EzineArticles Presents: The Haunted Typewriter

Poor Grammar Is Scary!

Dared to enter the condemned schoolhouse by friends, Johnny pushed through cobwebs and found it: the haunted typewriter. Legend dictates the typewriter, possessed by Miss Darkwright, types a message back, but those who have discovered its secrets have never returned.

Discover what happens to Johnny and whether he meets the mysterious Miss Darkwright in the video below.

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How to Use Timeboxing to Write Articles Efficiently

Don’t Seem to Have Enough Time? Try This!

Used across a variety of fields and disciplines, timeboxing is an effective and efficient time management strategy used by many Expert Authors to balance article writing with other tasks.

Simply put: Timeboxing allots a period of time for a task or activity.

Seems simple enough, right? It is, but timeboxing involves motivation, dedication, and even flexibility.

By giving yourself a limited amount of time to complete a specific task, you create a sense of urgency. These deadlines provide added incentive as well as the ability to over-deliver while maintaining efficiency.

In short: Timeboxing gets things done.

Timeboxing 101

The process is simple! Here’s how to incorporate timeboxing into your daily efforts:
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Predict Quality Keywords to Become a Trailblazer

Become a Trailblazer

Forerunners of their niche, a trailblazer is a pioneer or an innovator who precedes the development of someone or something.

How can you become a trailblazer? Nurture your foresight by predicting the next big keyword event in your niche!

Predicting Keyword Events

A keyword event can be loosely described as a spike in a particular keyword search. This is largely due to seasons, holidays, current events, or evolving trends.

Predicting a keyword event means you choose the keywords before they become popular to get ahead of your competition and get a running start in search engine rankings.

By carefully selecting keywords before they become popular and organically integrating those keywords into your articles, you can rank higher because there is little or no competition. After the trend hits the mainstream, those keywords will become popular and your ranking will stay high because you’ve established yourself as the leading authority – a trailblazer. Your article has been out there for weeks or months before your competitors even get started.
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Joiners – How to Use Coordinating Conjunctions

Can I Join You?

Often used when writing is too staccato, clipped, or choppy, coordinating conjunctions can be used to balance simple sentences. But be careful! Too many conjunctions can result in loose writing that can be considered trite, monotonous, and flavorless.

Keep your readers happy and focused by using these coordinating conjunction tips.

What Is a Conjunction?

For those who need a refresher, a conjunction is a connecting word and is often described as a “joiner.” The most popular conjunctions are coordinating conjunctions (e.g., and). However, there are other conjunction families, such as subordinating conjunctions (e.g., that) and correlative conjunctions (e.g., if … then), waiting to be used (and abused).
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Expert Author Showcase: Kimberley Cohen

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Kimberley Cohen

Founder, facilitator, and personal insight coach, Expert Author Kimberley Cohen is a positive attitude and happiness master. Certified in Body-Mind Counseling, Process-Oriented Body Work, and Spiritual Psychotherapy, Kimberley assists others by helping them minimize the stress and anxiety of day-to-day living.

A pioneer in her niche, Kimberley developed the Insight Technique, which helps others minimize the stress and anxiety in their lives. Providing clarity and illumination, Kimberley drives readers to question and understand their thinking in order to transform what blocks and limits them from maximizing their overall happiness and potential in life.
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Content Planning: Targeting Your Audience

Expand Your Horizons with Audience Targeting

Mission, vision, values, SWOT analysis – all of these great strategic planning techniques help lead up to this point: your audience. Knowing your audience and tapping into new audiences can help you truly begin a long-term content plan that will magnify your effort’s success tenfold.

First, consider your current audience. What are their demographics, hobbies, professions, needs, wants, knowledge, perceptions, and common goals? Bottom-line: Who are they? How can you deepen their involvement, increase and diversify their participation, as well as increase their loyalty?

Next, who is your untapped audience or who would be inclined to follow your brand if the conditions were just right? Avoid picking audience groups at random by considering the following:
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Article Writing and Peak Performance

Peak Performance Isn’t Just for Athletes

Athletes aren’t the only ones who can benefit from targeting peak performance to become faster and stronger – Expert Authors can too!

Peak performance is that highest point of your work output that has the greatest value. Expert Authors can target peak performance to write articles more efficiently while becoming more effective every time they write.

Think You Know a Peak Performer?

A peak performer not only works fast, but they are prepared and are able to perform under any condition. From attitude to skill level, a peak performer sets goals, is focused, and creates value. What a peak performer doesn’t do: Directs blame elsewhere, talks negatively about themselves and others, and ultimately wastes time.

There are a few methods peak performers adopt into their lifestyle. Here are two core strategies we’ve identified in our best Expert Authors and our greatest leaders.
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How Your Readers Search: The User and the Query

Organic SEO Begins and Ends With the User

The key to optimizing your website and articles for search engines is to write and design for the user, not for SEO.

How? First, you must understand the user. Curiosity and need drives the user to acquire a piece of information. Visiting their favorite search engine, the user will type a word or phrase, known as a query, and browse the results. It may seem easy until you realize that everyone uses search engines differently.

Here are the three basic types of search engine queries:

  • Action Queries – The user wants to do something, such as buy a product, watch a video, or listen to a song.
  • Reference Queries – The user is looking for specific information, such as articles, product reviews, the name of a band, or the year England won the World Cup.
  • Go Queries – The user knows exactly where they want to go, such as Twitter, Facebook, or their email.

Article writing is easily aligned with reference queries because the nature of articles is to provide non-promotional, original, informative, and quality content that meets the needs and wants of users. In its essential form, incorporating organic SEO into your article writing strategy is achieved by honing in on what is driving users to search – that is, the words or phrases they type into a search engine.
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Watch Out for Lumbering Syntax

By Expert Author Request: Keep an Eye Out for Your Subject and Predicate!

Syntax (in language) is the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed, structurally rich sentences. Poor syntax is one of the most unnerving errors for any writer and it can cause a chain reaction of misdirecting confusion.

Here’s an example of poor syntax one Expert Author gave:

There is a bottle of milk on the table that belongs in the refrigerator.

In this sentence, the table evidently belongs in the refrigerator. Here’s the sentence again with clearer syntax:

On the table, there is a bottle of milk that belongs in the refrigerator.

Depending on the placement (and even word choice), the meaning can completely change, which can wreak havoc on your intention. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and simplify the sentence: Know the subject (or subjects) and the predicate.
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Expert Author Showcase: Stephen Craine

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Stephen Craine

Sales manager and trainer, Expert Author Stephen Craine shows his readers and clients how to invest in themselves so they can get the most out of their work and enjoy life.

Beginning with a foundation of articles based on everyday procedures, Stephen soon learned there was great success in writing engaging articles that integrated real-life events to areas of his niche. “One of my most successful articles was based on what I saw happening while I was having new windows fitted at my house,” he commented. Noting the window-fitters’ poor attitude to passersby’s inquiries, Stephen was inspired by the lost opportunity to sell more windows.
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