EzineArticles Team wishes for you a safe and happy holiday!

Happy Holidays!

The Twelve Days of Poor Grammar

Starring the EzineArticles Carolers!

Celebrate the true spirit of article writing, language, and good grammar by checking out the “The Twelve Days of Poor Grammar” lyrics below the video and sing along!

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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EzineArticles Asks: What Is Better in Anchor Text?

The Heated Discussion Over Anchor Text

One of the key benefits to article writing is exposure and traffic. How is this achieved? Two words:

Give” and “Take

After “giving” quality, informative benefits to the reader in the article body, Expert Authors “take” by including a signature or Resource Box that provides a brand-oriented message, a succinct call-to-action, and links for the reader to visit the author’s website or blog.

Successful Article Writing Focuses on the Reader, Not SEO

We focus a lot on “give” here in the blog, because it’s tremendously critical to your success. If readers don’t benefit from your “give,” then you’re not going to be able to “take.”
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Ian Hollander on Why Creative Content Wins Over SEO

Do you agree with Ian’s view on creative content and contrived content?

It’s rare to find an article discussing SEO that’s still relevant 5+ years after its publication. When Expert Author Ian Hollander’s article “Writing Articles For SEO – The Silly Simple Reason It DOESN’T Work (And Increase Your CTR by 200%)” appeared in my search, I have to admit I was skeptical, but I was also intrigued.

Let’s take a walk through the main points of Ian’s article.

  • “Creative content is obviously ANYTHING that gets your message out in a way that engages, entertains, inspires, enlightens or encourages people to want to know more about you, and what you love to do (your services, your coaching, your recommended resources, etc.) … Creative content … is written with PASSION and purpose and a sense of personal power about your niche, your industry, your market and what you LOVE to discuss. It has no focus on keywords or algorithms or any silly strategy at all.”

We couldn’t agree more. Creative, custom content attracts followers and LEADS because it’s driven with a passionate force: you.
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Are Your Resource Box Links Transparent and Relevant?

Increasing Your Success

We recently discussed 7 tips to increase your click rate and how several elements of your article and Resource Box play an enormous role in satisfying your reader’s needs. In return, satisfied readers will give you power to build a solid platform of success. Let’s take a closer look into a healthy Resource Box and how you can naturally encourage your readers to visit your blog or website with clear, relevant, and concise language in concert with your links.

4 Key Elements to Bear in Mind

When you write, you not only write to inform in your article, but you also provide further value and relevance within your Resource Box and on your links to your blog or website. Be sure to blend these four key ingredients well and you’ll have a recipe for article success.

Brand: The topic you write about and how you showcase your expertise is a direct reflection on you as an Expert Author and your personal or professional brand. You’re the expert, so give your readers the information they want and need by providing your original insights. Be transparent in your Resource Box and website by ensuring your brand carries through your submission to your website.
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Planning an Annual Editorial Calendar

To run a marathon, run one step at a time. To write an article, write one word at a time.

Fired by our passions to do well and achieve, we rush to get started – running two, three steps at a time – only to trip and fall hard. Slightly dazed, we’ll look around and ask ourselves: “What happened?!”

Slow down! Take your time to plan and organize before you begin in order to take one assured step at a time. One tremendously successful method to plan your writing efforts to create an annual Editorial Calendar.

By keeping an annual Editorial Calendar, you can easily keep track of your monthly, weekly, and daily activity throughout the year. This allows you to track your overall article goals, plan the number of articles you want to write, make sure your social media efforts stay on track, and even pre-plan for holidays and other news-worthy events (e.g., presidential elections, award shows, etc.). In turn, you will always be ready to provide the content your audience wants when they’re craving it.
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